Corcoran Families Traveling from Ports in the Connacht Counties of Galway, Sligo and Mayo to the Port of New York, U.S.A. in 1852 that are Documented in Ship Passenger and Port Arrival Lists

The quantity of passenger-laden ships that departed from Ports in the Connacht areas of Galway, Sligo and Mayo is low in comparison to those that departed from Liverpool but is no less significant. In the process of analyzing N.A.R.A. Passenger Lists for 1851, I have come across numerous ships originating in Ireland Ports such as Dublin, Newry, Limerick, Queenstown, Waterford, Wexford, Cork, Tralee, Westport (Mayo?), Sligo, Galway Londonderry and Belfast all enroute to the Port of New York. As my focus is the Connaught Counties of Mayo and Roscommon I have decided to create a page on Corcorans originating from all Connacht ports enroute to New York.

I will be creating these compilations based on my findings from viewing the actual passenger manifests and not someone else's transcriptions unless otherwise noted. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress! These compilations will be added to over time as I uncover new resources (online, books etc) with new data. In addition to's wonderful database on New York Passenger Lists, Family Search has an amazing on line database of images from New York Passenger Lists 1820-1897.

It is my objective to not only find my second great grandparents Martin Brennan and Catherine Corcoran but to help me identify other Brennan, Corcoran, Coffee, and Gahagan families that may have immigrated from Mayo or Roscommon to Liverpool and on to New York in the Passenger and Port lists so that I might be able to link them with Mayo and Roscommon Church records, English Census Records and U.S. Census Records. I welcome feedback and collaboration with other Genealogists researching their Brennan/Corcoran/Coffee and Gahagan roots to link these families together and find our shared ancestry!

These Records will be presented first by month of arrival, alphabetically by ship name and then the "clusters" of Corcorans that appear to have traveled together will be presented in the order in which they appear on the manifest for each family (and alphabetically by the first members given name if there is more than one family). If you think you see your family in this compilation, make a point to secure the original record from available sources such as to make your own assessment because they may be traveling with friends that I have not included in this compilation that may open up your whole tree!

Similar Surnames: At this point in my research of the 1852 Passenger Lists (through May 11, 1852) I have only uncovered one Corcoran passenger traveling from the Connaught Ports to New York. There were however several surnames that resembled the Surname Corcoran phonetically such as Margt Corscaden (18) and Mary Coocran, (18) who arrived on the Bark Linden April 29, 1852 from Sligo.

The following Corcorans traveled from Connacht Ports in Ireland to New York in 1852:

  1. Bridget Corcoran age 20, a laborer traveled on the Bark Albion from Galway, Ireland to New York on May 10, 1852. There were no other Corcorans traveling with her.