Corcoran Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname M-N

There appears to be quite a few Corcorans from the Townland of Crossmolina in Crossmolina Civil Parish in both the Griffith's Valuation and the Catholic Church Records.

Regarding Surname Marks: There are several records that I have saved in the Surname G-I section that appear to be the Hart (Harte) family but could be Marks. They are John Harte and Maria? Corcoroan of Xmolina.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc Info.
February 23, 1879 M Corcoran, John McAndrew, Bridget looks like one witness is from Rathr-? and one from Keenagh  
December 30, 1875 B Corcoran, Margt MacAndrew, Pat Coolterk (likely Coolturk in Crossmolina CP) Margt
June? 1861 B Corcoran, Winny McDonough, Martin ? Cate
October 1863 B Corcoran, Kitty McDonnell?, Martin S Carr-? Mary
October 7, 1865 B Corcoran, Winifred McDonnel, Mearsh? Cungaran?? Michael
September ?, 1866 B Corcoran, Winifred McDonnell, Meartn or Meark? Sh Car-? Anne
August ?, 1871 B Corcoran, Winifred McDonnel, Mark S- Cunigeane??? Patt
April 9, 1874 B Corcoran, Winifrid McDonnel, Mark S Cu-g-? Bridget
September August 19, 1833 B Corcoran, Pat McGown?, Margaret Xmolina (most probably abbreviated version of Crossmolina) Hanna; born August 17, 1833
April 10, 1859 B Corcoran, Ann? McGown, Pat ? Bgt
November 16, 1849 M Corcoran, Richard McLaughlin, Mary Cloonawilla? (likely Cloonawillin in Crossmolina CP)  
September 21, 1856 B Corcoran, Richard McLoughlin, Mary D Sallagh Ths?
June 1861 B Corcoran, Richard McLoughlin, WInny   A-?
June 1863 B Corcoran, Richard McLoughlin, Mary D Salagh Dominick?
November ?, 1866 B Corcoran, Richard McLoughlin, Winifred D Sellagh (could this be Derrysallagh in County Sligo?) Lawrence
February 8, 1857 M Corcoran, Bridget McManus, John Xmolina (likely Crossmolina in Crossmolina CP)  
January 20, 1839 B Corcoran, Margt McNamara, Patk Freeheen (Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
February ?, 1846 (record before was the 15th and one after the 22nd) B Corcoran, Mary McNamara, Patt Freeheen (Townland in Crossmolina CP) Patt
June 15, 1851 B Corcoran, Mary MacNamara, Pat S. Coon--? Eliza
October 5, 1856 B Corcoran, Mary McNamara, Patt S Cria Cann? (says S Cria with Cann above?) Cate
May 8, 1859 B Corcoran, Mary McNamara, Patt S Can? James (unsure - hard to read his name)
August 26, 1857 M Corcoran, Mary McNulty?, John Letterbrick (a Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
February 27, 1859 B Corcoran?, Mary McNulty?, John? S or Lain? cant read well at all Patt
October ?, 1867 B Corcoran, Meary Mangan, James Derine? James
July? 24, 1862 B Corcoran, Wm Marsh?, Bgt?   Michl
October 30, 1853 B Corcoran, Anne Martin, Marstan or McCan?, John (very hard to read) Taun- n? Thos?
June 29?, 1865 (looks like 29th or 27th) B Corcoran, Wm Mearsh?, Barbara Xmolina Mary Jane
September ?, 1867 B Corcoran, Ann Merla?, John S-aug-? Margt
June 22, 1847 B Corcoran, Biddy Moyles, Patt S Cun---? Patt
September 17, 1835 B Corcoran, Mary Mulehanie?, Cormack Longford (this a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Jane
December 2, 1838 B Corcoran, Mary Mulheane?, Cormac Longford Antony; born November 26, 1838
February ?, 1863 B Corcoran, Judy Mulheran, Thomas Xmolina Bridget?
April 11, 1846 B Corcoran, Betty Mullin, Micl Freeheen (Townland in Crossmolina CP) Terry;
January 11, 1855 M Corcoran, Honor Murphy, Hugh S C-n-n? (could it be Srahyconigaun?- unsure hard to read)  
May? 2, 1857 B Corcoran, Honor? Murphy, Hugh F--? C-? Mary
July 16, 1859 B Corcoran, Honor? Murphy, Hugh S. C. Marans? John?
August 1861 B Corcoran, Honor Murphy, Hugh ?- Cunnigan (could this be Srahyconigaun?) cant read well Bridget
April ?, 1868? B Corcoran, Honor Murphy, Hugh Sh-? -ly?
September 1863 B Corcoran, Honor Murphy, James S? smeen? James?
January 21, 1847 B Corcoran, Mary Mylett?, Patt D. Sallagh (could this be Derryhillagh in Crossmolina CP?) Cate?