Corcoran Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname J-L

Ballaghamuck was not one of the Townlands in which Corcorans were occupiers when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856. This doesn't mean that there weren't Corcoran families there; only that they weren't recorded as "occupying" a parcel with a financial agreement with a landlord. The "B" in this compilation refers to Baptism.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc Info.
July 20, 1834 B Corcoran, Biddy Jennings, Jas   John; born July 20, 1834
August 30, 1834 B Corkran, Biddy Jenning, James   John;
October 4?, 1884 B Corcoran, Belinda Jordan, Martin Crossmolina  
February 12, 1863 M Corcoran, Pat Jordan, Winny    
August 23 or 27, 1865 B Corcoran, Patt Jordan, Winifred D Sellagh (could this be Derrysallagh in Kilmactranny Parish County Sligo?? 89km away though? John; (two dates are listed with this record 23 and 27... unsure if one is a birth record or ?
March 1855 M Corcoran, Micl Judge, Mary Derrysallagh  
February 16, 1834 B Corcoran, Elenor Kain, Thomas Cloonainlars? Dominick; born February 13, 1834
May 24, 1838 B Corcoran, Honor? Kilroy, Bryan Cloonawillin (this is a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Sara; born April 27, 1838
February 23, 1868 M Corcoran, Bridget King, Daniel Letterbrick (a Townland in Crossmolina CP)  
September 4, 1870 B Corcoran, Biddy King, Dudly? Letterbrick (a townland in Crossmolina CP) Michael?
February 29?, 1906 M Corcoran?, Mary Lavelle, Ml? (very hard to read his bapt record) Keenagh Beg? this marriage note was w a bapt record for Ml son of Michael Lavelle and Brigt M? Oct 1876;
February 25, 1865 M Corcoran, Dominick Lavelle, Sara Keenagh (likely Keenagh Beg or More in Crossmolina CP)  
November ?, 1867 B Corcoran, Dominick Lavelle?, Sally? (really hard to read- unsure of this name) Cornaugh? Patt
January 21, 1871 B Corcoran, Dom'k Lavelle?, Sarah Keenagh John
April 9, 1873 B Corcoran, Dom'k Lavelle, Sarah Kee-? Peter Jas
September? 13, 1846 B Corcoran, Patt Loftus, Cate? Letterbrick (a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Patt
October 20?, 1850 (or 30th?) B Corcoran, Pat Loftus, Cate Letterbrick Martin?
December 11, 1853 B Corcoran, Patt Loftus, Bridget Xmolina (likely an abbreviated version of Crossmolina) Honor?
November? 26, 1856 (either Nov or Dec no date on page Nov Page before and January at bottom of page) B Corcoran, Pat Loftus, Bridget Xmolina Cate
July ?, 1859 B Corcoran, Patt Loftus, Biddy E Stal? Ml? unsure of this.
September 9, 1831 B Corcoran, Elenor Loftus, Martin Balleamuck? (could this be Ballaghamuck?) Mary; born September 6, 1831
November 17, 1835 B Corcoran, Elenor Loftus, Martin 4 Killeen? (Killeen is a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Bridget; born November 11, 1835
September 23, 1838 B Corcoran, Eleanor Loftus, Martin Killeen Catherine; born September 22, 1838
June? 20, 1841 B Corcoran, Nelly Loftus, Martin 4 Killeen? William
September 4, 1846 B Corcoran, Cate? Lynch?, ? -Grath? ?
June 23?, 1859 B Corcoran, Micl Lyons , Ann (could be Lynch - it is very hard to read) B Conn? Cate?