Brennan Families (and all Surname Variations) Identified in the 1841 Huddersfield Civil Parish, Huddersfield Subregistration District, Yorkshire England and Research into their Irish Origins

The 1841 Huddersfield Civil Parish, Huddersfield Sub Registration district covers 28 districts as well as the Abbrigg Infirmary and District Workhouse. A specific place of birth is not given, just a notation as to whether they were from this county (Yorkshire) (yes or no) and if not were they from Scotland, Ireland or foreign parts (most are using S, I, F to refer to this). It is clear that a significant number of the Irish Immigrants in Huddersfield England originated from the Connaught areas of County Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo and Galway by documentation I have noted in later census years. I believe my immigrant Irish Great Grandparents Martin Brannon and Cathrine Corcran were among them in the 1851 Huddersfield Census on Windsor Court of District 4. I can't be 100% certain until I delve deeper to find out what became of Mary Corcoran, Martin's mother-in-law, Mary their daughter born in 1851, Patrick Mary's husband and a passenger record which I have been yet unable to find. The same thorough research should be used to sort through the information I present in this section. I will present subsequent records that I believe may be a match for a family in a previous census year. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Overview of my findings for the 1841 Huddersfield Civil Parish, Huddersfield Sub registration Districts: I have completed putting findings for all 28 Districts, the District Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary, and the District Workhouse on line. I have yet to do any detailed comparison with Brennans in other census years. District one of this census has about 12 different Irish families and the majority appear to have occupations in the woolen textile industry as printers, binders, block cutters and dyers. They were residents on Shorehead, Seedhill and Ashley Streets. District 2 had a huge concentration of Irish on Windsor Court, Dock Street, Watergate and scattered numbers on Jewitts Building, Jewitts Building- Milne Row and Quay Street. A vast number of occupations are represented from trades to laborers and hawkers. District 3 had an extremely large contingent of Irish Families on Post Office Yard, Denton Lane, Kirkgate, Castlegate, Boulder Yard, Lowerhead Row and scattered numbers on Beast Market, and Rosemary Lane. There were many agricultural laborers noted in this district. District 4 only had a few Irish born on Market Walk and Swine Market. District 5 only had a few Irish born on Lowerhead Row, Lees Road and Albion Street. District 6 had only a few Irish born on Thomas Street and Brick Bank. District 7 has only a few Irish immigrants on Westside Northgate and in the Stockton? Buildings. District 8 has a few Irish with all but one family on Buxton Road. The other is on Albion Street. District 9 has many Irish-born immigrants living on Towet Square, Water lane, Manchester Street and a few on High Street, Glass Alley and on Out Coat Bk. District 10 has the largest concentration of Irish-born on Upperhead Row followed by Manchester Street. Scattered numbers were found on Croft Head, Lockwoods Yard and Granby Street. District 11 had a massive concentration of Irish-born with the heaviest numbers on Barker's Yard, Upperhead Row, Duke Street and Swallow Street. There was one Irish family on Prospect Row. The only Irish-born in District 12 appear on Spring Street, Fountain Street and Upperhead Row and 4 of the 6 are spouses married to people born in Yorkshire. There were no Irish-born documented in District 13. The only Irish-born in District 14 were present on Newtown. The Irish in District 15 were located on Dog Inn Yard, Chadwick Yard and Kirkgate. District 16 had 4 Irish families on Rawcliff, Millgate and Fenton Row. District 17 only had one Irish-born who married a Denton from Yorkshire on Pad'k Brow. District 18 had only one Irish-born and they were on Clough Street. There were no Irish-born in District 19. The only Irish-born in District 20 was on Marsh Street. The only residents born in Ireland in District 21 were on Bay Hall Commons, Blacker Lane and Glough House. There were no documented Irish-born individuals living in District 22. District 23 had Irish-born on Clough, Cowcliffe, Folley and Longwood House and District 24 had only two Irish families on Fartown Green and Ash Brow. The only Irish-born individual in District 25 was on Sheepridge and their were none in District 26, 27 or 28. There were 5 musicians in District 28 that appear to be listed as F (Foreign) and not I (Ireland). The Census for the District Workhouse and District Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary did not have any Irish-born individuals listed.

Omissions: There were two Brunton families (John, Betty and Family and Jane Brunton and Family in District 12 (all were born in Ireland) that I have not included in this compilation. The spelling of their surname is clear and does not appear to be a variant of Brenan. I have not included a William Bramall 20 servant born in Yorkshire that was in District 15.

I welcome any and all feedback, corrections- they benefit us all. This is definitely a work in progress! I intend to include all possible variations, even possible phonetic variations of the surname such as Bannon (in the event the census taker made a typo) and Surnames like Bramham, Bramman and Branigan because of their similarity so as to leave nothing to chance.


District Address Name Age Born in this County- Yorkshire(if not Ireland (I), Scotland (S) or foreign Parts (F) Occupation
11 Crossgrove St Brahand, Thomas 30 Yes Dyer
4 Swine Market Braman, Sam'l 35 Yes Blacksmith
12 Spring Street Bramham, Timothy 50 Yes Tailor
2 Castlegate Bramham, William 40 Yes Waterman
2 Castlegate Bramham, Mary 25 No  
2 Castlegate Bramham, Ann 4 Yes  
14 New North Road Bramman, Robert 25 Yes Groom
14 New North Road Bramman, Elizabeth 30 Yes  
14 New North Road Bramman, Charles 5 Yes  
2 Castlegate Branigan, Dennis 30 Ireland Plasterer
2 Castlegate Branigan, Ann 20 Ireland  
2 Castlegate Branigan, Hugh 7 Ireland  
2 Castlegate Branigan, Jane 6 mos yes  
11 Barker's Yard Branna, Catherine 25 Ireland Dealer
2 Watergate Brannan, Hannah 20 Ireland  
11 Upperhead Row Brannan, Sarah 30 Ireland Hawker
11 Upperhead Row Brannan, Mary Ann 1 Yes  
3 Boulder Yard Brannen, Winfred 20 Ireland Labourer (sic)
3 Kirkgate Brennan, Eleonor (indexed incorrectly as Burman) 36 Ireland Lodging Housekeeper
3 Kirkgate Brennan, William 2 Yes  
3 Kirkgate Brennan, Maria 3 mos Yes  
3 Kirkgate Brennan, James 25 no, Ireland Ag Lab
3 Kirkgate Brennan, Lally 20 no, Ireland  
6 North's Yard Brennan, James 62 Yes Indep?
6 North's Yard Brennan, Margaret 65 Yes Ind?
8 Albion Street Bruman, Mary Ann 14 Yes ?

compiled from 1841 England Census (database on line) Provo, UT, USA operations, Inc. 2010