Corcoran Families in Claremorris Catholic Church with Spouse's Surnames J-L

Surname Kahill: Kilcolman Civil Parish has the towns of Corbally and Eskerlevally, but I couldn't find a documented town similar to Cunoruntally where Thos Kahill, Elenor Corcoran and their son John were said to be living.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
7/15/1813 M Corcoran, William Jordan, Margaret    
1/9/1859 B Corcoran?, Elenor Kahill?, Thos Cunoruntally? John
7/28/1878 B Corcoran, Honoria Kellum, James   Catherine
3/21/1880 B Corcoran, Honoria Kellum, James   Anne
8?/3/1882 B Corcoran, Honor Killum, James   Pat
1/4/1885 B Corcoran, Honoran Killeen, James   Bridget
10/10/1886 B Corcoran, Honoria Killeen, James   Honoria
8/12/1888 B Corcoran, Honoria Killeen, Jas   Margaret Ellen
8/2/1891 B Corcoran, Honor Killeen, James   Thomas
10/6?1893 B Corcoran, Honor Killeen, John   John William
2/13/1840 B Corcoran, Mary Killeen, Pat   Pat
2/17/1842 B Corcoran, Mary Killian, Pt   Mary