Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Families Identified in the 1851 Liverpool, Dale Sub Registration District, Lancashire, England and Research into their Irish Origins

It is clear that a significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Liverpool Lancashire originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo and County Roscommon, Ireland. This may be the final destination for a few, a stop on the way to search for work for others and a starting point of a journey abroad for many more.

Special Observations: There are several possible baptismal records for this family in the St Anthony's Parish, Liverpool records. There are some discrepancies that would need to be resolved. There was a Liverpool England Baptismal Recordon for a Honori Coffy born April 13, 1839 baptized April 21, 1839, St Anthony's Parish, Liverpool, Lancashire. Her parents were listed as John Coffy and Mother Bridget Smith. The 1851 census would seem to indicate her birth was abt 1839. In the same parish, in 1836 a Bridget Coffee was born September 1, baptized September 4, 1836, father John, mother Bridget Fodey (1851 Census would indicate Bridget was born about 1837). Finally, in the same parish in 1843, Mary Coffee was born August 31, baptized Spetember 3, daughter of John and Bridget. I believe I might have found this family at 12 Court Lace Street in the 1861 Liverpool Dale Subregistration census in District 3b. There are again a few discrepancies in age, but if it is them, then Bridget, his wife appears to have died between 1857 and 1861 as he is living with just his daughters Bridget, Mary and Son Roddy who was born in 1857.

District Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status
1M 5 Smithfield Street Coffey, Edward, Lodger 40 Ireland Pig Dealer M; he lives with the Callaghan family from Ireland
1e 8 Court Lace Street Coffey, John, Head 50 Ireland Dock Laborer M; 5 lodgers live with themm
1e 8 Court Lace Street Coffey, Mary, Wife 42 Ireland   M
1e 8 Court Lace Street Coffey, Bridget, Daughter 14 Liverpool Home U
1e 8 Court Lace Street Coffey, Honora, Daughter 12 Liverpool Home U;
1e 8 Court Lace Street Coffey, Mary, Daughter 7 Liverpool Home  
1g 35 Marlborough Street Coffey, Myles, Head 24 Sligo, Ireland General Laborer M
1g 35 Marlborough Street Coffey, Mary, Wife 25 Galway, Ireland Laundress M
1g 35 Marlborough Street Coffey, John, Son 2 Liverpool, Lancashire    
1g 35 Marlborough Street Coffey, Mary, Daughter 1 month Liverpool, Lancashire