Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Families in Charlestown Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surname G-I

I have completed items one through six of this microfilm, but I was not checking for the Coffee surname or its variants when I covered item one, so I will be going back over this item (a really long, difficult to read item) gradually as I work my way through the next film.

Regarding Surname Grady: Luther Brennan and Mary Coffy witnessed the marriage of Martin Grady and Margaret Coffy on February 9, 1850. This record is repeated in item two and the sponsors name appears to be Mary Coffy not Margaret. (Regarding My Irish Family Research: this is the first time I have seen the Surname Coffy and Brennan in the same record.)

Date Event Coffee, Coffey, Coffy Spouse Townland Child
2/9/1850 M Coffy, Margaret Grady, Martin