Brennan Families Identified in Tibohine Civil Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland Townlands of the Griffith's Valuation, Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish Records and other Resources

The Roman Catholic Parish Records covering Loughglynn and Lisacul Roman Catholic Parish in County Roscommon (a parish that borders County Mayo) had 30 different Brennan families documented in the three sections of microfilm 989753. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them failed to give Townlands of residence. There were however, seven different Townlands identified in the Loughglynn/Lisacul film connected to Brennan Families: Lissananny, a 545 acre townland, Cloonard (355 acres), Cloonbunny (631 acres), Errit (1,203 acres), Figh (734 acres)- all of which are in Tibohine and one Brennan family from what appears to be Cloonroughan, a 388 acre townland in Kilkeevin Civil Parish that is just south of Tibohine Civil Parish. The Brennans in these townlands will be the focus of further research you can follow in the links at the bottom of the page.

The Griffith's Valuation for Tibohine Civil Parish was conducted in 1857. Brennans were identified as occupiers of parcels in seven different Townlands in Tibohine Civil Parish at that time. Patrick Brennan held parcel 11a in Cloonard with a House, Office and Land. His Landlord was Rt Honorable and Rev. Lord John De Freyne. His parcel covered just over 13 acres and had a total valuation of just over 8 pounds. Patrick Brennan held parcel 40-14 on Roscommon New Road in the Townland Corskeagh (in the Town of Frenchpark) a house that was valued at about 5 shillings. His landlord was Thomas Dillon. Jane Brennan held parcel 15b with a House and Garden in the Townland of Gortaganny. Her parcel was less than an acre and had a total valuation of about 10 Shillings. Her Landlord was Thomas Morris. James Brennan held parcel 16AB with a House, Offices and Land in the Townland of Tibohine (over 24 acres with a total value of 12 pounds and 15 shillings. His landlord was Rev Lord John De Frayne. Jane Brennan had parcel 15b in Gortaganny with a house and garden (less than 1 acre with total valuation 0-10-0). Her Landlord was Thomas Morris. William Brennan had parcel 17a (with 3 others)- a house, offices and land in the Townland of Mullen. He had over 42 acres with a total valuation of 4 pounds. His landlord was Reps Wm Murphy. Edward Brennan held parcel 3a with a House, Offices and Land in the Townland of Portaghard. The parcel was just over 4 acres and was valued at 3 pounds and 15 shillings. Michael Brennan held parcel 49a in the same Townland with a house and Land at just over 9 acres with a total valuation of 6 pounds. John De Frayne was the Landlord for both Edward and Michael. Finally James Brennan held parcel 5b and 6 (both of which he shared with Bridget Donaher) in Teevnacreeva. Parcel 5b was just over 15 acres of shared land with a total valuation of 2 pounds and 10 shillings. Parcel 6 was a House and Land with just over 15 shared acres valued at 2 pounds, 10 shillings. Arthur O Connor was the Landlord for both. Patrick Brennan also had a parcel in Teevnacreeva (21b) that he shared with Michael Peyton. It was over 19 acres with a total valuation of 5 pounds, 5 shillings. Patrick Brennan was also a landlord for Mary Dwyer (parcel 21c - a house) valued at 5 shillings.

The Cancelled Books for the Griffith's Valuation are held in the National Valuation Office in Dublin. They are organized by electoral division (DED). In September 2011 I had an opportunity to spend some time looking at the cancelled books for Buckill DED (which includes Teevancreva and Tibohine, two townlands that were home to Brennans as noted above). The cancelled books document changes in occupiers of parcels as they are transferre upon death, immigration etc. over time. Teevnacreva was documented as being composed of 272 acres and Tibohine of 305 acres in an 1865 notation. I looked at the earliest years of Buckill DED and recorded all Brennans that I noted in them. In Book 8 of Buckhill DED records for Teevnacreeva, James Brennan has parcels 6 and 7 that he shares with Bridget Donaher until she is replaced by Michael and Patrick Donaher in what appears to be around 1869. James has parcel 5b that he shares with Bridget Donaher (5a) until around what appears to be 1877 when she is replaced by James Morris and the b is crossed out. A notation in what appears to be 1886, James Brennan is replaced by James Spellman on parcel 5b and parcels 6 and 7 in Teevnacreeva. Patrick Brennan appears to be crossed out on parcel 21B around 1864 and the parcel is then held by Mchael Peyton. The exact years of the property transfer should be verified because my camera images reverted to black and white due to low light levels and I am relying on notations of years in the margins and not the various colored pencils used to denote the years the changes occurred. In the Townland of Tibohine, in earlier section of book 8, Michael Brennan is noted as having parcels 16A with House, Office and Land and 16B with land and his landlord is Col. F French and then a change occurs where Michael Brennan is noted as having parcel 16A - he shares this parcel with Catherine Brennan who has 16B. Two names: Edward Brennan and James Brennan are crossed out above Catherine's name. It is hard to ascertain who replaced who without knowing the ink colors that correspond with certain years but there are three years listed next to these crossed out names in the total value section: 1874, 1876 and 1883. I think it is likely that James was replaced with Edward who was replaced most likely by Catherine. Col F French was also replaced by Rev John De Frayne at this time as well. At any rate, it is probable that these Brennans were in the same family. I didn't get a chance to look at the cancelled books for other electoral divisions than Buckill and Ballaghaderreen DED but as you can see they could yield valuable clues. What became of the Brennans that were crossed out and replaced by others? Did they die or become immigrants to England or elsewhere?

This is a work in progress!

Please contact me if you have Brennans from the Loughglynn and Lisacul Catholic Parish or its surroundings. I would welcome any feedback you might have on my research.

Clusters of Brennan families were identified in the following Townlands in Loughglynn and Lisacull Roman Catholic Parish Records as well as the Griffith's Valuation and will be the subject of more extensive research:

Cloonard Cloonbunny Corskeagh (Town of Frenchpark) Errit
Figh Gortaganny Lissananny Mullen
Portaghard Tibohine Teevnacreeva Cloonroughan (this is part of Kilkeevin not Tibohine CP)