Brennan Families in Swinford (Meelick and Kilconduff) Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surname O-R

There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

Please note the following: There are many records in this film in which the Surname Brennan is inferred for both the husband and his spouse (for example Martin and Mary Brennan or Martin Brennan and Mary d.o. - ditto). There is no way to know for sure if her name is Brennan or if she has another undocumented surname. I have included them in section A-C rather than the unknown section because they were listed as if they both had the surname Brennan. If you have a Brennan family in this film check section A-C to make sure additional family members aren't in this section.

Regarding the O'Neil/Branan or Brown Family: The later church records are more ledgible. This family appears to be Thos Browne and Cath O'Neil not a Branan. They had a son Thomas in December 1884 and the record was quite clear. I have left the earlier records in the compilation below in spite of this.

Regarding Surname O'Brien: There is a Pat Brennan/ Mary O'Brien family in the Kiltimagh RCP records that note Treanlaur as their townland in numerous records.

Omissions: There was a baptismal record for Margarita of Henricus Brown? and Maria Ruane in September 1867 that I have left out of this record because I believe this is a Brown family and not Brenan but it is very hard to read. There was a baptismal record for a Jacobus of ? Reily and Brigida B----kman?? in November 1867 that I have not included because I don't think this is a Brenan, but it very hard to read- possibly in the townland of Faheens.

Records are from film #1279233 unless otherwise noted.

Date/ Film Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
2/23/1846; #926020 M Brennan, Cormick O'Brien, Bridt Killaden  
8?/1856 B Brennan, ? O'Brien, Brigida Curaculla (likely Carrownaculla in Kilconduff CP) Elionora
9/6?/1856 B Brennan, ? O'Brien, Brigida Carunaculla Elionora (926020)
4/4/1871 B Brenan, Jacobus O'Brien?, Brigida Kinaff Antonius (926020)
5/15/1897 M Brennan, Thomas O'Brion, Catherina Cultibo 926020
2/13/1897; clearly March 13 on 926020 B Brennan, Thomas O'Brien?, Catherine Cuiltibo Patrick (born 2/12/1897) clearly March 12 on 926020
9/26/1934 M Brennan, Patrick ? Kiltimagh same info on 926020
12/17/1898 B Brennan, Thomas O'Brien, Catherine Cuiltibo Catherine (born 12/11/1898) looks like 12/10 on 926020
1/19/1927 M Brennan, Catherine ? Brooklyn New York, Lady of Liberty? same info on 926020
10/26/1900 B Brennan, Thomas O'Brien, Catherine Cultibo Mary (born 10/25/1900) same info on 926020
7/9/1881 B Brenan, Ellen O'Brien, David Derryronane (there is a Derryronan in Kilconduff CP) Catherine
2/16?/1849; Feb 16 in 926020 M Brennan, Catherina O'Brien, Jacobino? (Jacobus in 926020)    
3/24/1900 M Brennan, Michael O'Brien?, Margarita Cultibo 926020
3/23/1848 M Brennan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria   (same info in 926020)
11/6/1851; (same in #926020) B Brennan, Martinus O'Brine, Maria Cultibo (likely Cuiltybo in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Brigida
8/11/1854; 8/4/1854 in 926020 - clear B Brenan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Kiltiboe (likely Cuiltybo in Kilconduff CP) Maria
?/?/1857 B Brenan, Martinus O'Brian, Maria Cultibo (likely Cuiltybo in Kilconduff CP) Thomans?
2?/?/1857 (2/10 is record below) B Brenan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Cultibo Thadeus? (926020)
8?/?/1858 B Brennan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Cuiltibo (likley Cuiltybo in Kilconduff CP) Honor?
8/15/1858 B Brennan, Martinus

