The Brennan Families of Drumkeen, Kilcolman Civil Parish, Claremorris Roman Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland in Church, Census and other Records

The Townland of Drumkeen was composed of 505 acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Kilcolman Civil Parish in 1856. Drumkeen is one of 85 Townlands that are part of Kilcolman Civil Parish and Claremorris Roman Catholic Parish. There were only five occupiers of parcels documented in the Griffith's Valuation and two of them were Brennans (Martin and John). All five had John Treston for their Landlord. These two entries as well as other records that I can't prove are connected with the families in the church records will be added at the top of the table.

I have identified Brennan Families in 13 different Townlands in Claremorris Catholic Parish: Ballykinave, Clare, Caraun, Carrownnaskeva, Carrowkilleen, Cloonmore, Cloonconnor, Cuiltybo, Drumkeen, Drumneen, Lismurrew, Mace and Tawnaghlahard. Four Brennan families were documented as residing in the Townland of Drumkeen: Martin Brennan and Bridget Grady, Thomas Brennan and Bridget Griffin, John Brennan and Delia McDermott and Catherine Brennan and Patrick McDermott. The Joseph Brennan and Ellin Prendergast family were not included in this composition as they appear to be residents of Drumneen and not Drumkeen.

Please contact me if you believe your Brennan ancestor may have come from the Drumkeen, Mayo area (or a Townland in the vicinity of Claremorris) so that we can compare findings, expand and improve the detail of this compilation and help other Brennan researchers find their roots!

I was inspired to create this page after correspondence and information provided by Judi an avid genealogist with McDermott roots in the Claremorris area of Mayo.

Regarding the Patrick McDermott/Catherine Brennan family documented below: According to Judi, a descendent of the brother of Patrick (Terence McDermott who married Margaret Dempsey and emigrated to the U.S. around 1864), Patrick McDermott was the son of Edward (Edmond) McDermott and Mary Prendergast. As my focus had been the Brennan line, I have not identified the records of his parents in the film. According to Judi, Patrick lived in the Town of Garrywadereen (about 6 km northwest of Drumkeen, and slightly less than 5 km northwest of Claremorris). There were no Brennans documented as parcel holders in the Griffith's Valuation for Garrywadreen.

This is a work in progress and will be added to as I uncover more details about these families.

The Brennans I have identified thus far that resided in Drumkeen are as follows:

