Brennan Families in Kilmovee Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surname A-C

There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details.

I have highlighted the given name of individuals who have a marriage note attached to their baptismal record. The marriage record, out of sequence alphabetically, follows on the next line.

Regarding Mary Brennan, wife of F. Coosh: I am uncertain of her maiden name, but I have included it here because her husbands name Coosh.

Special Kudos to Bernie Courtney, a native of Derry Tavrane, for enlightening me about Shanvahara! According to Bernie: "there is an area of Tavrane which is known by locals by this name, it is along the road between Tavrane School, past Lough na Gower and along the road towards Aughadiffin." "There are three locally named areas along this stretch of road, Shanvaharra, Fithawn and Derry Tavrane, none of these appear on maps but they aer used by the locals and recognized by the postal services."

Re: surname Carney: There is a Pat Brennan/ Mary Carney family in the Kiltimagh RCP film that lists Derranaleck (a Townland in Kilmovee RCP) as their residence.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
6/12/1906 M Brennan, Pat Beirne, Catherine Barnacahogue and Culmore listed after witnesses names  
1/21/1915 M Brennan, Julia Cafferky, John Charlestown  
12/30/1863 M Brennan, Michael Cassidy?, Maria Kilmovee Parish?  
2/20/1865? B Brennan, Michael Caisy?, Maria Deritaviluc? possibly Derrynaleck Patritius
9/27/1874 B Brennan, Mich Casey, Mary Shanvaharn? Bt
7/28?/1877 B Brennan, Ml Casey, Mary Shanvahara? Catherine
1886 B Brennan, ? ? Kilmovee Mary
4/29/1914 M Brennan, Mary Coosh, F Our Lady of Sorrows, Philadelphia