Brennans in Roundfort Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

I have completed microfilm number 1279209, items 11 and 12 that cover the Diocese of Tuam, Roundfort Parish. Roundfort Catholic Parish includes both Robeen Civil Parish and Kilcommon Civil Parish; the records cover the years 1857-1924. At the top of Item 12 it is titled: Diocese of Tuam, Roundfort Parish, Carras and Roundfort, Robeen. I have been unable to find "Carras" on a map, but I was able to locate a great article that mentions it.

An online article entitled "Pre National School Education in the Parishes of Kilcommon and Robeen" by Gerard M Delaney (from South Mayo Family Research Centre Journal 1988) that mentions Carras: (Delaney Article)

"A generation later the Roose and Oultanes schools were conducted in the chapel at Carras under by (sic) a Mr Mellett from Lissatava." The Townlands of Roos and Oultauns are in the southern most part of Kilcommon Civil Parish. (Delaney, 1988)

Oultauns is at the southernmost tip of Kilcommon Civil Parish and Cloonanaff and Lecarrow separate Roos from Oultauns. Carras is most likely somewhere between the two.

In the top section of this document I will include additional unusual data on some of the families listed below that I thought might be of interest.

The Brennan Families I have identified in this Civil Parish are presented under the spouse's surname. If I have been unable to identify the name of the spouse that married a Brennan for one reason or another I will place those records in the "unknown" section of this directory. I have identified 13 different Brennan Families in the Roundfort Church records. The surname Brannick is also found on this film, which on poor quality records can make them difficult to distinguish from Brennans. I have documented these records but they are not included in this compilation.

I have done my best to correctly transcribe these records, but after five or so hours behind a microfilm reader, the likelihood of mistakes in both interpretation and transcription most certainly increases. I have the microfilm and item numbers on which the records were found so you can confirm the information. In an attempt to minimize download times I have limited the information presented on each family. The records in this section will document Baptisms (B) and Marriages (M). I also have documented all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Brennans; although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible townlands that might provide a missing link. If you feel that your family is identified in these pages and would like further details, please feel free to contact me.

In May of 1870 there is a Father Brennan performing marriages in the Roundfort Catholic Parish records.

The following Brennans witnessed marriages or sponsored baptisms in which a Townland name was given or they were documented in some unusual way:

  1. Thomas Brennan sponsored the baptism of Margaret Mooney (daughter of William Mooney and Mary Kean) in the Townland of Garlons? on October 3, 1896 (there is a Garraun and a Garreens in the Civil Parish of Kilcommon (just Southeast of Robben Civil Parish).
  2. Julia Anne Brennan sponsored the baptism of Thomas William Jennings (son of John Jennings and Margaret McGrath) on August 28, 1898in the Townland of Lisatava. There is a Lissatava in the Civil parish of Kilcommon.
  3. Maggie Brennan sponsored the baptism of Thomas Tierny (son of Pat Tierny and Mary Laffy sometime after November 25, 1899. The word Carras is listed at the top of the page, I am unsure what this refers to.
  4. This is more specific to my family research: Michael Brennan and Brigid Macken baptized their daughter? Flo and John Corcoran and Ellen Cummins baptized their daughter Kate on the same date, July 27, 1918. These two records were listed next to each other.

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