Brennan Families (and all variations of the Surname) Identified in the Liverpool, Lancashire, England Census Records, Possible Origins in Ireland and Links Between the Census Years

A significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Liverpool, Lancashire originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo and County Roscommon, Ireland. This may be the final destination for a few, a stop on the way to search for work for others and a starting point of a journey abroad for many more.

It is my objective in this section to analyze the various Brennan Families found in the Liverpool Civil Parish, Lancashire England Census records between 1841 and 1901 to look for possible origins and connections between the lines (my main focus being the Brennan families from Roscommon and Mayo). I am starting with the 1851 census, which includes 7 Sub Registration districts for Liverpool. This is a work in progress and will be added to as I work my way through the census.

In an initial extraction of the Brennans in Liverpool who were born in County Mayo or County Roscommon, I have noted the following: In the 1851 Liverpool Census there were Brennans born in County Mayo in the St Thomas and Dale Street Sub Registration Districts and Brannons born in Roscommon in the St Martin Sub Registration District. In the 1861 Liverpool Census I found the Brannans born in Mayo in the Howard Street Sub Registration District. In the 1881 Liverpool Census I found Brennans born Mayo in the Dale Street Sub Registration District and a Brennan family that may have originated in County Mayo in the Islington Sub Registration District. There were Brennans born in Roscommon in St George Sub Registration District. Based on this early assessment I will begin my research with St Thomas and then follow up with St. Martin, Howard Street, Dale Street and St George Street Sub- Registration Districts.

I am in the process of identifying all of the Brennan, Corcoran, Coffee, Gahagan (and all variations of these surnames) families in Liverpool Civil Parish, St. Thomas Sub Registration District in My Irish-England section. has 7 Sub Registration districts in this census year: Dale Street, Howard Street, Islington, Mt. Pleasant, St. George, St Martin and St Thomas. I will pull the Brennans identified in these districts and add them to this compilation.

Keep in mind that the connections I draw are what appear to me to be the same family and need to be further analyzed to make sure the conclusion is correct (hopefully with supporting evidence such as GRO marriage records and baptismal records). They are something to build upon and prove. I would welcome all feedback on this effort. Only through input from other Brennans will we find how we might all be related.

This compilation is presented by Sub Registration Districts in Liverpool.

This is a work in progress!

1851 St Thomas St. Martin Howard Street Dale Street St. George Street Islington Mt Pleasant