Coffey (Coffy, Coffee) Families Identified as being from the Townland of Cloonbunny, Tibohine Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Tibohine Civil Parish in 1857, the Townland of Cloonbunny had 631 acres, was part of Frenchpark Barony, Castlereagh Poor Law Union, Loughglynn and Lisacul Catholic Parish and Artagh South DED. The DED (District Electoral Division) will be necessary information if you decide to search the cancelled books in the Valuation office in Dublin (or have them search the books for you) as that is how the townlands are arranged. Cloonbunny is southwest of Loughglynn between there and Breanamore.

Of the more than 60 Coffey families that I identified in the Loughglynn and Lisacul microfilm, the only Coffey records that acknowledged Coffeys born in Cloonbunny were death records. They were as follows: Maria Coffy (John) who died at age 22 on November 12, 1869; Mrs John Coffey (Ellen Flanagan) age 70 who died on January 16, 1885 and finally John Coffey who died at age 75 on June 11, 1890. The collection of death records at the end of the Loughglynn film is an exception to what I have been finding in my research over the past three years of looking at Irish Catholic Church records.

There were other Flanagan/Coffey families in this film, but townlands of origin were not given. Each baptism of the following families had Coffey sponsors: Martini Coffy and Elizabeth Flanagan, Anna Coffey and Joanne Flanagan and Eleonoram Coffy and Malachy Flanigan.

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for the Townland of Cloonbunny, there was little of economic consequence with a majority of the parcels including portions of bog (some bog areas were of no value reclaimed bog and some was pasteurable bog.) Rt Honorable adn Reverend Lord John De Frayne was the landlord for all but four parcels in this Townland. John Coffey occupied parcel 21 and 22-21a (House and Land including bog) with Thomas Scally. Their parcel covered over 22 acres and John's portion had a total valuation of 5 shillings.

There were no Coffey (Coffy, Coffee) families in the 1901 Ireland Census that is provided online by the National Archives of Ireland.

This is a work in progress! I will add to it as I uncover more Coffey families with a proven connection to this area. Please contact me if you feel you have Coffey, Brennan, Corcoran or Gahagans from Cloonbunny or the surrounding townlands, or if you have feedback or suggestions that might enhance this compilation. I would love to hear from you.