Coffey (Coffee, Coffy) and Corcoran Families from the Townlands of Aghalustia and Roosky, Castlemore Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland in Church, Census and Other Records

The Townlands of Aghalustia, Cappagh, Lissian and Roosky were part of Castlemore Civil Parish in County Mayo, Ireland when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1857 for this area. Aghalustia is about 2.4 km northeast of Rooskey and just over 4 km southeast of Ballaghaderreen. Both Aghalustia and Rooskey were part of County Mayo until they were transferred to County Roscommon in a local government act that was implemented around 1840. Aghalustia contained about 1,180 acres and Roosky about 490 acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted. Aghalustia and Roosky are part of Artagh North DED (Electoral Division). The DED is useful information to locate cancelled books on Aghalustia and Roosky at the Valuation office in Dublin.

There were no Coffey or Corcoran Families (or variations) noted in the 1901 or 1911 Aghalustia, County Roscommon, Ireland census. There was however one Corcoran family that was repeated in both the 1901 and 1911 census for Roosky, County Roscommon Ireland and will be noted in the compilation below.

There were no Corcorans or Coffy's (or variations of the surnames) in the Griffith's valuation for Aghalustia or Roosky, County Roscommon Ireland when it was conducted in 1857, and the River Lung runs through both Townlands. There were quite a few bog parcels in both Roosky and Aghalustia and the Reverend Lord John De Freyne was the primary Landlord in both Townlands.

Please contact me if you feel your Corcoran or Coffey ancestors (or any of the surname variations) may have been from the Aghalustia or Roosky area so that we can put the pieces of the puzzles together. It is clear after researching the Irish microfilm for several years that the vast majority of Irish families in the mid 19th century were large, often as many as 8-10 kids. Somewhere out there are descendents of our Irish ancestor's siblings researching their individual branch of the tree. Working together we will all get our trees back further!

This is a work in progress and will be added to over time as I uncover other records to add to this compilation.

Corcoran or Coffey Surname or Friend whose record they witnessed Spouse Townland; Record Source Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Coffey, Anne Carty, Thady Aughalustia B 1/24/1885 Margt
" " Aughalustia B 10/18/1886 Winifred
" " Anghalustia? B 10/14/1887 Ann; Martin Coffey was a sponsor
" " Aughalustia B 8/29/1889 birth and baptism Thomas
Coffee, Anne " Aughalustia B 6/24/1893 birth and 7/7/1893 baptism John Joseph
Coffee, Anne " Aughalustia B 3/13/1900 birth and 3/23/1900 baptism Michael
" " Aughalustia B 8/9/1894 birth and 8/19/1894 baptism Michael
Coffey, Anne Carty, Thady Cathedral Ballaghaderreen B ? Patrick
Carty, Patrick of Aughalustia McDonagh, Ellen of Roosky   M 6/3/1941  
Corcoran, John Blighe, Kate Aughalustia B 8/9?/1895 birth and 8/10?/1895 baptism Mary Agnes
" Bligh, Kate Rooskey B 12/13/1897 birth and 12/26/1897 baptism Catherine Christine
" " Rooskey B 12/31/1900 birth and 1/27/1900 baptism John Francis
" " Rooskey B 12/24/1901 birth and 1/5/1902 baptism Thomas
" " Rooskey B 3/17/1903 birth and 3/29/1903 baptism Patrick
" " Rooskey B 4/30/1905 birth and 5/7/1905 baptism James
Corcoran, James Callaghan, Elena St Michaels, 443 79th st New York B 5/11/1965  
Corcoran, John Blighe, Kate Rooskey B 9/1/1907 birth and 9/6/1907 baptism Bridget Jas and John E???? looks like triplets but only 2 sponsors, one of which is Mary Agnes Corcoran
" " Roosky B 1/3/1910 birth and 1/9/1910 baptism Michael Joseph
Corcoran, John, Head, 33 yr old married Civil Bill Officer born in County Roscommon Corcoran, kate, 28 yr old wife, born in County Roscommon Roosky, Artagh North DED House 23 1901 Ireland Census   Bligh, Catherine, 60 yr old widowed mother in law born in County Roscommon
          Corcoran, Mary Anes, 5 yr old daughter, scholar born in Roscommon
          Corcoran, Catherine, 3 yr old daughter born in Roscommon
          Corcoran, John Francis, 1 yr old son born in Roscommon
Corcoran, John, Head 49 yr old Farmer and Civil Bill Officer born in Roscommon Corcoran, Kate, 42 yr old wife born in Roscommon; they were married 17 yrs with 9 kids, 8 living Roosky, Arthagh North DED, County Roscommon, House 23 1911 Ireland Census   Mary A, 15 yr old unmarried daughter born in Roscommon
          Kathleen Christy, 13 yr old unmarried daughter, scholar, born in Roscommon
          John Francis, 11 yr old son, scholar born in Roscommon
          Patrick, 8 yr old son, scholar born in Roscommon
          James, 6 yr old son, scholar born in Roscommon
          Bridget Josephine, 3 yr old daughter born in Roscommon
          Michl Joseph, 1 yr old son, born in Roscommon