Brennan Families (and all Surname Variations) from the Townland of Kinaff, Kilconduff Civil Parish, County Mayo with Spouse's Surnames Mannion through Walsh in the Swinford Roman Catholic Parish and other Records

The Townland of Kinaff was composed of 594 acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Kilconduff Civil Parish in 1856. After analyzing all of microfilm 1279233 and part of 926020, I have already identified 75 different Brennan families in this Townland. The church records will be from 1279233 unless a variation is noted in 926020.

Joseph Kirkwood was the Landlord for the entire townland of Kinaff and also held one parcel himself "in fee" (bog). There were no Forges, Corn Mills or other signs of significant market activity in Kinaff, only land, houses and offices. (Griffith, Richard 1847-1864; 2003 Kinaff, Kilconduff). Swinford was the major market town in this area in the 19th century.

The Griffith's Valuation that was conducted in 1856 for Kinaff recorded seven Brennan occupiers of parcels in the Townland of Kinaff: James, John, Owen, Michael and Thomas. These Brennans and the parcels they held will be recorded below. Keep in mind that other Brennans may very well be living in Kinaff but not be holding parcels with a landlord. There were also Brennans in Faheens just to the east and Tullancorra to the north.

Kinaff was part of Killedan Electoral Division when the 1901 Ireland Census was conducted for the Townland of Kinaff. There were 9 Brennan families remaining in Kinaff when the 1901 Ireland Census was conducted and include: James and Bridget Brennan and Family in house 2, Thomas and Ellen Brennan and Family in House 14, Thomas and Anne Brennan and family in House 16, Catherine Brennan a Widow and her family in House 18, John and Mary Brennan and Family in House 24, James and Mary Brennan and family in House 8, James and Ann Brennan and Family in House 11, Anne Brennan a widow in House 12 and James Brennan, grand son living with Michael Connell and Family in House 32. Based on what I have found in the church records there were likely Brennans (females) who married who were still in Kinaff listed under their married names as well. I will include them as I begin to add the church records to this page.

Please contact me if you feel your Brennan ancestors (or any of the surname variations) may have been from Kinaff or the area around Swinford in Kilconduff Civil Parish, so that we can put the pieces of the puzzle together. It is clear after researching the Irish microfilm for several years that the vast majority of Irish families in the mid 19th century were large, often as many as 8-10 kids. Somewhere out there are descendents of our Irish ancestor's siblings researching their individual branch of the tree. Working together we will all get our trees back further!

Regarding Surname McGloughlin/McLoughlin: There are several other McGloughlin families in the Swinford film who hailed from Cuiltybo (another Townland in Kilconduff Civil Parish) including Maria Brenan and Michael McGloughlin (McLoughlin) and Mary Brenan and Pat McGloughlin (McLoughlin)(Cuiltybo, Brackloon and Hobokan, NJ, USA) as well as a Dominicus Brenan and McGloughlin with undocumented origins.

Regarding Surname McHale: There was a John Brennan/Mary McHale in Lisduff as well that may or may not be related to the McHale/Brennan families below.

Regarding Surname McNicholas: There was a Dyonicius Brenan/Brigida McNicholas Family from Swinford, a Jacobus Branan/Margarita McNicholas family from Cloongullaun and a Bridt Brennan/Pat McNicholas Brennan from unknown origins.

Regarding Surname Mulloy: There was an Anthony Brennan/Cath Mulloy from Currane (likely Curryaun), Carracanada (likely Carrowcanada) and Curnabina and a Maria Brenan/Michael Mulloy from unknown origins that may or may not be related to the Mulloy/Brennan families below.

Regarding Surname Oliver: There was a Bridget Brennan/Michael Oliver family from Tullinacur (possibly Tullanacorra) that may be related to the Brennan/Oliver families below.

Regarding Surname Phillips: There was a Patricius Phillips/Brigida Brennan Family from Cultibo in these parish records as well that may be related.

This is a work in progress! I have many records to add to this page, and will be adding additional records over time as I uncover others to add to this compilation. This compilation will be split into three sections due to the large number of Brennans in this Townland (they will be organized alphabetically by spouse's surname). This is the 3rd of 3 sections. The other sections cover spouse's surnames A through Curry and Dougherty through Loftus.

