Corcoran Families in Balla and Manulla Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames S-T

Regarding the Surname Sheridan: Michl's Baptismal record lists Ballyclogher as the Townland. There is a Ballyclogher in Balla Civil Parish.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child
8/25/1841 B Corcoran, Elenor Sheridan, Lawrence Ballyclogher Michl
2/15/1843 B Corcoran, Ellen Shurden?, Lawrence Ballyclogher Martin
2/3/1845 B Corcoran, Ellen Sheridan, Lawrence B-Clogher Jas
5/21/1849 B Corcoran, Ellen Sheridan, Laurenia?   Dominick
2/21/1854 B Corcoran, Ellen Sheridan, Lawrence   John
11/2/1856 B Corcoran, Ellen? Sheridan, Lawrence   Wm