Corcoran Families in Roundfort Catholic Parish with Spouse's Surnames M-N

Regarding Surname Mactigue: I can't read the name of the Townland that the parents hail from. It appears to be G---aun, but the sponsors for Michael's baptism are listed as from Mil Dems (likely Milford Demesne, Kilmainemore Civil Parish). Mil Dems is listed at the end of the baptismal record for Patrick, so I have assumed (correctly I hope) that it is the Townland for both parents and sponsors (no others are listed). Martin's parents are clearly from Garrymore and his sponsors are from Mil Dems. John Corcoran was born on May 3, 1918. The baptismal record for Ellen in 1925 lists the Townland of Derrymore (in Kilcommon Civil Parish) after the record. I am not sure if this means both the parents and sponsors are from there or just the sponsors.

Date Event Corcoran Spouse Townland Child
6/1/1899 M Corcoran, Catherine Malley, Pat    
3/13/1913 M Corcoran, Grigid McTigue, Martin    
1/17/1914 B Corcoran, Brigid Mactigue, Martin G---aun? Michael
1/23/1915 B Corcoran, Brigid McTigue, Martin Mil Dems Patrick
8/12/1916 B Corcoran, Brigid McTigue, Martin Garrymore Martin
5/8/1918 B Corcoran, Brigid MacTigue, Martin Garrymore John
11/6/1920 B Corcoran, Brigid McTigue, Martin   Mary
4/19?/1925? B Corcoran, Brigid McTigue, Martin Derrymore? Ellen
2/26/1870 M Corcoran, Martin Mullahy, Bridget    
1875 B Corcoran, Martin Mullany, Bridget   Mary
2/11/1878 B Corcoran, Martin Mullany, Bridget   John
10/18/1883 M Corcoran, John Nolan, Margaret