Coffey (Coffee, Coffy) Families Identified in Tibohine Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland Townlands of the Griffith's Valuation, Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish Records and other Resources

The Roman Catholic Parish Records covering Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish in County Roscommon (a parish that borders County Mayo) had more than 60 different Coffey (Coffy and Coffee) families documented in the three sections of microfilm 989753. Unfortunately, a significant number of them failed to give Townlands of residence. There were however, eighteen different Townlands identified in the Loughglynn/Lisacul film connected to Coffey, Coffy and Coffee Families. Those clearly in Tibohine Civil Parish were Ballyglass (Ballyglass East had 403 acres and west 283), Barnacawley (836 acres), Breanamore (580 acres), Cloonbunny (631 acres), Cloontowart (539 acres), Curraghard (319 acres), Drummad (548 acres), Gortaganny (443 acres), Kiltymaine (330 acres), Lisacul, Lissananny, a 545 acre townland, Loughglinn, Moyne (731 acres) and Tully (926 acres). Other Townlands mentioned were Creggan ( 682 acres that I believe is part of Kilcolman Civil parish, and two that were difficult to decipher appearing to read Carrnagan and Carnacuhane. If someone is familiar with where they may originate please fill me in. The Coffeys (and all variations of that surname) in these townlands will be the focus of further research you can follow in the links at the bottom of the page.

The Griffith's Valuation for Tibohine Civil Parish was conducted in 1857. Coffey's were identified as occupiers of parcels in six different Townlands of Tibohine Civil Parish: Breanamore, Cloonbunny, Cloontowart, Curraghard, Tully and Moyne (less than half of the townlands in which they were identified in the Loughglynn and Lisacul Catholic Church Records. Coffey was the only surname variation that I noted in the Tibohine Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation. The following Townlands had Coffey occupiers in the Griffith's Valuation.

Patrick Coffey held parcel 36,37b (House, Office and Land including Bog) that he shared with Martin Coffey (36,37a, a House, Land and Bog) in the Townland of Breanamore with the Rt Hon and Rev John De Freyne as the Landlord. The parcels cover an area of over 30 acres with Patrick's parcel valued at 5 pounds and 5 shillings and Martin's valued at 2 pounds and 15 shillings. John Coffey held parcel 21,22-21a with a House, Land including Bog, in the Townland of Cloonbunny. The area covers over 22 acres and is valued at 3 pounds, 5 shillings. Rt Hon Rev Lord John De Frayne was the Landlord. Roger Coffey held parcel 8a and 11 in Cloontowart. Parcel 8a was a House, Offices and Land covering over 20 acres with a total value of 11 pounds. His parcel 11 was land (bog) of more than 73 acres valued at only 5 shillings. He shared parcel 11 with two others and his landlord was the Rev Hon Lord John De Frayne for both parcels. Jeremiah Coffey held parcel 1b with a house and land, in the Townland of Curraghard. He shared this parcel with seven others. The parcel was over 82 acres in size and his portion was valued at 2 pounds and 10 shillings. John Coffey held parcel 22a,23 in the Townland of Tully. Parcel 22a was composed of a House, Office and Land with over 23 acres and parcel 23 was land (Bog) of over 13 acres. These parcels were valued at 9 pounds and 15 shillings. His landlord was John Duffy for them both. Michl Coffey held parcel 10a with a House and Land in the Townland of Moyne. His parcel covered just over 9 acres and had a total valuation of 5 pounds and 5 shillings. Viscount Dillon was his landlord. Michl Coffey was also a Landlord for Cormack Durr, parcel 10b, a house valued at 5 shillings.

Special Note on the Coffeys of Tully: I have recently heard from Liam S. a descendent of the Coffeys of Tully. His great grandfather John, was the the 5th of 5 John Coffeys who hailed from this area. The family farm in Tully, which occupies about 36 of the original 40 acres of land is still held by Coffey descendents. His grandfather Ned was born there in 1898. According to Liam, this land is noted as parcels 22 and 23a on the Griffith's valuation for the Townland of Tully, that is part of Tibohine Parish. He also has some very interesting trivia that he shared on his Coffey line: His great uncle Jim Coffey, a.k.a. "The Roscommon Giant" (Grandfather John's brother) ,was "one of the Great White Hopes during John Jackson's time as Heavy White boxing Champ." Special kudus to Liam for sharing this family history! If you feel you are related from these Coffeys from Tully or the Coffeys in Cloonbunny, another townland in Tibohine parish or the surrounding area, we would love to hear from you!

This is a work in progress!

Please contact me if you have Coffey, Coffy or Coffee Families from the Loughglynn and Lisacul Catholic Parish or its surroundings. I would welcome any feedback you might have on my research.

Clusters of Coffey families were identified in the following Townlands in Loughglynn and Lisacull Roman Catholic Parish Records as well as the Griffith's Valuation and will be the subject of more extensive research:


Ballyglass Barnacawley Breanamore Cloonbunny
Cloontowart Curraghard Drummad Gortaganny
Kiltymaine Lisacul Lissananny Loughglynn
Moyne Tully (New) Creggan (Kilcolman CP)