Brennan Surname or friend whose record they witnessed Spouse Townland; Record Resource Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Brennan, Martin, Occupier of a parcel (possibly Martin Brennan/ Bridget Grady family below?)   Drumkeen, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Mayo Griffith's Valuation 1856   Martin held parcel 1a, Land and House, Total Valuation 42 Pounds, 5 Shillings, a parcel that he shared with John Brennan; area shared: 159 acres 2 roods, 2 perches; John Treston was their landlord
Brennan, John, Occupier of a parcel   Drumkeen, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County mayo Griffith's Valuation 1856   John held parcel 1b, Land and House, Total Valuation 42 pounds, 10 shillings; area shared with Martin Brennan - see record above
Deceased Brennan? Brennan, Bridget, 50 yr old widowed Farmer born in Mayo Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo House 1 1901 Ireland Census   Brennan, John, 24 yr old son unmarried son born in County Mayo
          Brennan, Patrick, 22 yr old unmarried farmer's son born in Mayo
Brennan, ? Grady, Bridget   M 2/17/1857  
Brennan, Martin Grady, Brgt Delvinkeen? B 2/19/1860 Mary
" Grady, Bridget Davidkine? B 7/11/1861 John
" Grady, Biddy Drumkeen B 12/24/1862 Mich'l
" Grady, Bridget Drumkeen B 9/4/1864 Thomas
" " Drumkeen B 7/22/1866 Patt
" " Drumkeen B 10/30/1870 Martin
" " Drumkeen B 1/28/1872 Dirck?
" "   B 8/15?/1877 Tobias
Could Martin be deceased by 1901? Brennan, Bridget, H, 65 yr old widowed Farmer born in Mayo ( they also have a farm svt living with them, John Connelly from Mayo This is a possible match -birth of Mary looks correct, could Dirck be David? Needs research to prove Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo, Ireland House 2 1901 Ireland Census   Brennan, Mary Jane, 30 yr old unmarried seamstress daughter born in Mayo
          Brennan, David, 28 yr old unmarried Farmer's Son born in Mayo
Brennon, David, 38 yr old married farmer born in Mayo; 2 visitors Horrison and Walsh live with them and 1 servant Sarah Halligan Brennon, Annie, Wife born in Mayo, married 5 yrs, 3 kids, 3 living Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo, Ireland House 5 1911 Ireland Census   Brennon, Bridget, 80 yr old widowed mother born in Mayo
          Brennan, Mary Jane, 4 yr old daughter born in Mayo
          Brennan, Maggie, 3 yr old daughter born in Mayo
          Brennan, Martin, son born in Mayo
Brennan, Thos Griffin, Bidy   M 4/21/1867  
" Griffin, Bridget Drumkeen B 5/9/1870 John
Berman?, Thos " D-Keen B 4/20/1873 Julia
Deceased Brennan, Bridget, 72 yr old widowed Farmer born in Mayo (This is a POSSIBLE record for the family above, the age matches John- unsure, needs proof!) Gen Servant McGuyre of Mayo lives with them too Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo, House 4 1911 Ireland Census   Brennan, John, 41 yr old married Farmer's Son, born in Mayo
          Brennan, Sary, wife, married 10 yrs, 1 child, 1 living born in Mayo
          Brennan, Deali, 8 yr old scholar daughter born in Mayo
Brennan, John McDermott, ?   M 11/25/1897  
" McDermott, Delia Drumkeen? B 6/26/1898 Julia
" " Drumkeen B 10/31/1899 Loretta
" "   B 1/15?/1902 Bridget
" " Drumkeen B 4/16/1905 Martin Fabia
" McDermott, Bridget   B 3/10/1906 Patrick Anthony
" McDermott, Delia   B 4/?/1909 Julia Ann
Branan, Cath McDermott, Patt --l-kine? B 9/16/1863 Marg't
Brenan, Cath McDermott, Pat Drumkeen? B 1/23/1864 Mary
Brenan, Catherine McDermott, Patt Ballindine, Mayo, Ireland Birth 11/28/1864 Mary; This was from the compilation; indexing batch C70124-1
Brennan, Cath McDermott, Patrick Drumkeen B 3/4?/1866; this date was confirmed in indexing project C70128-4; however, another indexing project on that site has Ellen born 6/15/1866 Claremorris, Mayo film 101133; Index batch c70129-5 Ellen
Brenan, Cath McDermott, Patt Drumkeen B 2/18/1872; has index project C70254-1 film 255845, born Ballindine Mayo 2/12/1872. Martin?
Brennan (McDermott), Catherine McDermott, Pat Ballindine, Claremorris, Mayo birth 2/9/1875 Catherine; (this from taken from index project 102469-2; source film 255924)
Brennan, Catherine McDermott, Patrick   B 6/11/1876; index project C70254-1 has John McDermott birth 6/9/1876; film 255960 John Joseph
" McDermott, Pat   B 5/15/1878 Patrick
" "   B 5?/5/1880 Catherine
" McDermott, Patrick   B 11/1882 Alice
His wife Catherine appears to be deceased by 1901. McDermott, Patrick, Head 71 yr old widowed Farmer born in Mayo (also has John Jones, 19 yr old farm lab from Mayo living with them Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo, House 4 1901 Ireland Census   Brennan, John 39 yr old son in law, married Farmer born in Mayo
          Brennan, Delia, 32 yr old seamstress daughter born in Mayo
Brennan, John, Head, 49 yr old married Farmer born ?; Pat Fitzpatrick farm lab from Mayo lives with them Brennan, Delia, 42 yr old Housekeeper Wife born in County Mayo married 13 yrs, 7 kids, 5 living Drumkeen, Caraun DED, County Mayo, House 2 1911 Ireland Census   Brennan, Delia, 9 yr old unmarried daughter, Scholar born in Mayo
          Brennan, Martin, 6 yr old unmarried son, scholar born in Mayo
          Brennan, Patrick 4 yr old son born in Mayo
          Brennan, Annie, 2 yr old daughter born in Mayo
          Brennan, Mary, Daughter born in Mayo
          Lavelle, Nea, 16 yr old unmarried Farm Lab Nephew born in Mayo