The Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Surname in Charlestown Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

The Charlestown Roman Catholic Parish Records are covered in microfilm #1279230 items 1 through 6. The film is listed in the LDS film catalog as Parochial Registers of Kilbeagh, 1845-1924 Catholic Church, Parish of Kilbeagh. At one point Carracastle Parish was united with the Catholic of Parish of Kilbeagh; today that Catholic Parish is referred to as Charlestown Roman Catholic Parish. This film was marked "Best Available Copy" and was scanned in negative (Black with white print). If you see your families records in this film I would recommend that you order this film for yourself to double check the information as it was very difficult to decipher at times. This is a work in progress. I have completed items one through 6. I found the Surnames Coffey and Coffy in item 2 of this film. There was a gap in the item one records from 1883 until 1888. I couldn't find any records with the Coffee, Coffey or Coffy Surname in items 3-6 that I just completed. There were several records for Surnames Cogger and Cogges. I will be going back over item 1 (a large section of early records) to look for the Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Surname as I wasn't looking for this Surname when I covered it before. It is a long, arduous haul through item one of this film, so I will go back over it gradually as I begin working on another Roman Catholic Parish.

I have done my best to correctly transcribe these records, but after five or so hours behind a microfilm reader, the likelihood of mistakes in both interpretation and transcription most certainly increases. I have the microfilm and item numbers on which the records were found so you can confirm the information. In an attempt to minimize download times I have limited the information presented on each family. The records in this section will document Baptisms (B) and Marriages (M). I also have documented all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Brennans; although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible townlands that might provide a missing link. If you feel that your family is identified in these pages and would like further details, please feel free to contact me.

In regard to my own family Irish research, there are not only tons of Brennans in this Roman Catholic Parish, but tons of Frains (a fairly uncommon surname) and McNultys, the surnames of my second great grandparents travelling companions and close friends from at least New York to South Bend, Indiana.

The priests in these records appear to be spelling many of the Townlands phonetically. I will document them as they are presented. If both the husband and wife's surname is Brennan I will include it in the "B" section of these records. Her maiden name may be Brennan or it may be something else and just not used. There is no way to tell one way or the other.

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