Center Township Irish Families Documented in the 1850 St. Joseph County, Indiana Census

There were six Irish-born individuals and their families living in Center Township when the St. Joseph County 1850 Census was conducted. Center Township was just south of Portage Township and the center of South Bend, Indiana when the 1850 census took place. Two of the individuals listed below, Catharine Mulqueen and Jeremiah Sutherland were both listed as paupers and Jeremiah was documented as being insane.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Donahu, Francis 26 Ireland Farmer  
Donahu, Rosannah 23 Virginia    
Donahu, Mary Ellen 3 Indiana    
Leffler, John 52 Virginia Laborer No
Leffler, Mary 32 Ireland   No
Mulqueen, Catharine 36 Ireland    
Nagin, John 38 Ireland Laborer No
Nagin, Catharine 40 Ireland    
Nagin, William H 15 Canada Laborer  
Nagin, Edward L? 13 Canada    
Nagin, Margarette J? 9 Michigan    
Nagin, Eliza Anne 7 Michigan    
Sutherland, Jeremiah 40 Ireland Laborer