Clay Township Irish Families Documented in the St. Joseph County, Indiana 1850 Census

Forty-one of the 142 Irish Born Immigrants in the St Joseph County 1850 census were living in Clay Township. Seventeen of the forty-one were affiliated with the religious order at Notre Dame. In addition to the Irish born immigrants, I am documenting 4 Roman Catholic Priests that were born in France: Rev Baroux, Rev Cointet, Rev Granger and Rev E Sorin because they served both Sacred Heart Church at Notre Dame and St Joseph Church and you will see them performing many baptisms and marriages for our Irish ancestors. The 1850 census has a section to document persons over the age of 20 that cannot read or write. None of the Irish in this Township had that section checked. Please note that the two immigrants with the Surname Coffee weren't listed together; Ellen Coffee was listed with family 1127 and John Coffee was listed with the Lane Family #1191. The numbers reflect the order in which the census taker visited the homes. The following Surnames were listed under the same residence number as the sisters and brothers at Notre Dame: Clera, Myer, Mulgreen, Onela, Fentan, Reordan and Enright. There were no parents listed in this group and all appear to be between the ages of 4 and 19. The surnames Killroy, Dougherty, Rooney and Harmon (all of which were students in their late teens and twenties) were living at this residence as well.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Baroux, Rev Louis 32 France Roman Catholic Priest  
Brother Ansahim 33 Ireland Teacher  
Brother Augustine 45 Ireland Baker  
Brother Cyprein 46 Ireland Farmer  
Brother Ignatius 32 Ireland Teacher  
Brother James 45 Ireland Gardener  
Brother Jerome 46 Ireland Laborer  
Brother Joachim 26 Ireland Teacher  
Brother John 46 Ireland Laborer  
Brother John the Baptist 27 Ireland Shoemaker  
Brother Patrick 48 Ireland Laborer  
Brother Stephen 41 Ireland Teacher  
Brother Victor 43 Ireland Teacher  
Brothy Timothy 44 Ireland Laborer  
Carleton, John 42 Ireland Farmer  
Carleton, Ann 41 France    
Carleton, George 15 Pennsylvania Farmer  
Carleton, Mary M 7 Ohio    
Carleton, Michael 5 Ohio    
Carleton, John 2 Indiana    
Carleton, Margarette 1 mo Indiana    
Clera, Michael 16 Ireland Carpenter  
Clera, Patrick 14 Ireland Shoemaker  
Coffee, Ellen 14 Ireland    
Coffee, John 14 Ireland    
Cointet, Rev Francis 34 Ireland Roman Catholic Priest  
Coleman, James 42 Ireland Laborer  
Dorothea, John of the Cross 42 Ireland Student  
Dougherty, Wlm 26 Ireland Student  
Enright, Cornelius 19 Ireland Tailor  
Fentan, William 16 Ireland Carpenter  
Granger, Rev A 33 Ireland Roman Catholic Priest  
Harmon, Patrick 21 Ireland Student  
Killroy, Edmund 19 Ireland Student  
Lane, John 30 Ireland Farmer  
Land, Bridget 25 Ireland    
Lane, William 8 Indiana    
Lane, Michael 2 Indiana    
Lane, Mary 1 Indiana    
Masterson, Rev Wlm 41 Ireland Roman Catholic Priest  
McErlain, Owen 24 Ireland Laborer  
Mulgreen, Timothy 13 Ireland    
Mulgreen, John 10 Ireland    
Mulgreen, Patrick 4 Ireland    
Myer, Henry 17 Ireland Farmer  
Ornela, Patrick 14 Ireland    
Rooney, Michael 22 Ireland Student  
Shortis, Rev Richard 32 Ireland Roman Catholic Priest  
Sister Mary St Catherine 29 Ireland    
Sister Mary of Conception 42 Ireland    
Sister Mary of Conpapion 24 Ireland    
Sister Mary St Basille 28 Ireland    
Sister Mary St Cecelia 30 Ireland    
Sorin, Rev E 36 France Roman Catholic Priest