O'Brien, Maria

Cuiltibo Anna; 926020
9/25/1860 B Brennan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Cuiltibo Honora (926020)
1?/10/1863? B Brennan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Cultibo Joanes? (same in 926020)
12/9?/1864 B Brenan, Martinus O'Brien, Maria Cultibo Margarita (926020)
7?/24/1850 (#926020) B Brennan, Bt O'Brine, Jno Cultibo Mary
7/?/1857 B Brenan?, Maria O'Brien, Michael M-? (Mill Street in 926020) Petrus
7/6/1893 B Brennan, John O'Connell, Mary Kinaffe Patrick (born 7/5/1893)
8/5/1860 B Brennan, Maria O'Connell, Patritius Cunaff Patritius (926020)
8/28/1864 B Brennan, Maria O'Connel?, Patritius Kinaff (in Kilconduff CP) Catherina (same in 926020)
9?/?/1868 B Branan?, Michael O'Donnel, Catherina Car---da? (could it be Carrowcanada in Kilconduff CP?) Thomas
1/?/1876 B Branan??, Margarita (could possibly be Brown- hard to read) O'Donnel, Joannus Currane (likely Curryaun in Kilconduff) Patritius
8/5/1860 B Brennan, Maria O'Donnell, Patritius Cannoff (possibly Kinaff in Kilconduff CP?) Patritius
12/20/1832; #926020 M Brennan, John O'Doud, Elenor    
11/21/1846 (in both films) B Brennan, Martinus O'Down, Elionor Kilmore Antonius
1/12/1835; #926020 M Brennan, Patt O'Doud, Mary Clunlara (likely Cloonlara in Kilconduff CP)  
9/25/1846; (same in both films) B Brennan, Pat O'Dowd, Mary Culmore (likely Cuilmore in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Peggy
3/2/1893 M Brennan, Brigida O'Hora, Michael   926020
4/19/1863 M Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida    
2/19/1863 (clear) M Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida   926020
1/3?/1864 (looks like 1/4/1864 in 926020) B Brennan, Jacobus Oliver?, Brigida Kinaff (in Kilconduff CP) Martinus
6/24/1865 B Brenan, Jacobus Ol---?, Brigida (looks like Oliver in 926020) Kinaff (Kilconduff CP) Maria
2/19?/1867 B Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff Michael (926020)
7/26/1868 B Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff Brigida (926020)
5/21/1873 B Branan?, Joannus? Oliver, Brigida Kinaff Joannus
6/21/1873 B Brenan, Joannes Oliver, Brigida Kinaff Joannes (926020)
3/12/1876 B Brennan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff Jacobus (same info in 926020)
8/9/1878 B Brennan, James Olliver?, Bridget (Oliver is clear in 926020) Kinaff Catherine
11/20/1870 B Brenan?, Anna Oliver, Jacobus Kinaff Maria
12/21/1893 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacur? Mary (born 12/20/1893)
9/20/1928 M Oliver, Mary ? Swinford same info in 926020
12/29/1895; looks like 12/30/1895 on 926020 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacur Bridget (born 12/29/1895)
7/14/1899 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacur Honoria (born 7/10/1899)
8/19/1899 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacur Honoria; born 8/16/1899; 926020
9/30/1902 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacurra Michael (born 9/28/1902)
9/10/1905 B Brennan, Bridget Oliver, Michael Tullinacur Pat (born 9/8/1905)
2/23/1908 B Brennan, Brigid Oliver, Michael Tullinacur John (born 2/21/1908)
3/3/1866 M Brenan, Daniel O'Malley, Joanna?    
3/3/1866 M Brenan, Daniel O'Mealley, Joanna   (926020)
12/?/1866 B Brenan, Daniel O'Meally?, Joanna Tullan---? Brigida
12/16/1866 B Branan?, Daniel O'Meally, Joanna Tullanacur? Brigida (926020)
11?/?/1869 (looks like possibly 11/24 in 926020) B Brenan, Daniel O'Malley?, ? (looks like O'Meally, Joanna in 926020) ? Margarita