Brennan Surname or Friend whose Record they Sponsored in Kinaff Spouse Townland; Record Resource Event Date Child and Misc Info
Durcan, Patritius MacNicholas, Catharina Kinaffe B 5/17/1859 Maria (926020) Brigida Brennan sponsor
Brennan, Mathias Mannion, Catherinam   M 3/?/1861 (2 records beford is 9th)  
Brennan, Mathaus? Manion, Catherina   M 3/9/1861 926020
Brennan, Mathaeus Mannion, Catharina Kinnaff B 2/?/1862; looks like 2/22/1862 in 926020 Catharina
Brennan, Mary McDonagh, Thady Kinaff B 9/28/1881 Birth and 10/1/1881 Baptism John (same info in 926020)
Brennan, Mary McDonough, Thady Kinaff B 11/8/1884 Birth and 11/9/1884 Baptism Catherine (same info in 926020)
Brennan, Mary McDonagh, Thady Kinaff B 1/25/1887 Birth and 1/29/1887 Baptism Patrick
Brenan, Patritius McGloughlin, Maria   M 1959 (after January 31, before February 1) January 31 in 926020)  
Brennan, Patritius McGloughlin, Maria Kinaffe B 10/?/1861; looks like 10/12/1861 in 926020 Johanes
Brenan, Patritius McGloughlin, Maria (McGlochlin in 926020) Kinaff B 2/5/1867 Michael; Patritius Brenan and Maria Brenan Sponsors
Brenan, Patritius McGloughlin, Maria (McGlouchlin in 926020) Kinaff B 9/?/1868 (Sept 12 in 926020) Michael
Branan, Patritius McGlochlin, Maria Kinaff B 11/?/1872; (10th is 3 records before) Honoria (same info in 926020)
McGloughlin, Pat McGloughlin, Ellen Kinaff B 3/21/1904 Birth and 3/26/1904 Baptism Mary; John Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, James, Head 41, National School Teacher born in Mayo, married 3 yrs (unsure where this family fits in in this compilation- included it here because of Mary McLoughlin a domestic svt living with them) Brennan, Mary Ellen, 31 wife, National School Teacher married 3 yrs Kinaff, County Mayo, Ireland, Ardlee DED, House 17 1911 Ireland Census   Brennan, Kate, Niece, Scholar born in England
          McLoughlin, Mary 13, Domestic Servant born in Mayo
Mulligan, Joannus? McHale, ? Kinaffe B ?/?/1861 Michael; Maria Brennan sponsor
Branan, Michael McHale, Brigida   M 3/19?/1876 Maria Branan witness
Brennan, Michael McHale, Brigida Kinaff B 9/21/1879 Michael; Maria Brennan Sp
Brenan, Jacobus McHale, Maria   M 2/13/1867 Michael Brenan and Brigida Brenan witnesses; same info in 926020
Brenan, Jacobus McHale, Maria Kinaff B 12/?/1867; (looks like Dec 8 in 926020) Brigida; Thomas Brenan sponsor
Branan, Jacobus McHale?, Maria Kinaff B 5/?/1869; 5/16/ rec before Maria (same info in 926020)
Brenan, Jacobus McHale, Margarita Kinaf B 7/?/1870; (19th is 2 records before) (same info in 926020)
Brenan, Jacobus McHale, Maria Kinaff B 6/30/1872 Michael; Jacobus Haughagan Sponsor; (same info in 926020)
Branan, Jacobus (looks like Brennan in 926020) McHale, Margarita Kinaff B 9/30/1876 Catherina; Joannus Brenan and Brigida McHale Sponsors
Branan, Jacobus McHale, Maria Kinaff B 10/14/1878 Maria (same info in 926020)
Brennan, Jacobus McHale, Maria Kinaffe B 12/18/1880 Margarita (926020)
Brennan, James McHale, Mary Kinaffe B 2/22/1884 Birth and 2/23/1884 Baptism Patrick
Brennan, Patrick (son) ? New Ferry?, England (looks like New Fern in 926020 film) M 9/20/1910? (looks like September 20, 1916 in 926020)  
