Coffey (Coffy, Coffee) Families Identified as being from the Townland of Tully, Tibohine Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland.

There are six different Tully Townlands in County Roscommon, Ireland. The Tully located in Tibohine Civil Parish was composed of just over 916 acres when the 1851 Census of Ireland was conducted. Tully is located in close proximity to the County Mayo border lying slightly closer to Ballyhaunis, County Mayo than Loughglynn, County Roscommon, and was part of Loughglynn Catholic Parish in County Roscommon.

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Tully in Tibohine Civil Parish around 1857, only one Coffey was identified as an occupier of a parcel: John Coffey, who leased land from John Duffy and held a House, Office and land on parcel 22a and bog land on parcel 23a. Rt Hon. and Reverend Lord John De Frayne was the primary landlord in the Townland of Tully at the time. There appears to have been quite a bit of bog land, several Lakes, a corn mill, Kiln, Forge as well as a plantation.

As I mentioned on the Tibohine Coffey webpage,I have recently heard from Liam S. a descendent of the Coffeys of Tully. His great grandfather John, was the the 5th of 5 John Coffeys who hailed from this area. The family farm in Tully, which occupies about 36 of the original 40 acres of land is still held by Coffey descendents. His grandfather Ned was born there in 1898. According to Liam, this land is noted as parcels 22 and 23a on the Griffith's valuation for the Townland of Tully, that is part of Tibohine Parish (note that he was the only Coffey documented in the Griffith's valuation for Tully at the time. He also has some very interesting trivia that he shared on his Coffey line: His great uncle Jim Coffey, a.k.a. "The Roscommon Giant" (Grandfather John's brother) ,was "one of the Great White Hopes during John Jackson's time as Heavy White boxing Champ." Special kudus to Liam for sharing this family history! If you feel you are related from these Coffeys from Tully or the Coffeys in Cloonbunny, another townland in Tibohine parish or the surrounding area, we would love to hear from you! There is an amazing website that chronicles "The Roscommon Giant, Jim Coffey" to which Liam refers that is well worth visiting if you have Coffey ancestors for this part of Roscommon.

The following is a brief synopsis of the John Coffey and Anne Quinn Family of Tully, County Roscommon, Ireland (special kudos to Liam for the fascinating details he shared on this family):

John Coffey and Anne Quinn: It appears that John Coffey may have married Anne Quinn the quarter ending December 1923, Castlereagh District, Ireland (Volume 4, page 122- film 101254). Her maiden name is confirmed on the birth record for son James Coffey (born January 27, 1890) and recorded in Castlerea, Mayo and Roscommon, Ireland. His father is listed as John Coffey of Tully and mother Ann Coffey nee Quinn. John (50) and Ann (40) are listed with 9 children in House 21 in Tully when the 1901 Ireland Census was taken and a decade later in 1911, John 63, Ann 53, are living in House 23 in Tully with their 5 youngest children. The microfilm obituary records I have identified below for a John Coffey, age 88 of Tully who died on June 10, 1892 and Mrs John Tullly who died on February 18, 1876 at the age of 64 I would venture a guess could very well be the parents of John Tully who was married to Anne Quinn, but that would need to be proven. Liam has suggested that there were a series of John Coffeys further back in his ancestral tree. I looked in the Ireland Civil Death Registration Index and have yet to find death records for John or Anne who remaining in Ireland. Liam conveyed that a large contingnet of Coffey's were clustered in the Bronx in New York.

