Corcoran Families in Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland with Spouse's Surnames J-L

Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne was the Priest after this.

Regarding Surname Corcanan vs Corcoran: I have had quite a difficult time deciphering the handwriting to determine if Maria Kelly is married to Patritius Corcoran or Concanon but I believe it is Corcoran based on the earlier records (Corkran).

Re: Surname Kellaghan: There was a what appears to be a baptismal record for a Johannes of Dominicus Kellaghan? and Brigida Corcoran on April 14, 1817. It is included in the unknown spouse's surname section because I was uncertain of the accuracy of my transcription.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child
August 16, 1819 M Corkran, Rosana? Johnston, Georgium    
January 20, 1823 B Corcoran, Rosa Johnston, Georg's   Jacobus
November 7, 1793 B Corkoran, Maria Kane, Hugone   Anna;
June 27, 1850 B Corcoran, Hugonis Kelly, Anna   Johanem
October 28, 1844 M Corcoran, Catherina Kelly, Hugo    
November 3, 1845 B Corcoran, Cath'na Kelly, Hugonis   Elizam
August 26, 1848 B Corcoran, Catherina Kelly, Hugonis   Thomas
January 16, 1819 B Corkran, Pat's Kelly, M'a   Hugo
September 24, 1820 B Corkran, Pat's Kelly, Maria   Brigida
October 10, 1822 B Corkran, Patricius Kelly, Maria   Michael
June 7, 1825 B Corcaron?, Patri'us Kelly, Maria   Winif'a
December 3, 1824 B Corcaran?, Cath'a (doesn't look like Concanon) Kelly, Patric'us   Elenora
February 1, 1819 B Corkran, Cath'a Keetlehan??, Pat's   Petrus
February 26, 1837 B Corcoran, Brigid Kenny?, Michaelis   Patricium
January 6, 1836 M Corcoran, Catherinam Kenny?, Thomam    
December 10, 1838 B Corcoran, Cath'a Kenny, Thoma   Maria
July 27, 1840 B Corcoran, Catherina Kenny, Thoma   Bernardus
March 1, 1842 B Corcoran, Catherina Kenny, Thoma   Johanna
October 15, 1843 B Corcoran, Catherina Kenny, Thoma   Michael
June 12, 1847 B Corcoran, Cath'na Kenny, Thoma   Morganum
June 20, 1795 B Corcoran, Maria Keon, Hugone (surname is fairly clear!)   Hugo;
April 15, 1864 B Corcornan?, Dermidi? (Darby written above) Kevil, Winifrida   Maria
January 16, 1822 B Corkran, Cath's Kielty, Pat's   Brigida
July 17, 1827 M Corcoran, Brigidam Knott, Michaelem    
May 3, 1828 B Corcoran, Brig'a Knott?, Michl   Jacob'us
September 1, 1821 M Corcoran, Eleonora Langan, Petrum    
April 7, 1817 B Corcoran, Petrus Ledan, Anna   Joannes
April 15, 1819 B Corkran, Petrus Ledin, Ann   Jac's?
October 27, 1821 B Corkran, Petrus Layden, Anna   Martinus
March 13, 1824 B Corcoran, Petrus Leadin, Anna   Maria
August 1, 1826 B Corcaran, Petrus Leaden, Anna   Anna
August 13, 1821 B Corcoran, Eugen's Layden, Winif'a   Gulielmus