Burriscarra Civil Parish Townlands, Churches and Graveyards, County Mayo, Ireland

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Burriscarra Civil Parish in 1857, there was one Roman Catholic Chapel located in the Townland of Carrownacon and Graveyard(s) in the Townland of Castlecarra. This Townland list includes the three named, occupied Islands in Lough Carra: Castle Island, Hog Island and Horse Island. The other islands in this chain include Deer Island, Glenrary Island, Priest Island, Ballycally Island, Kiln Island, Otter Island and Derrinrush Island.

  1. Ballycally
  2. Burriscarra
  3. Carrowkeel
  4. Carrownacon
  5. Carrownagreggaun
  6. Castle Island
  7. Castlecarra
  8. Clogher
  9. Cloonboorhy
  10. Conor's Island
  11. Deerpark
  12. Drumnashinnagh
  13. Gallgort
  14. Glasmansally
  15. Hog Island
  16. Horse Island
  17. Knockacurreen
  18. Lawarren
  19. Moorehall or Muckloon
  20. Newtown
  21. Raheenduff
  22. Rinaneel
  23. Rooghaun

(Griffith, 1847-1964; 2003, Burriscarra).