Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Surname in Swinford (Meelick and Kilconduff) Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

The Swinford Roman Catholic Parish Records are covered in two different microfilms: Microfilm Number 1279233 items 5-9 and Microfilm Number 926020. Microfilm Number 1279233 is listed as covering the following according to the LDS website: Baptisms 1841-1915 and Marriages 1846-1878. Microfilm 926020 covers Baptisms 1822-1900 and Marriages 1808-1915. I will order Microfilm 926020 at some later date. Swinford is also referred to as Meelick and Kilconduff Catholic Parish. Kilconduff Civil Parish and Meelick Civil Parishes are both covered in this Catholic Parish.

I have a page specifically on the Town of Swinford, a major town in Kilconduff Civil Parish, (one of County Mayo's Primary Market Towns in the 19th Century) in my County Mayo Market Town section.

Item 5 of microfilm 1279233 is listed as covering Baptisms May 1841-November 29, 1846. The early years of this film are nearly impossible to read, the ink is smeared and they are so faded I am having a hard time deciphering what is written. If you think your family came from this parish I would recommend that you order this microfilm and make sure I haven't missed or misinterpreted anything!

Item 6 includes marriages of Kilconduff and Meelick July 3, 1846-March 31, 1878. Reverend Dean Bernard Durcan is listed in association with these records.

Item 7 covers the baptisms for Kilconduff and Meelick. Reverend Bernard Durcan, parish priest of Swinford, is documented as being associated with these records as well.

Item 8 covers Baptisms in Swinford Parish from July 1859 to September 1875. There are many blurry, pale pages in this section that are nearly impossible to read. If you believe your family is in this parish, be sure to order this film to make sure I haven't missed anything as I am having quite a difficult time deciphering many records.

Item 9 begins with October 1875 and has pretty thorough records up through 1914 and then there are scattered records from abroad and in Swinford after that. Item 9 is a vast improvement over the previous three items.

Summary of Findings: I have just completed item 5 of microfilm 1279233. There are many families with the "Caffel" surname in this item of the film. I had a difficult time differentiating the cursive "e" from the "l" in this film but I do not believe these are Coffee's. I am briefly documenting the Caffel families under each alphabetized surname section. If you believe your Coffee family is in this Catholic Parish please contact me as I have more detailed information on this surname in my excel file and would be happy to share the information. Upon completion of items 6 and 7 of this film I have not identified any Coffee, Coffey or Coffy families (in marriage, baptisms or as witnesses in records). There are however, many Caffels. The same goes for item 8- no Coffey, Coffy or Coffee's- only Caffels. Upon completion of all 5 items of this film I have only identified three different Coffey families: Bridget Coffey and Thomas Kelly (son Thomas), Michael Coffey and Bridget Kenny, and Maria Coffey and Johannes Finneran (living in the Union Workhouse). A James Coffey sponsored the baptism for the child of Ellen Gorman and Thos Higgins in 1910 and Mary Coffey sponsored the baptism of a child of John Byrne and Margt Halligan (from Derryronane) in 1914.

Note: There was a Joannis son of Eugenius Caffle and Maria --ing? who was baptized in December 1867.

Microfilm 926020. The following is listed at the start of the film: Achonry June 7, 1808- July 3, 1836. Marriage of SwinfordParish 1808-1846.

This is a work in progress!

I have done my best to correctly transcribe these records, but after five or so hours behind a microfilm reader, the likelihood of mistakes in both interpretation and transcription most certainly increases. I have the microfilm and item numbers on which the records were found so you can confirm the information. In an attempt to minimize download times I have limited the information presented on each family. The records in this section will document Baptisms (B) and Marriages (M). I also have documented all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Brennans; although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible Townlands that might provide a missing link. There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

I am finding numerous records for what appears to be the Surname Caffel or Coffel. I am documenting them in an excel file, but I do not believe they are Coffee families.

I have noted the following Caffel/Caffle families in film 1279233: Phelim Caffel/Anne Lavin, Ned Caffle/Kitty Lavin. I have not created a page for these families because I believe their surname is Caffel and not Coffee, but I have these records in an excel file if you believe otherwise. In film 926020 there was a marriage record for a Pat Caffel to ? on January 31, 1818.

These records are presented by spouse's surname:

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