Coffee (Coffey, Coffy) Families in Ballaghaderreen Catholic Parish, County Mayo and County Roscommon Ireland with Spouse's Surname S-T

Many of the baptismal records for the early years of this film do not provide the maiden name of the mother. These records will be listed in the "unknown surname" section of the Ballaghaderreen families. Hopefully this will not be a trend for the rest of the film! At times the Priest will use d.o. (ditto) after the spouse's given name. This would seem to indicate that they share the same name as the Husband's Surname. Rather than make this assumption, I will put insert the d.o to let you draw your own conclusions. If nothing is listed in place of the surname I will place a question mark.

Date Event Coffee, Coffey, Coffy Spouse Townland Child
6/30/1831 M Coffey, Maria Sweeny, Eugenius    
3/3/1861 B Coffey, Michael Sweeny, Maria Ballaghaderreen Margarita (same in 926005)
11/8/1867 B Coffey, Michael Sweeny, Mary Ballaghaderreen Thomas (item2) same in 926005
11/8/1867 B Coffey, Michl Sweeny B-Derrin Wm or Wy? (926005)
7/2/1875 B Coffey, Margt Tonry, Martin Ardcull Margaret (same in 926005)
1/17/1869 M Coffey, Ellen Towey, Mich'l   (confirmed in 926005)
1/17/1869 M Coffey, Ellen Towey, Michl   microfilm 926005