Brennan, James McHale, Mary Kinaffe   7/11/1888 Birth and 7/14/1888 Baptism Thomas; Thomas Brennan and Bridget Brennan Sponsors (same info as 926020 but cant read birth date)
McHale, Michael Gormley, Mary Kinaffe B 8/17/1884 baptism and 8/16/1884 birth Jas and Mary Brennan sponsors
McHale, Patricius Loftus, Maria Kinaffe B 7/27/1880 Baptism Jacobus Brennan sp
McNicholas, Jno McLoughlin, Mary Kinaff B 11/29/1843 Jas; Brennan sponsor
Brennan, Tom McNicholas, B Kinaff B 8/6/1849 Dominic; D Brennan and Kitty Brennan Sponsors; same in 926020 except Dominick
Brennan, Thomas McNicholas, Brigida Kinaff B ?/21/1851; 10/21 in 926020 Maria
Brenan, Joannis; Joannes in 926020 McNicholas, Brigida Kinaff B 2/27/1854 Joannis; Thomas Brenan sponsor; Joannes in 926020
Brennan, Thomas McNicholas, Brigida Kinaffe B 8/?/1858 Brigida; Patricius Brennan and Maria Brennan Sponsors
Brennan, Thomas McNicholas, Brigida Kinaffe B 9?/5?/1858 Brigida; Patritius and Maria Brennan sponsors 926020;
Brenan, Thomas McNicholas, Brigida Kinaffe B 11?/16/1859; looks like 11/15/1959 in 926020 Thomas
Durcan, Patricius McNicholas, Catharina Kinaffe B   5/17/1859 Maria with Brigida Brennan sponsor; 9/?/1864 Michaelis with Jacobus Brennan and Maria Brennan Sponsors (same in 926020)
Brenan?, Michael McNicholas, Catharina Kinaff B 9/26?/1855 Catherina; 926020
Brenan?, Thomas Molloy, Maria Kinaff B 11/?/1871 Maria; Maria Brenan sponsor
McHale, Joannus Moran, Eleonora Kinaff B 1/23/1874 Patritius; Michael and Maria Brenan were sponsors- 926020
Brenan, Maria Morris, Antonius   M 1/24?/1866; (1/24 in 926020 as well) Catherina Brenan Sponsor
Branan, Maria (looks like Brenan in 926020) Morris, Antonius Kinaff B 7/?/1871; 16th is record before (looks like 16th in 926020) Jacobus; Michael Branan Sponsor
Branan, Maria Morrifsy?, Antonius Kinaff B 1?/?/1873 (looks like February 2 in 926020) Antonius
Brannan, Maria Morrisay, Antonius (Morrissy in 926020) Kinaff B 7/?/1879 (22nd is record after) (7/22 in 926020) Catharine (Catherina in 926020)
Mullin, James McHale, Ellen Kinaff B 1/27?/1861 Maria; Maria Brennan was a sponsor
Cunningham, Martinus Mullin, Eleonora Kinaff B 6/22/1869 Martinus; Joannes Brenan was a sponsor (926020)
Brennan, Jas Mulloy, Elenor   B 12/16/1822 Math'w; 926020
Brennan, Jas Mulloy, Honor Kinaff B 8/5/1825 Patt; 926020
Brenan, Maria Murphy, Antonius Kinaff B 12/2/1866 (unsure if 11/2 or 12/2 in 926020) Brigida; Jacobus Brenan and Catharina Brenan Sponsors
Branan, Maria Murphy, Antonius Kinaff B 2/25?/1868 (February 22 in 926020) Patricius; Jacobus Branan and Brigida Branan Sponsors
Brenan, Maria Murphy, Antonius Kinaff B 11?/?/1869 (looks like Nov 23 in 926020) Michael
Campbell, Daniel Murtagh, Bridget Kinaffe B 9/21/1886 birth/9/23 Baptism Michael; James Brennan Sponsor
Murtagh, Martin Murtagh, Catherine Kinaff B 11/24/1908 Brigid; Brigid Brennan sponsor
Brennan, Catherina Murtagh, Jacobus Kinaffe M 3/16/1905 926020; Joannes Walsh and Maria Brennan were witnesses
Loftus, Michael Murtagh, Mary Kinaffe B 8/10/1889 Birth; 8/11/1889 Baptism John; James Dan Brennan sponsor
Brennan, Anna Murtagh, Patritius Kinaffe M 4/21/1906 926020; witnesses Thomas Brennan and Maria Brennan
Byrne, Pat Nealon, Mary Kinaffe B 6/28/1895 birth; 6/29 baptism Patrick; Mary Brennan Sponsor; film 926020
