Corcoran Families in Crossmolina Catholic Parish, County Mayo Ireland with Spouse's Surname G-I

There appears to be quite a few Corcorans from the Townland of Crossmolina in Crossmolina Civil Parish in both the Griffith's Valuation and the Catholic Church Records. I believe that "Xmolina" is most likely an abbreviated form of the Townland of Crossmolina.

Regarding the Surname Hughes: There was a baptismal record that was quite difficult to read for a Martin of ? Fergus or Hughes? and Honor Corcoran- Townland of Creevy November or December 1861. I have placed it in the D-F section.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc Info.
October 19, 1845 B Corcoran, Patt Gallagher, Biddy Garanard? (is it Garraunard in Crossmolina CP?) Martin?
June 1861 B Corcoran, Patt Gallagher, Biddy   Biddy
March 13, 1857 B Corcoran, Luke? Gallagher, Esther or Ellen? L-eens? Anny? (hard to read this record)
September? 23, 1846 B Corcoran?, Mary Gaughan, James? Cartron- (could it be Cartrongilbert in Crossmolina CP?) Biddy?
October 1, 1833 B Corcoran, Jno Gildea, Catherine Xmolina Michl; Born September 27, 1833
February 10, 1885 M Corcoran, Winif'd? Gillespie, Edw Crossmolina  
? 1861 (possibly February) M Corcoran, Dominick Granaham?, Peggy    
January? 12, 1862 B Corcoran, Dominick Granahan?, Margarette Ca--- C? (looks like two words) Patt
August 30, 1863 B Corcoran, Dominick Granaghan, Peggy Carrincl- (possibly Carrowcloghagh in Crossmolina CP) Michl
January 14, 1866 B Corcoran, Dominick Granaghan, Margaret R Costello (most likely Rathmacostello in Crossmolina CP) Bridget
October ?, 1867 B Corcoran, Dom'k Granahan, Marg or Mary? R Costello John
May 24?, 1869 B Corcoran, Dominick Granahan, Bridget Rary?costello (likely Rathmacostello in Crossmolina CP) Mary
March 17, 1871 B Corcoran, Dominick Granaghan, Margaret R Costello Margret
March ?, 1873 B Corcoran, Dominick Granaghan, Margaret R Costello Dom'k
April 30, 1874 B Corcoran, Dominick Granaghan, Margaret R Costello James?
September 12, 1880 B Corcoran, Alice Hagerty, James Keenagh (there is a Keenagh Beg and More in Crossmolina CP) Cath'e
August 20, 1877 M Corcoran, Patt Hagarty, Maria C- Can- ?  
May 26, 1878 B Corcoran, Pat Hagerty, Mary Letterbrick (a Townland in Crossmolina CP) John
March 6, 1880 B Corcoran, Pat Hagerty, Mary Letterbrick Pat
June 15, 1845 B Corcoran, Mary Hanghson?, Pat looks like Ballnollara after couples names and 4 Gonora after sponsors names. There is a Bortnahurra lower upper and lower in Crossmolina Napy
February 21, 1857 M Corcoran, Hannah Hart, John Xmolina (likely Crossmolina in Crossmolina CP)  
November 10, 1857 B Corcoran, Anne? Hart, John? C. S--n? Mary?
September 28, 1859 B Corcoran, Hannah Hart, John Xmolina Ned?
September 1861 B Corcoran, Hanah Hart, John? Xmolina Patt
December 4, 1863 B Corcoran, Maria? Harte?, John (looks like it could be Marks or Harte) Xmolina Anne
June ?, 1845 B Corcoran, Mary Henghan, Patt Tainuns--? Magy
February 14, 1871 M Corcoran, John Herbert?, Cath Rathbane  
April 12, 1847 B Corcoran, Cate Hoban, Anthony Garolin? (is this Garraun or Gortaneden or Goulaun in Crossmolina CP?) John
March 3, 1870 B Corcoran, Mary Ho-?, James (could be Hopkins?) D Sallagh Cate?
February 11, 1871 M Corcoran, Michael Holmes?, Bridget Doolegues (likely either Dooleeg Beg or More in Crossmolina CP)  
May 24, 1870 B Corcoran, Rose Holmes, John Coolterk (likely Coolturk in Crossmolina CP) Bridget
February? 25, 1841? Records jumped from 1839 to 1841 on the previous page... unsure of year. B Corcoran, Bridget Horan, Rodger Kildavaroge (a Townland in Crossmolina CP) Kitty?;
May 10, 1849 B Corcoran, Dominick? Horan, ? Cloon arilican? (could this be Cloonawillin in Crossmolina CP?) Biddy