Corcoran Families in Ballina Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland with Spouses Surname G-I

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted from Kilmoremoy Civil Parish (Ballina RCP) in 1856, Corcorans were present in the Townland of Ballina, Town of Ballina on 3 different streets, Mathew Corcoran on Arran Street, Thomas Corcoran on King Street, and Mathew Corcoran on Durkin's Lane (he is both occupier and landlord on this street). The "Event" category refers to Baptism, Marriage or Death records. Date of Birth, if provided will be noted in the Misc. Info section.

Regarding Surname Gavin: There is a Baptismal record for a Michael, son of what appears to be Patt Cannon (not Corcoran?) and Bridt Gavin from August 21, 1831.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
May 19, 1833 B Corcoran, Esther? Gillespie, Anthony Ardnaree? Mary?; Born May 14, 1833
November 1, 1825 B Corcoran, Martin Hannary?, Mary Str--g? St. (could this be a street name in Ballina?) Martin; born October 24, 1825
March 30, 1825 M Corcoran, John Harrison, Mary ? Street  
October ?, 1830 B Corcoran, Bridget? Hart?, Hugh or ? Ma-----? ? (nearly impossible to read) unsure of child, spouses given name and townland
January 1, 1836 B Corcoran, Anne Herny?, Patt Hill Street Frank; born December 24, 1836
January 15, 1829 B Corcoran?, Bridt Hugh?, Michl (hard to read first two letters of this surname) Ardnaree (unsure- hard to read) Martin?