Mullon, Austin Nolan, Mary Kinaff M 5/22/1834 Michl Brennan Witness
Brennan, Jacobus O'Brien?, Brigida Kinaff B 4/4/1871 Antonius; Antonius and Maria Brenan are sponsors; (926020)
Brennan, Maria O'Connel, Patritius Kinaff B 8/28/1864 Catherina; Winifrida Brennan Sponsor (same in 926020)
Brennan, John O'Connell, Mary Kinaffe B 7/5/1893 Birth and 7/6/1893 Baptism Patrick
Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida   M 4/19/1863  
Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida   M 2/19/1863 (this rec is clear!) 926020
Brennan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff B 1/3?/1864 (looks like 1/4/1864 in 926020) Martinus;
Brenan, Jacobus Ol--?, Brigida (looks like Oliver in 926020) Kinaff B 6/24/1865 Maria
?, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff B 2/?/1867 Michael; Antonius Brenan Sponsor
Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff B 2/19?/1867 Michael; Antonius Brenan sponsor (926020)
Brenan, Jacobus Oliver, Brigida Kinaff B 7/26/1868 Brigida (926020)
Branan, Joannus (Brenan in 926020) Oliver, Brigida Kinaff B 5/21/1873; June 21 in 926020 Joannus; Martinus Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Jacobus Oliver?, Brigida Kinaff B 3/12/1876 Jacobus
Brennan, James Oliver?, Brigida (surname is clear in 926020) Kinaff B 8/9/1878 Catherine
Durkan?, Jacobus Oliver, Bridget Kinaff B 4/7/1871 Antonius; Antonius Brenan and Maria Brenan sponsors
Brenan?, Anna Oliver, Jacobus Kinaff B 11/20/1870 Maria
Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe B 9/14/1886 Birth; 9/18 Baptism Bridget (same info in 926020)
Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe B 8/19/1888 Birth; 18/21 Baptism Ellen; Michael Brennan/ Bridget Brennan Sponsors. Same info in 926020
Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe B 2/19/1890 Birth; 2/22 Baptism; can't see birth date on 926020 otherwise the same info Patrick
Brennan, Daniel Phillips, Catherine Kinaffe B 9/5/1891 Birth; 9/8 Baptism; same info in 926020 but cant read birth date Michael
Brennan, Dan Phillips, Catherine Kinaff B 1/13/1896 Birth; 1/18 Baptism; looks like 1/15 on 926020 Catherine; John Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Catherine (Dtr) ? Swinford M 4/30/1928 same on 926020
Rouane, Pat Rouane, Kitty Cunaff? B 9?/5/1848 Jno?; Jas Brennan sponsor
Ruane, Pat Ruane, Nelly Kinaff B 10/5/1848 Jno; Jas Brennan Sponsor; 926020
Morris, James Roughnane, Mary Kinaff B 8/31/1911 Birth; 9/2 Baptism James; Edward Brennan Sponsor
Quigley, John Royan, Mary Kinaffe B 8/8/1898 Birth; 8/10 Baptism Mary Jane; Thomas Brennan Sponsor
Quigley, John Ryan?, Mary Kinaffe B 12/1/1902 Birth; 12/2 Baptism Bridget; John Brennan/ Anne Brennan Sponsors
Brenan, Brigida Salsman, Joannes   M 2/2-?/1857 Brigida Brenan Witness;
Brennan, Brigida Salmon, Joannes Kinaff B 12/?/1857; 12/15/1857 in 926020 Maria; Maria Brennan Sponsor
Brenan, Brigida Salmon, Joannus Kinaff B 7/3?/1859 Brigida; 926020
Brennane?, Brigida (Brennane is clear in #926020) Salmon, Johannes Kinaff   1/22/1861 Catharina; Catherina Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Brigida Salmon?, Joannes Kinaff B ?/10/1863 (possibly October) (looks like November in 926020) Martinus? (Martinus in 926020)