  1. Kate Coffey: Born around 1883 based on the 1901 Ireland Census.
  2. Mary Coffey: Born about 1884 based on the 1901 Ireland Census.
  3. John Coffey: Born about 1888 based on the 1901 Ireland Census. According to Liam, he emigrated to New York and had a number of Sons including a Johnny who was an NYPD cop and a Paratrooper in WWII
  4. James Coffey: Born January 27 1890 Tully, Roscommon to John Coffey and Ann Quinn per birth record. According to Liam, he became known as the "Roscommon Giant" for his boxing prowess. He left quite a track record of boxing victories in the U.S, then left to return to Ireland where he appears to have married Kate Kenny quarter ending December 1923 in Castlereagh District (vikyne 4m pg 49 of microfilm 101575) and raised four children. Liam believes he is buried in Loughglynn Cemetery.
  5. Pat Coffey: Born about 1892 per the 1901 and 1911 census. Liam thought that they might have journeyed to Ireland together with his brother Tom. He apparently joined the NYPD for a brief stint. He is the source of a most colorful history, according to Liam, he got into a fight at a speak easy with some Kiltimagh, Mayo emigrants (who were living in New York) who called his brother Jim Coffey (the Fighter) some derogatory names, suggesting he had a "glass jaw" and in response to the fall out, they deliberately ran over him with their motor car.
  6. Bessie (Elizabeth) Coffey who I didn't find listed on either Ireland Census record, also moved to New York and according to Liam made Poitin (Potato Liquor) during prohibition.
  7. Anne Coffey: Born around 1894 according to the 1901 and 1911 Ireland Census records . (Liam suggested that at least 2 or 3 of the girls remained in Ireland and married locally. I am nut sure at this point which of them (Kate, Mary, Bridget, Anne or Ellen) remained.
  8. Ellen Coffey: Born around 1897 according to both 1901 and 1911 Ireland Census records.
  9. Edward Coffey (aka Ned) was born around 1898 according to both 1901 and 1911 Census records. He was the youngest boy in the family and remained in Ireland.
  10. Thomas Coffey: Thomas was the youngest son and was born about 1899 according to both 1901 and 1911 census. Liam suggested that Thomas was involved in the burning of a jail in Ballinlough, Roscommon, a town very close to Ballyhaunis, Mayo, a famous market town. He may have left for the U.S. with his brother Pat in the early 1920's per family history, married and had at least 2 sons Jimmy (who died in Arlington, Virginia) and Tommy who lived in Hartford, Connecticut where Thomas Coffey, his father eventually died.

There were numerous other Coffey's in the Loughglynn Catholic Parish records, but they are not included as I have yet to confirm their roots in Tully.

The following table will include Coffey families who have origins in the Tibohine Townland of Tully. They are taken from a variety of resources including Loughglynn Parish Church microfilm, Ireland Census, Griffith's Valuation and a variety of other records.


Coffey (Coffy, Coffee) Surname or Friend whose record they witnessed Spouse Townland; Record Source Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Coffy, Jacobi Cuttle, Maria   B July 7, 1837 Johanem; microfilm 989753 item 2; no townland is given but this family is included because of his spouse's surname- Cuttle- possibly same as Maria's Husband listed below.
Coffy, Jacobi (sponsor of baptism)   Tully B September? 7, 1832 Jacob'm; microfilm 989753 item 1; Jacobi witnessed baptism of Jacob'm son of Pat and Ann Walder
Coffey, John   Tully; Griffiths Valuation for Tully 1857 John Coffey held parcels 22a (House, office and Land and 23a Land- Bog) leased from John Duffy his landlord (area 23-1-35- just over 23 acres)
Coffey, Joanne Mosley, Catherina Tully B July 18, 1861

