The Michael and Margaret Corcoran Family of Liverpool, Lancashire, England: An Analysis of Michaels Roots in Roscommon, Ireland, Margaret's in Dublin, Ireland, their Migration to Liverpool England and Their Family History

Michael Corcoran appears to have married Margaret sometime before April 20, 1838 when their son Robert Corcoran was born. He was baptized on April 22 of that year at St Mary's in Liverpool. William and Sarah A were baptized at St Mary's Priory in Liverpool as well in 1840 and 1845. I have traced this family from the 1841 Liverpool Dale Subregistration District 22 where Michael was a warehouseman, the 1851 Liverpool Howard Subregistration District where Michael was a Marine Store Dealer. This was the census year that indicated that Michael was born in Roscommon, Ireland and his wife Margaret in Dublin. The question remains did they meet and marry in Liverpool or elsewhere before 1838 or did they marry in Ireland? The 1861 Census finds Michael listed as a 56 year old General Merchant, son Robert 22 is a seaman, Edward a 18 year old assistant in an office and Sararh A is 16. By the time the 1871 Census is conducted, Michael Corcoran is listed as a widowed father in law and former Ship Owner Merchant living with his daughter Sarah A 25 (born in Liverpool) and her husband Connell B Loughnan a ? (Medical assistant from Ireland) in Leicestershire County, St Mary, District 11. I believe this is indeed them as a marriage record for Sarah Ann Corcoran age 20, daughter of Michael Corcoran, Merchant residence Lowry, Mersey appears to have married Connell Bertron Loughnan 24 yrs Surgeon, son of James Meade Loughnan, Barrister on September 26, 1865 at St James Chapel in W. Derby, Lancashire. I believe that Margaret Corcoran may have died in 1870 and was possibly buried at Ford Cemetery January 24 1870 at the age of 60. Her residence as listed as 24 Lower Mersey View Boothc-? at the time of her death which was the same general area Sarah Ann Corcoran listed as the place of residence on her marriage record in 1865. These and some other potential records would need to be proven with other records. I have seen a family search marriage record from St Patrick's in Park Place Liverpool from February 15, 1836 (England Marriages 1835-1975 GS Film 396376) for a Michael Corcoran and a Margaret Quinn but because of the common nature of those given names and no conclusive evidence this might be them, further research needs to be done on their marriage. A ancestral tree on line seems to suggest that that this Michael Corcoran may have married a Margaret Richardson in Hackney, Surrey in 1833. I have no records indicating that Michael was in Surrey before arrival in Liverpool so I have no links to this location at this point.

This is a work in progress and all findings should be confirmed with church marriage, baptismal, G.R.O. among other genealogical records. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Census Yr/District or other Record Address Name Age Born; Baptized Occupation Marital Status (and other misc. Info)
Liverpool England Catholic Baptisms 1802-1906- database   Corcoran, Robert son of Michael and Margaret Corcoran   April 20, 1838 birth; baptized April 22, 1838 St Mary's Liverpool   Henry Bannon, Ann Kitchen Godparents; baptized by Thomas Fisher
Liverpool England Catholic Baptisms 1802-1906 database   Corcoran, William son of Michael and Margaret Corcoran   October 29, 1840 birth and November 8, 1840 baptism St Mary's Priory, Liverpool   Patrick Magee, Mary Ann Keathing Godparents; Of note, Eleanor Keating, a widowed visitor from Wexford was a house servant living with them in the 1851 census in Liverpool
1841 Liverpool, Dale Subregistration District Census, District 22 Johnson's Court, Lancelots Hey? Corcoran, Michael 30 Ireland Warehouseman  
" " Corcoran, Margaret 30 Ireland    
" " Corcoran, Robert 3 Yorkshire    
" " Corcoran, William 7 mos Yorkshire    
Liverpool Engalnd Catholic Baptisms 1802-1906 Database   Corcoran, Sarah Anne, daughter of Michael and Margaret Corcoran   July 16, 1845 Birth and July 27, 1845 Baptism at St Mary's Liverpool   John Nowlan and Helen Nowlan Godparents; William Dale baptized her
1851 Liverpool Howard Subregistration District, Lancashire, England Census 32 Robert Street N Corcoran, Michael, Head 45 Roscommon, Ireland Marine Store Dealer M; Eleanor Keating Widowed visitor 54 from Wexford lives with them as does Mary Crowley, widowed House Servant from Wicklow, IR
" " Corcoran, Margaret, Wife 42 Dublin, Ireland   M;
" Corcoran, Robert, Son 12 Liverpool Scholar  
" " Corcoran, William, Son 10 Liverpool Scholar  
" " Corcoran, Edward F, Son 8 Liverpool Scholar  
" " Corcoran, Sarah A, Daughter 5 Liverpool    
1861 Liverpool Everton Municipal Ward, Kirkdale Civil Parish, Liverpool Municipal Burough, Lancashire, England Census 24 North Shore Corcoran, Michael, Head 56 Ireland General Merchant M; Mary Murphy House Servant from Ireland lives with them
" " Corcoran, Margaret, Wife 50 Ireland   M;
" " Corcoran, Robt A, Son 22 Seaman England U;
" " Corcoran, Edw'd A, Son 18 Assistant in Office England U;
" " Corcoran, Sarah A, Daughter 16   England  
FREE BMD England Marriage Record Index West Derby, Lancashire   Corcoran, Sarah A, Connnell marriage Loughnan, Connell Bertron quarter ending 1865 West Derby, Lancashire; Volumbe 8b; page 960        
GRO Marriage record West Derby, Lancashire, England   Corcoran, Sarah Ann, age 20 resident of Lower Mersey, daughter of Michael Corcoran, Merchant married Connell Bertron Loughnan, age 24, Surgeon, residence Derby Rd, son of James Meade Loughnan Barrister on September 26, 1865, St James Chapel,        
1871 Leicestershire, England Census, St Mary, District 11 1 York Street Loughnan, Connell B, Head 29 Ireland Accoucheur? Med Assistant M;
" " Loughnan, Sarah A, Wife 25 Liverpool, Lancashire, England   M;
" " Loughnan, Meade, Son 4 Liverpool, Lancashire,    
" " Loughnan, Margaretta, Daughter 2 Liverpool, Lancashire    
" " Loughnan, Infant son 14 hours? Leicestershire, England    
" " Corcoran, Michael, Father in Law 65 Ireland Former Ship Owner Merchant W;
Liverpol England Catholic Burials 1813-1988 database (POSSIBLE DEATH RECORD FOR MARGARET CORCORAN) last residence 24 Lower Mersey, View, Boothc-? Corcoran, Margaret burial on January 24, 1870 Ford Cemetery 60     Grave I? 52
Liverpool England Catholic Burials 1813-1988 Database (POSSIBLE DEATH RECORD FOR MICHAEL CORCORAN) last residence Belmont Road Corcoran, Michael burial on January 11, 1882 Ford Cemetery 71     Grave I? 52
England and Wales National Probate Calendar (POSSIBLE PROBATE RECORD FOR MICHAEL CORCORAN) Belmont Road Corcoran, Michael, late of Belmont Road in the city of Liverpool. He died January 6, 1882 at Belmont Road.       Personal Estate 25 pounds; John Spenser Tumility of 23 Water STreet in said City Colliery Proprietor the sole Executor