Brenan, Brigida Salmon, Joannes Kinaff B 6/?/1867 (looks like May in 926020) Joannes; Eleonora Brenan Sponsor
Branan, Maria (unsure if Branan or Brenan in 926020) Salmon, Joannes (looks like Salsman in 926020) Kinaff B 2/3/1872 Eleonora; Jacobus Branan Sponsor
Curry, Rilly? Salmon, M Kinaff B 7/28/1848 (same in 926020) James; Tom Brennan/ Kitty Brennan Sponsors
Curry, William Salmon, M Kinaff B 11/18/1846; 12/1-?/1846 in 926020 Michl; Biddy Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Maria Salmon, Matheus Kinaffe M 3/3/1892 926020
Brennan, Mary Salmon, Michael? Kinaffe B 2/8/1893 Birth; 2/10 Baptism; looks like 2/11 baptism and 1/28 birth in 926020 Bernard; James Brennan/ Bridget Brennan Sponsors
Brennan, Mary (Mary McNicholas is crossed out in 926020) Salmon, Mathew Kinaffe B 2/16/1894 Birth; 2/17 Baptism (looks like 2/10 or 2/16 birth in 926020 Mary; Pat Brennan sponsor
Brennan, Mary Salmon, Mathew Kinaff B 1/22/1895 James; born on January 21 according to film 926020
Brennan, Mary Salmon, Mathew Kinaffe B 9/24/1897 Birth; 9/25 Baptism; looks like 9/21 birth on 926020 Michael
Brennan, Mary Salmon, Mathew Kinaffe B 6/26/1900 Birth; 6/27 Baptism Patrick; Mary Brennan Sponsor; same info on 926020
?, Patritius Salsman, Brigida Kinaff B 2/22/1879 Margarita; Sibina Brenan Sponsor
Brennan, Mary   Kinaffe B 10/6/1901 Birth; 10/8 Baptism Catherine
Sheridan, Dominicus Sheridan, Maria Kinaff B 12/9/1879 Thomas; Brigida Brenan Sponsor
Connell, James Walsh, Mary Kinaffe B   9/6/1891 Birth/9/10 Baptism for Mary Ellen; Richard Brennan/ Mary Brennan Sponsors; looks like October birth and baptism for Mary Ellen in 926020; 10/2/1900 Birth/10/4 Baptism for Thomas with Michael Brennan/ Mary Brennan Sponsors
Brennan, Maria Walshe, Timothaus?   M 3/8/1890 926020
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Kinaff B 9/19/1891 Birth; 9/21 Baptism (looks like Sept 22 baptism in 926020) Thomas; Catherine Brennan Sponsor
Walsh, Thomas (son) ? Clanmorris? M 5/2-?/1925? (looks like May 8, 1925 in 926020)  
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Fort Village? B 10/7/1893 Birth; 10/10 Baptism Bartholomew; James Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Mary Walshe, Timothy Kinaffe B 8/12/1895 Birth; 8/13/1895 Baptism Michael; Thomas Brennan sponsor; 926020
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Kinaffe B 9/26/1896 Birth; 9/29/1896 Baptism; same info but can't read birth date on 926020 Timothy; John Brennan Sponsor
Brennan, Mary Walshe, Tim Kinaffe B 2/6/1898 Birth; 2/8 Baptism Catherine; Catherine Brennan Sponsor; same info on 926020
Walsh, Catherine (dtr)   Swinford M 6/15/1922? same info on 926020
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Kinaff B 7/11/1899 Birth; 7/12 Baptism; Looks like August in 926020 Martin
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Kinaffe B 7/31/1901 Birth; 8/3 Baptism Mary Anne
Walsh, Mary Anne (dtr) ? Swinford M 4/3/1930  
Brennan, Maria Walsh, Timothy Kinaffe B 9/2/1903 Birth; 9/6 Baptism Anlinan?; Jacobus Brennan Sponsor
Walsh, Anlinan? (child) ? Our Lady of Willesdan, Nicoll? Rd London M 10/14/1953  
Brennan, Mary Walsh, Timothy Kinaffe B 2/11/1905 Birth; 2/12 Baptism Patrick
Devany, Thomas Welsh, Cath Kinaff B 2/14/1835 ?; Cath Brennan Sponsor; 926020