Corcoran Families from the Townland of Clogher, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo, Ireland in the Ballaghaderreen Church (County Roscommon), Ireland Census and Other Records

Clogher is a Townland in Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo Ireland and lies just over the Roscommon border. Clogher is less than a 4 km drive from Drumacoo, Roscommon and 8 km drive from Ballaghaderreen. I have found numerous Corcoran families (in the Ballaghaderreen Catholic Church Records) in 4 of the 6 Townlands that compose Kilcolman Civil Parish in County Sligo: Sroove (heaviest concentration), Clogher, Monasterredan (also known as Annaghbeg) and Faheens.

This compilation will include the Corcoran families I have found in the Ballaghaderreen Church Records, Corcorans in the 1901 and 1911 Clogher Census records and other records. This is a work in progress and will be added to as I come across other records over time.

If you feel that your Corcoran ancestors may have originated from Clogher or another Townland in this Sligo/Roscommon/Mayo border area please contact me so that we can compare findings, confirm the accuracy of the page and advance the research of all Corcoran decendents trying to find their ancestors. I am also tracing the Corcorans from the Connacht area of Ireland that emigrated to England, settled there or moved on to the U.S. particularly in Huddersfield and Leeds Yorkshire and Manchester and Liverpool Lancashire to see if I can link them to the Corcoran families I am identifying in Irish Church records. I welcome any and all feedback!

Regarding Surname Grady: There is a Thomas Grady Family in the 1911 Clogher, Gurteen DED, County Sligo Census that is not included below because I am uncertain if it refers to the Thomas Grady and Mary Corcoran family listed below. The Thomas Grady in the record was a 40 yr old farmer born in Sligo (this would make him born around 1871; he may be the unidentified son of Thomas and Mary listed below that was born in 1872, but I can't be sure. His wife Mary, born in Sligo, married 3 yrs and his mother Mary Grady age 76 (born about 1835) a widow born in Sligo are living with him at House 25 in Clogher.

Corcoran's weren't documented as occupying parcels in Clogher, Kilcolman Civil Parish in County Sligo when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1857. This doesn't imply that they weren't there, only that they weren't holding a parcel with a landlord. There also weren't any Gradys (in example Tom Grady and Mary Corcoran) in Clogher, but there were Grady's in Sroove, Sligo. The Townland of Sroove is noted as being the residence of Thomas Grady and Mary Corcoran in numerous baptisms. There was a Thomas Grady who held parcel 79b in Sroove, Sligo (land, house and offices) that he shares with Mathew Grady. This could be the same Thomas Grady listed below but I cannot be certain.

Grave Memorial in Clogher Graveyard: There is a really interesting Corcoran graveyard memorial that is noted on the Sligo County Ireland Website for the Clogher Graveyard. It describes a Joseph Corcoran who apparently was shot during land agitation days in April 1881 and is well worth checking out! This Web site has great information covering County Sligo!

The following Corcorans sponsored baptisms in records that identified the Townland of Clogher as a place of residence:

  1. Mgt Corcoran was a sponsor for the baptism of a child born to Thomas Cryan and Honoria Killoran in November 1910.
  2. Pat Corcoran was the sponsor for the baptism of Thomas, son of Thomas Cryan and Honoria Killoran in July 1894.
Corcoran Spouse Townland; Record/Resource Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Tom   B 5/7/1859 Mary; Bridget Corcoran was a sponsor
" Grady, Thomas; 2nd record in 926005: Grady, Tom Clogher; repeat of this record gave C. Lyon as Townland; 2nd record in 926005 C Lyon (Clogher in modern transcript of 926005) B 9/6/1861 Margaret; Patrick Corcoran and Margaret Brennan were sponsors; repeat of this record listed Pat Corcoran and Peggy Brennan as sponsors
" " 3 records- one no townland and two in 926005 C.Lyon B 6/19/1864 John; John Corcoran was a sponsor; John Corkoron sponsor in 2nd record
" Grady, Thos Shroof (likely Sroove in Kilcolman CP, County Sligo) B 1/25/1867? (looks like 1867 and not 1868) Bt;
Corcoran, ? Grady, Tom Shroof B 3/31/1872 ?
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Thomas Shroofe B 7/19/1874 Honoria; Patrick Corcoran was a sponsor
" " Shroofe B 11/26/1876 John; Pat Corcoran was a sponsor
" " Shruffe B 2/16/1879 Patrick
" " Shroofe B 7/29/1881 Eliza
Corcoran, Pat of Clogher McDonnell, Kate of Creggane   M 12/1/1895 Pat is the son of Patrick Corcoran of Heath? Kate' father Roger is from Tonroe
Corcoran, Patk McDonnell, Kate Clogher B 9/22/1896 birth and 9/27/1896 baptism Thos Edward; Wm Corcoran sponsored the baptism; Thos Edward married Winifred Grady St Austin's Church, Thatto Head? St Helen's England September 1919
Corcoran, Thomas E (son of Patrick and Catherine) Grady, Winifred Prescot, Lancashire, England (see above note- St Austin's Church St Helens, where they were married, is about 17 km north east of Liverpool) M 1919 Lancashire BMD, Prescot Register Office Reference # R/106/116
Corcoran, Pat McDaniel?, Catherine Clogher B 12/14/1897 was the birth and 12/19/1897 baptism Margaret Mary; Martin Brennan was a sponsor
Corcoran, Pat McDonnell, Kate Clogher B 7/16/1899 birth and 7/23/1899 baptism Winefrid; John Brennan and Mary Brennan were sponsors
Corcoran, Patt " Clogher B 5/12/1901 birth and 5/16/1901 baptism John
Corcoran, Patrick "   B 10/3/1903 birth and 10/11/1903 baptism Patrick
Corcoran, Pat McDonagh?, Kate Clogher B 4/18/1906 birth and 4/29/1906 baptism Mary Kate; Thomas E Corcoran and Maggie Brennan were sponsors
" McDonnell, Catherine Clogher B 4/14/1909 birth and 4/17/1909 baptism Michael William; Winnie Corcoran was a sponsor; Michael married Alice Fitzconnell at Heigham? Street, Dublin January 29,1938
Corcoran, Patrick, Head 36 yr old married Carpenter born in County Sligo Corcoran, Kate, 30 yr old wife born in County Sligo 7 Clogher, Coolavin DED, County Sligo, Ireland 1901 Ireland Census   Thomas E, 4 yr old son born in County Sligo
          Margaret M, 3 yr old daughter born in County Sligo
          Winnie, 1 yr old daughter born in County Sligo
Corcoran, Patrick, Head, 51 yr old married Carpenter born in County Sligo Corcoran, Kate, 45 yr old wife, born in County Roscommon, married 15 yrs with 7 kids, 7 living 5 Clogher, Gurteen DED, County Sligo Ireland 1911 Ireland Census   Thomas Edw, 14 yr old son born in County Sligo, Scholar
          Margaret Mary, 13 yr old daugher born in County Sligo, Scholar
          Winnie, 11 yr old daughter born in County Sligo, Scholar
          John, 9 yr old son born in County Sligo, Scholar
          Patrick, 7 yr old son born in County Sligo, Scholar
          Mary Kate, 4 yr old daughter born in County Sligo, Scholar
          Michael W, 1 yr old son bornin County Sligo
Corcoran, Mary K of Clogher Quinn, Joseph   Certificate of Freedom 6/25/1933 Mary K is the daughter of Patrick Corcoran and ?;