Corcoran Families in Balla and Manulla Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames O-R

Regarding the Surname Prendergast: I believe that Mary's father's surname is most probably Corcoran in this 1873 baptismal record, so I have included it here. Thos Corcoran was a sponsor for the baptism of James Corcoran on October 30, 1884.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child
4?/6?/1889 B Corcoran, Mary O'Sullivan, Denis   Mary
9/3/1874 B Corcon-m?, Pat Prendergast, Mary   Mary
1/16/1876 B Corcoran, Patk Prendergast, Mary   Pat
?/?/1878 B Corcoran, Pat Prendergast, Mary   Sara
7/10/1881 B Corcoran, Pat Prendergast, Mary   Mag?
10/30/1884 B Corcoran, Pat Prendergast, Mag?   James
12/?/1886 B Corcorna, Pat Prendergast, Magt   Brdgt