Sir Compton Domvile Bart: A Landlord in County Mayo Ireland in the 19th Century

Sir Compton Domvile Bart was one of the most prevalent landlords in the Civil Parishes of Manulla, Templemore, Aghamore and Killasser when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted (in 1856 for Aghamore and Killasser and 1857 in Manulla and Templemore). What can be a bit confusing is that the Domvile Landlord documented in these Parishes is only referred to as Sir Compton Domvile Bart. Sir Compton Pocklington Domvile the 1st Bart held the title up until his death in February 1857 at which time his son Sir Charles Compton William Domvile the 2nd Bart assumed the title. (Montgomery- Massingberd, 1976, p. 374). It would appear that the title was transferred from father to son right around the time the Griffith's Valuation was being conducted in County Mayo.

Sir Compton Domvile Bart was the primary landlord in the following Townlands in Aghamore Civil Parish: Casheltourly, Falleighter and Mountaincommon; Clooncleevragh, Darhanagh, Dromada (Joyce), Drumalooaun and Loobnamuck in Killasser Civil Parish; Lakill and Tawnagh More in Templemore Civil Parish; and Cregg, Drumloughra, Lisnolan, Prison East, Prison North, Prison South, Rush Hill and Smuttanagh in Manulla Civil Parish.

Sir Charles Compton William, the 2nd Baronet Domvile of Templeogue and Santry held the title through the difficult years after the famine until his death on July 10, 1884 at which point his brother Sir William Compton Domvile, the 3rd Bt took the helm. Thereafter Sir William Compton's son Sir Compton Meade Domvile became the 4th Bart until his death in 1935. (Montgomery-Massingberd, 1976. p. 374).

The publication "Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards..." documents William C Domville as residing in Heywood Ballinakill (which is in Queens County) and having 6040 acres in County Mayo. (Local Government Board, 1876; 1988, p. 808). He had land in County Wicklow and Queens County as well. Of interest in this notation is that Sir Charles Compton William Domvile held the title in 1876 when this was compiled, not William Compton Domvile.

Sir Compton Domvile's generosity as a landlord was described in the J. F. Quinn's "History of Mayo." A meeting was held in Balla in February 1848 at which "his kindness to his tenants in the Townlands of Prizon, Drimlooher, Cragaga, Lisnolan, Castletoorly and Loobnamuck...not only says the report did he forgive the rents, but he sent them blankets, clothing and plenty of food." (Quinn, 1996, Vol IV, Ch 9, p. 265). I believe the paragraph above refers to Prison in Manulla, Drumoughra in Manulla, possibly Cregg in Manulla, Lisnolan in Manulla, Casheltourly in Aghamore and Loobnamuck in Killasser Civil Parish.

Sir Compton Domvile Bart held seats in Ashburton House (England), Heywood Ballinakill (Queens County) and Slaghtfreedan Lodge in County Tyrone. (Burke, 1899, p. 370).

It appears that the estates of Sir Compton Domvile Bart were kept through the volatile 19th century and were eventually sold through the Congested Districts Board around 1916. There was a bankruptcy notice that I found in the Irish Law Times and Solicitors Journal; however, from November 11, 1876 that declared the Estate of Sir Charles Compton Domvile to be up for public auction in the Court of Bankruptcy in Ireland. It stated that the auction covered all of his estate and it listed lots 1 through 6, two of which he held insurance policies on through the Law Life Assurance Society. (Falconer, 1876, Vol X, p. 591). There is microfilm available through the National Library of Ireland that covers the Domvile Estate papers that I am sure could shed more light on the management and sale of Sir Compton Domvile Bart's estate. Numerous manuscript reports appear to be available in the Domvile Papers Collection such as a "Report on the Estates of Sir CCW Domvile Bart by Thomas Fitzgerald in 1870" and "Legal Papers - Estate Account of Sir C Domvile Bart" among others. It appears that copies possibly could be obtained via the Reprographics Department.

As I learn more about this County Mayo Landlord and his holdings I will add them to this page.