8/27/1872 B Brenan, Daniel O'Mally, Joanna? (looks like O'Meally in 926020) Tullanac---? Patritius
6/22/1880 B Brennan, Daniel O'Malley, Joanna Tullinacur? Johannus (same info in 926020)
8/21/1809; #926020 M Brennan, Mary O'Neil, Barth'w    
7/?/1870 (July 4 in 926020) B Branan?, Thomas O'Neil, Catherine Cloongull--n? could be Cloongullaun in Kilconduff CP ior Cloonagalloon in Meelick CP? Eleonor
10/26/1872 B Branan, Thomas O'Neil, Catherina Cloongull--n? (could this be Cloongullaun in Kilconduff or Cloonagalloon in Meelick CP?) (looks like Cloongull--n in 926020) Martinus
3/19/1919 M Branan, Martinus ? Swinford  
7/3?/1875 B Branan, Thomas (looks like Browne in 926020) O'Neil or O' ??, Catherine Cloongalloon? Brigida
6/14/1881 (looks like 6/19 in 926020) B Brennan, Thomas (clearly reads Brennan but has Brown written above) (Brennan in 926020) O'Neil, Catherine Cloonrillany? James
2/17/1884 M Brenan, Daniel Phillips, Catherina   926020
9/18/1886 B Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe Bridget (born 9/14/1886) same info on 926020
8/21/1888 B Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe Ellen (born 8/19/1888) Can't read birth date on 926020, rest is the same
2/22/1890 B Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe Patrick (born 2/19/1890) same info on 926020 except can't see the birth date
9/8/1891 B Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe Michael (born 9/5/1891) same info in 926020 but cant read birth date
1/18/1896 B Brennan, Dan Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe Catherine (born 1/13/1896) looks like 1/15 on 926020
4/30/1928 M Brennan, Catherine ? Swinford  
2/1_?/1857 M Brenan, Brigida Phillips, Patritius    
2/12/1857 M Brenan, Brigida Phillips, Patritius   926020
10/1/1864 B Brenan, Brigida Phillips, Patritius Cultibo (likely Cuiltybo in Kilconduff CP) Michael (same in 926020)
1/27/1820; #926020 M Brennan, Thady Price, Elenor    
10/1/1861 B Brenan?, Martinus Quinn??, Anne Faheen (likely Faheens in Kilconduff CP) Michael
10/1/1861 B Brenan?, Mathew Quinn, Anna Faheens Michaelus (926020)
11/?/1872 B Baranan?, Mathius Quin, Anna Faheens Honoria
9/7/1875 B Brenan?, Martinus? Quinn, Anna? Faheens Thomas
3/16/1842?; #926020 B Brenann, Mary Quin, Jn Faheens Thos
?/16/1845? B Brennan, Mary Quin, Jno Fahins (likely Faheens in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Thos
11/7/1846 (in both films) B Brennan, Mary Quin, John Faheens (in Kilconduff Civil Parish) Mary
10/1/1850; same on #926020 B Brenan, Maria? Quinn, Johannus Faheens? Antonius
10/15/1852; (same in #926020) B Brennan, Maria Quinn, Joannus Faheens? Jacobus
1/22/1831; #926020 M Brennan, Mary Quinn, Michl    
5/10/1834; #926020 M Brennan, Nappy Reily, Owen Fahins  
11/22/1831; #926020 M Brennan, Patt Riely or Rucby?, Margret    
8?/?/1858 B Brennan, Eleonor Rowane?, Johannas Ballymiles (Townland in Meelick CP) Jacobus
9/4/1858 (this record is quite clear) B Brennan, Eleanor Rowane, Joannes Ballymiles Jacobus; 926020
10/?/1869 B Brenan?, Maria Ruane?, Thomas Cullaun? Anna
4/20/1837; #926020 M Brennan, Cath'e Ruhn?, Patt Ardlee (Kilconduff CP)  
12/1/1842?; #926020 B Brennan, Cath'e Rune, Patt Ardlee Thos
2/16/1867 B Brenan, Joanna Ryan, Honoria Cloonlara (kilconduff CP) Brigida (same info in 926020)
5/20/1854 M Brenan, Patritius Ryan, Margarita   (same info in 926020)
?/8/1855 (9/8/1855 in 926020) B Brenan, Patritius Ryan, Margarita Swinford (Swineford is in Kilconduff CP) Jacobus
7/24/1860 B Branan, Patricius Ryan, Margarita Cloonlara (Townland in Kilconduff CP) Brigida (same info in #926020)