Maria; item 3 film 989753


Coffy, Mrs John   Tully Obit died February 18, 1876 at age 64 film 989753; item 3;
Coffey, John of Tully Coffey, Ann nee Quinn Tully, Roscommon Birth Certificate January 27, 1890 James; Registered in Registrars district Castlerea, District of Ballaghaderreen, Mayo/Roscommon; The information from this birth record was gleaned from the website on "The Roscommon Giant" as noted at the top of the page.
Coffey, John (age 50) Farmer born in Roscommon, IR Coffey, Anne (age 40) born in Roscommon Tully, Artagh South, House 21; Ireland 1901 Census 1901 In this census year the following children (all born in Roscommon and unmarried, were living with them: Kate 18, Mary 17, John 13, James 11, Pat 9, Anne 7, Ellen 4, Edward 3, Thomas 2)
Coffey, John (age 63) Farmer born in Roscommon, IR Coffey, Anne (age 53) born in Roscommon; married 29 yrs, 10 children, 10 living Tully, Artagh South, House 23 Ireland 1911 Census 1911 In this census year the following children (all born in Roscommon and unmarried were living with them: Patrick 19, Anne 17, Ellen 14, Edward 13 and Thomas 11
Coffey, James 22 last permanent address Castlerea (this appears to be the son of John listed above in the Ireland census)     Passenger List Ship Oceanic departing from Queenstown on Oct 9, 1913 arrival NY October 15, 1913 1913 arrival in New York nearest relative: Father John of Carrowbehy, Castlerea, Roscommon, Ireland (this info gleaned from "The Roscommon Giant" Website).
Coffey, John   Tully Obit died June 10, 1892 at age 88 microfilm 989753; item 3
Coffy, Margarita (sponsor of baptism)   Tully B August 13, 1818 microfilm 989753 item 1; sponsored baptism of Petrum, son of Joannis Cuffe? and Elizabeth Flannagan
Coffy, Mariam Cafel?, Eugenius   M January 24, 1827 microfilm 989753 item 1;
Coffy?, Maria Coffle?, Eugeni Tully B May 13, 1832 Jo'n; microfilm 989753 item 1; his surname could be Cuttle as there were Cuttles in the Townland of Tully when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted.
Coffy, Maria Caffle?, Eugene   B May 21, 1834 Brigidam; microfilm 989753 item 1
Coffy, Maria Cuttle?, Eugenio   B May 22, 1836

Michaelum; microfilm 989753 item 2


Coffy, Maria Costello, Walter Tully B May 30, 1860 Walter; microfilm 989753; item 2
Coffy, Patricity Walder, Brigida Tully B November 12, 1817 Cathe'm; microfilm 989753 item 1
Coffey, Mrs Patt   Tully obit died October 23, 1888 at age of 32 Microfilm 989753 item 3
Coffy, Patrick age 46 born in Roscommon, IR Farmer Coffy, Maria, wife, 39 born in Roscommon, IR Tully, Artagh South, Roscommon, House 24 Ireland Census 1901 1901 The following unmarried children, all born in Ireland were living with them: Pat 11, Bridget 10, Kate 8, Maria 6, Maggy 4, Ellen 3, John 1. (according to "The Roscommon Giant" website, this is John's Brother Patrick)
Coffey, Pat (age 55) born in Roscommon, IR; Farmer Coffey, Maria (45) born in Roscommon, IR; married 22 yrs 8 children, 8 living Tully, Artagh South, Roscommon House 27 Ireland Census 1911 1911 The following unmarried children, all born in Roscommon, Ireland were living with them: Kate 19, Maria 18, Maggie 15, Ellen 13, John 12, Edward 9.
Coffy, Thom Turmy?, Brig Tully B August? 18, 1818 Joannum; 989753 item 1
Coffy, Thomas Kinny, Brigida Tully B September 21, 1817 Michaelem; 989753 item 1
Coffy, Thoma Kenny, Brigida Tully B March 26, 1820 Mariam?; Maria Coffy was one of the sponsors; 989753 item 1
Coffy, Thomas Kenny?, Brigida   B July 9, 1822 Jacobus; 989753; item 1; appears to be a twin of Brigida
Coffy, Thomas Kenny, Brigida   B July 9, 1822 Brigida; 989753; item 1; appears to be a twin of Jacobus
Coffy, Thoma Kenny, Brigida   B December 5, 1824 Catherina; 989753; item 1;
Coffy, Thomas (sponsor of baptism)   Tully B January 2, 1820 989753 item 1; Thomas sponsors baptism of Jacobum son of Roberti Dillon and Anna Henry