The Brennan (Brannan) and Corcoran Families of Keel Banada, County Mayo Ireland, a Townland that was Transferred to County Roscommon Ireland in 1840

Keel Banada was composed of 1,047 acres according to Book 8 that covers Buckill Electoral District, County Roscommon of the Griffith's Valuation Cancelled Books (held in the Valuation Office in Dublin). This book covers changes to occupiers in all Townlands in Buckill DED from 1855-1940. It lies between Tibohine and Ballaghaderreen east of the Lung River and was originally part of Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland. A Compilation on the statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland listed act (CAP LXXVI) imposed on August 7, 1840 that appears to annex the Townlands of Aughalustia, Lission, Cappagh, Roosky, Banada and Keel Banada from Mayo to Roscommon as early as 1840. (Great Britain, 1840, p. 453-454). This annexation statute appeared to be created in the process of surveying for the Griffith's Valuation. When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856 for Banada and Keelbanada they both appear under County Roscommon and not County Mayo unlike Lission, Roosky and the other towns listed above. Later in the Local Government Act of 1898 all of these townlands among numerous others are officially listed as transferred to County Roscommon. The significance of Banada and Keelbanada's inclusion in the County Roscommon Griffith's Valuation in 1856 vs County Mayo requires more extensive research.

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Keel Banada in 1857 it was part of Kilcolman Civil Parish in County Roscommon, Ireland. Arthur R Costeloe, a Minor in Chancery, was the Landlord for every parcel except one in this townland at the time. The Townland had no documented evidence of industry to speak of, except for herd's houses. Three bog parcels were documented and the River Lung was noted as running through a portion of the Townland.

In 1857 when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Keel Banada, James Brannan held a little over 1 acre of land (parcel 6) and Patrick Corcoran held a house and just over 8 acres of land (14a) with Total Valuation 0-5-0.

I had a chance to look through the cancelled books of Buckill DED while on a trip to Ireland September 2011. I was able to obtain images of changes in occupiers for the following parcels in Keel Banada; however, my camera apparently reverted to black and white due to low light levels so I am unable to differentiate the colored pencil notations that specify the exact years the change occurred. There were years in the margins of many of the notations, but a color copy from the valuation office would be required to confirm the accuracy of the dates.

Brennans in the Cancelled Books: According to the Cancelled Books (Book 8, p51), it appears that James Brannan was replaced by Catherine Sherlock for parcel 6 possibly around 1890. His name is crossed out, replaced with hers and the parcel is listed as "in fee" and not through Landlord Costelloe. Also in Keel Banada (on page 54- records get older as you progress to the back of the book), Martin Brennan appears to have shared a parcel 12-24? with James Brennan and what appears to be most of the town. Costelloe (Landlord) was crossed out as well as the "24" portion of the parcel and they hold the property in Fee. There is a "90" noted after this entry which would seem to indicated 1890 that this change occurred. There is a further notation later in this book that indicates that Catherine Sherlock (who took over parcel 6 from James in 1890 now held 28 acres in Keel Banada. This same page also lists 17- Martin Brennan and James Brennan 11-21 (with 11 crossed out). I believe this is indicative of specific parcels held. Both James and Martin Brennan are listed as holding land in fee (#11 is crossed out, 0-3-0 total valuation for each) and 1905 is written in the margins. Later additions to book #8 Buckill DED show evidence of various parcels being purchased via the Land Purchase Acts although I didn't see any notations like this affecting parcels held by Brennans or Corcorans. Page 41 of a more current version of book 8 (1855-1940) for Buckill DED shows Martin Brennan being replaced by Dudley Costello for a land parcel valued at 0-3-0 (33 is listed after this entry which I believe is likely 1933). This parcel is 8-11-21 and is shared by many including James Brennan who still appears to hold his land valued at 0-3-0. There were more current books available on Keel Banada that I didn't have time to study. What is evident is that a James Brennan held a parcel in Keel Banada (Landlord Costelloe) when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1857 and was replaced around 1890 by Catherine Sherlock. In 1890 a James Brennan and Martin Brennan share a parcel with what appears to be most of the town and hold the land in fee. In 1905 both James and Martin Brennan still hold land in fee in Keel Banada. Martin Brennan appears to be replaced by Dudly Costello around 1933? and James still holds his parcel at that time. Although the parcel is kept within the Brennan line, the James Brennan of 1857 is most likely not the James Brennan of 1933. Much more extensive research needs to be done on this line of Brennans to clarify when property was transferred, to whom and what became of them after the transfer.

Corcorans in the Keel Banada Cancelled Books: I was unable to find evidence of Patrick Corcoran in the Keel Banada Cancelled books. I find this puzzling as he is listed as a holder of Land (Landlord Costelloe) in the 1857 Griffith's Valuation.

Brennans and Corcorans of Keel Banada in the 1901, 1911 Ireland Census: There were no Brennans or Corcorans in the Keel Banada section of the Ireland census in 1901 or 1911. There were Brennans listed in the Townland of Ballaghaderreen section of the 1901 census (that is in close proximity) but there were no entries for James or Martin Brennan or Brannan. The Brennans in Ballaghaderreen were Kate Brennan 52 a Shopkeeper who was born in England and her daughter Lizzie 16 who was born in Mayo; three entries for Brennans who were born in County Sligo - John Brennan 17, Student, Catherine Brennan 16 General Domestic Servant and Maggie Anne Brennan 13 Domestic Servant Nurse; and finally Anne Corcoran 50 a General Domestic Servant who was born in County Roscommon.

There were two entries for Corcoran families in the Townland of Ballaghaderreen: John (64 a Cooper) and Honora Corcoran (62) (both born in County Mayo) and their 4 unmarried kids all of which were born in Mayo, Wm Charles Corcoran (Nephew 23), a National School Teacher born in Roscommon who is living with the Thomas Durcan family and finally Anne Corcoran 50, a General Domestic Servant, born in County Roscommon.

Corcorans in Ballaghaderreen Roman Catholic Church Records from Keel Banada: I am currently slowly working my way through the Ballaghaderreen Roman Catholic Parish Microfilm- it will take several more months to complete them. On occasion Townlands are given in these records. Thus far I have identified the following Corcoran Family in the Church Records that specify a Keel Banada Townland: Margarita Corcoran and Andreas Farrell were married in November 1853. Patrick Corcoran witnessed their marriage in 1853; sponsored the baptism of their son Andreas who was born in 8/28/1860 in Keel Banada; and sponsored the baptism of their twins Winny (Winifred in one microfilm) and Mary who were born in Banada on August 12, 1865. Mary Corcoran is listed as an additional sponsor in the baptism of Mary in one microfilm as well. There was one other Corcoran family as well in Keel Banada: Winifred Corcoran and Edwardus Hopkins who had a son Michael who was born in Keel Banada September 30, 1861 (appears to be either 1861 or 1865 in film 926005).

Brennans in Ballaghaderreen Roman Catholic Church Records from Keel Banada: I have identified many Brennan Families in the Ballaghaderreen Catholic Parish records, but thus far I have yet to find families who are specifically noted as being from Keel Banada. Keep in mind that the Townland is only given in a small percentage of the records.

This is a work in progress! Please contact me if you feel you have Irish ancestors from the Ballaghaderreen area- especially if they are Brennans/ Corcorans/ Coffeys or Gahagans or any variants of those surnames. I have identified many different surnames in my Ballaghaderreen compilation thus far and would love to hear about your ancestral trails from Ireland!