Corcoran Families in Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland with Spouse's Surnames D-F

Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne was the Priest after this.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child
February 14, 1828 M Corcoran, Thomam Davy?, Mariam    
December 29, 1840 B Corcoran, Thoma Daly, Maria   Brigida
February 2, 1845 B Corcoran, Eliza Dodd, Jacobi   Jacobum
March 2, 1794 M Corkoran, Catherinam Donnaugher, Patricium    
January 30, 1826 M Corcoran, Mariam Doyle, Lucam    
June 21, 1829 B Corcoran, Mary Doyle, Lucas?   Eleonoram
February 9, 1817 B Corcoran, Rosa Drudy, Patritius   Hugo
August 8, 1831 B Corcoran, Thomas Drury?, Maria   Mariam
November 7, 1833 B Corcaran, Thomas Drury?, Maria   Edmundum
June 13, 1836 B Corcoran, Thoma Drudy? or Drury, Maria (see the Thoma Corcoan/Maria Daly family above... Daly is clear in that record).   Michaelem
March 22, 1844 B Corcoran, Thoma Drury?, Maria   Catherinam
October 31, 1819 B Corkran, Rosa Drury, Patricius (surname is pretty clear)   Jacobus
November 10, 1835 M Corcoran, Judith Dyer?, Caroli?   Caroli Dyer may be crossed out as were two names above it)
April 12?, 1836 M Corcoran, Mariam Dyer, Joannem    
July 28, 1839 B Corcoran, Maria Dyer, Joannus   Joannes
September 24, 1842 B Corcoran, Maria Dyar, Johannis   Maria
February 2, 1846 B Corcoran, Maria Dyar, Johannis   Brigidam
May 26, 1849 B Corcoran, Maria Dyar, Johannis   Anna
July 11, 1853 B Corcoran, Mary Dyer, John   Michael
August 26, 1854 B Corcoran, Mary Dyer, John   Thos
May 27, 1795 B Corcoran, Eleonora Fallon, Bernardo   Edmundus;
September 19, 1817 B Corkran, Maria Feely, Patricius   Michael
February 6, 1796 M Corcoran, Mariam Feeny, Petrum    
November 28, 1796 M Corcoran, Michaelem Feeny, Mariam    
February 24, 1822 B Corkran, Michl Feeny, Maria   Terrysa
November 22, 1862 B Corkran, Michaelis Finn, Catherinae   Elizabetha
July 31, 1847 M Corcoran, Joannes Flanagan, Catherina    
January 28, 1848 B Corcoran, Joannis Flanagan, Catherina   Joannes
October 16, 1859 B Corcoran, Jno Flanagan, Annie   Jas
May 6, 1861 B Corkran, Joannes Flanagan, Annie   Maria
July 25, 1863 B Corkeran, Joanis Flanagan, Anna   Margarida
May 31, 1812 M Corcoran, Bernardum Flanagan?, Mariam    
April 6, 1850 M Corcoran, Michael Flannagan, Maria    
July 4, 1851 B Corcoran, Michaelis Flanagan, Maria   Johannem
February 11, 1853 B Corcoran, Michaelis Flanagan, Maria   Brigittam
November 12, 1854 B Corcoran, Michl Flanagan, Mary   James
September 23, 1856 B Corcoran, Micl Flanagan, Mary   Edw'd
July 25, 1858 B Corcoran, Michaelis Flanagan, Maria   Michaelem
March 4?, 1860 B Corkoran, Ml Flanagan, Mariae   Patricius
August 2, 1862 B Corkaran, Michaelis Flanagan, Maria   Maria Catherina
July 17, 1819 M Corcoran, Cath'm Foy, Dominicum    
November 16, 1818 B Corkran, Hugo Frailna?, Cath'a   Marg'a