The Corcoran Families of Creggan, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Roscommon Ireland found in Ballaghaderreen Catholic Parish, Census and other Records

The Townland of Creggan was part of County Mayo until it was transferred to County Roscommon in 1898 in a Local Government Act. I have identified one Corcoran Family who resided in Creggan in the Ballaghaderreen Roman Catholic Parish Records. I believe I have located them in both the 1901 and 1911 Creggan, Edmondstown, County Roscommon Census records.

Corcorans did not "occupy" parcels in the Creggan Griffith's Valuation that was conducted in 1857. This does not mean that Corcorans weren't living in Creggan, only that they were not listed as a designated occupier with a landlord. There were Two Colmans (Martin and James) but not a Michael Coleman, the husband of Bridget Corcoran.

"B" refers to Baptism and "M" for Marriage; if two dates are given, the earlier one will be a birth date. Spelling variations will be added if there are deviations, otherwise the parents will be listed just once.

The following Corcorans sponsored baptisms in records that identified Ballaghaderreen as a place of residence:

  1. Thos Corcoran and Margaret Mary Corcoran sponsored the baptism of Bridget, daughter o Patrick Durcan and Kate Harrington who resided in Creggan in September 1908.

I am just beginning to analyze the Brennan/Corcoran/Coffey and Gahagan families that I have identified in the Townlands that were included in the Ballaghaderreen parish records. I intend to look at clusters of families in each townland, try to identify connections between them and attempt to determine what became of them- whether they remained in Ireland, left for England, the US or elsewhere. I would welcome any and all feedback on this compilation. Please contribute so that other Corcoran researchers might find the missing pieces of their Irish ancestral puzzle!

Please contact me if you believe your Corcoran ancestor may have come from the Creggan, Roscommon area so that we can compare findings, expand and improve the detail of this compilation.

This is a work in progress and will be added to as I uncover more details about these families.

The Corcorans I have identified thus far that resided in Creggan are as follows:

Corcoran Spouse Townland/ Record Resource Event Date Child; Misc. Info
Corcoran, B Coleman, Michael Creggane (likely Creggan , Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Roscommon) B 6/12/1902 birth and 6/17/1902 baptism Bridget; James Brennan was a sponsor
Corcoran, Bridget " Creggane B 9/7/1904 birth and 9/9/1904 baptism Michl Edward
" : Creggan B 3/14/1909 birth and 3/19/1909 baptism Bernard William
Corcoran, Brigid " Creggane B 8/3/1910 birth and 8/5/1910 baptism James
Corcoran (Coleman) Teresa, wife 25 yr old bornin County Sligo Coleman, Michael, Head, 32 yr old farmer married born in County Mayo, 1901 Creggan, Edmondstown DED County Roscommon Census; House 2     Patrick Joseph, 2 yr old son born in County Mayo
          Mary, Daughter born in County Mayo
          Dooney, Eliza, 11 yr old niece born in County Mayo
Corcoran (Coleman) Bridget 36 yr old wife married 13 yrs, 6 kids, 6 living Coleman, Michael, Head 45 yr old Farmer born in Roscommon 1911 Creggan, Edmondstown DED County Roscommon Census House 3     Patrick Joseph, 12 yr old son born in County Roscommon
          Mary, 10 yr old daughter born in County Roscommon
          Bridget, 8 yr old daughter born in County Roscommon
          Michael, 6 yr old son born in County Roscommon
          Bernard, 2 yr old son born in County Roscommon
          James, son born in County Roscommon