Brennan Families in Swinford (Meelick and Kilconduff) Roman Catholic Parish Records with Unknown Spouses Surname

There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

Please note the following: There are many records in this film in which the Surname Brennan is inferred for both the husband and his spouse (for example Martin and Mary Brennan or Martin Brennan and Mary d.o. - ditto). There is no way to know for sure if her name is Brennan or if she has another undocumented surname. I have included them in section A-C rather than the unknown section because they were listed as if they both had the surname Brennan. If you have a Brennan family in this film check section A-C to make sure additional family members aren't in this section.

The June 1844 record listed below was nearly impossible to read. The mother's surname looked like it could possibly be Molloy, but that's just a guess. The six Brennan children baptized in 1843 listed neither parents nor sponsors although the records were legible.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
1/?/1872 B Branan?, Michael (could be Brown?) ?, Brigida (looks like Robertson?) Knockbrack (in Kilconduff CP) Jacobus
2/4/1867 M Brenan or Branan, Andreas Bask---??, Brigida    
1/?/1860 B Brenan?, Jacobus For?, Brigida Cashelb-gh (possibly Castlebarnagh in Kilconduff CP) Bartholomus
1863 B Brennan, Anne --gher, Patritius (nearly impossible to read this pg) Swinford Michael
4?/14?/1863 M Brenan?, Franciscus or Dominiscus? Unsure if this is a Brenan or a Brown- very blurry hard to read record! Higgins?, Honor?    
12/?/1877 B Brennan, Daniel?? In--ia??, Jane?? (can hardly read at all) Tullanac-? Catharine
4/4/1857 M Brenan, Antonius ?, Maria    
1?/_6?/1856? or 12/_6/1855 B Brenan, Thomas ?, Maria (possibly Brennan) looks like d.o.- ditto after Maria) Kinaff Martinus
12/28/1855 B Brenan, Thomas ?, Maria Kinaff Martinus (926020)
2/1_?/1858 M Brenan, Catherina ?, Martinus (his surname looks like Thady or Frany)    
2/19/1855 B Brenan, Bridida --l--y?, Patritius Kinaff Maria
6/8?/1844 B Brennan, ? -ll-y?, Cath   ?
3/27/1843 B Brennan, ? ? Kinaffe (Townland in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Jas
4/12/1843 B Brennan, ? ? Kinaff (Townland in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Jn
5/22/1843 B Brennan, ? ? Fahins (likely Faheens in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Mich'l
9/12/1843 B Brennan, ? ? ?rahara Patt
9/26/1843 B Brennan, ? ? Carn (Townland in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Jn
10/15/1843 B Brennan, ? ? Culmore (likely Cuilmore in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Patt
7/14/1853 B Brennan, Honoria --an?, ? ? Patritius
8/12?/1848 B Brennan, Jno ?, Winifred Kinaff (Townland in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Catherine (McNulty sponsor)
9/15?/1859 B Brenan?, Brigida ?, Michael Rah--? Catherina
9/?/1881 B Brennan, David ---y, Cath? Lis---n? Mich?
?/?/1911 B Brennan, ? ?   Eliz. Kate (born 4/11/1911)
1/27/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Kinaff Jas (no parents or sp given)
?/12/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Kinaff Jn (no parents or sp given)
7/22/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Faheens Mich'l (no parents or sp given)
9/12/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Crahora? Patt (no parents or sp given)
9/26/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Carns Jn (no parents or sp given)
10/15/1844; #926020 B Brennan, ? ? Culmore Patt (no parenst or sp given)
8/14/1848; #926020 B Brennan, Michl ?, Winifred Kinaff Catherine