The Brennan Families of Cloonaghboy, Kilconduff Civil Parish, County Mayo Ireland, Identified in the Swinford Catholic Church Records, Ireland Census and other Records

Cloonaghboy was a Townland of just over 295 acres in Kilconduff Civil Parish when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856; its location only about 3.5km northeast of Swinford, a Major Market Town in the 19th Century. Brennans held parcels in three Townlands in the northern part of Kilconduff Civil Parish: Cloonaghboy, Cloonlara and Swinford. Martin Brennan was the only Brennan listed as an occupier of parcels in The Griffith's Valuation for Cloonaghboy. He held Parcels 10a (Land and House) and 15 (Land-Bog). Patrick Brennan held a parcel in Cloonlara that borders Cloonaghboy on the West and seven different Brennans occupied parcels in the Townland of Swinford that lies just southwest of Cloonlara. The rest of the Brennans were found in 10 different Townlands in the Southern part of Kilconduff Civil Parish.

There was only one individual with the Brennan Surname identified in the 1901 Cloonaghboy, Swinford DED, Ireland Census: Maggie Brennan an 80 year old unmarried Housekeeper who was identified as a relative, living with Bridget Ryan (Widow), Bridget's daughter and son in law Bridget and John Nieland, and their family. There were no documented Brennans in the 1911 Cloonaghboy, County Mayo, Census

I am trying to connect these Brennan families with their descendents that emigrated to Huddersfield and Bradford Yorkshire, other destinations in England and on to the U.S. This is a work in progress that will be added to over time as I discover more connections! Please contact me if you believe your Brennan ancestor may have come from Cloonaghboy, Cloonlara, Swinford or any of the Townlands Kilconduff Civil Parish, County Mayo so that we can compare findings, expand and improve the detail of this compilation. I welcome any and all feedback and or corrections to the page.

Brennans in the Cloonaghboy Griffith's Valuation will be presented first as I am uncertain at this point how to link them to families, followed by the Ireland Census unless I can connect them to a specific family in the church records. The Church records will be presented alphabetically by spouse's surname and any census records by the head of household followed by their children.

Important Note: I had a most difficult time differenting between Brenan and Branan in both of these films. Records in Microfilm 926020 were much clearer, easier to decipher than 1279233.

Regarding Brennan/Moore Families: There were only two records in the Swinford film for the Thomas Moore and Sarah Branan Family of Cloonaghboy. There were however the following Brennan/Moore families in nearby Swinford: Cath Brennan and Michl Moor, Thomas Brenan and Eleonor Moore, Petrus Brenan and Winifrida Moore and Patrick Brenan and Anna Moore that I would think might have a high probability of being related to the Cloonaghboy Brennan/Moore family. There is also a Moore family in the 1901 Ireland Census, House 1, The Lanes, Swineford in which Sally Moore, a 42 year old widowed House keeper who was born in Swinford Mayo is living with her son Thomas Moore age 24, an unmarried laborer (born in Swinford), Kate Brennan 35, the unmarried sister of Sally (born in Swinford) and Edward White, Sally's 30 year old unmarried Laborer nephew (also born in Swinford). Due to the proximity of Swinford, there is a possibility of this families connection to both the Thomas Moore/Sarah Brennan family and the two Brennan/White families listed below.

Regarding the Brennan/White Families: There is a birth record transcription in (Ireland Births and Baptisms 1620-1881) for a James White, son of Luke White and Ellen Brennan who was born September 10, 1869 in Mayo, Ireland (film 101198). This directly conflicts with the 1869 baptismal record for their son Luke below but is important to pursue further. There is an apparent connection between the James Brennan and Ellen White family in Bradford, Yorkshire England in the 1861-1881 Census records that very well may be the James Brennan and Ellen White family listed below from Cloonaghboy. Maureen, a Genealogist and descendent of this line has been doing extensive research on this family and has clear evidence of Thomas and Bridget, children of this Bradford family immigrating to the United States and ending up in Streator, Illinois. There are just a few missing pieces in this Cloonaghboy Brennan/White Family that needs to be acquired to complete the picture. I think it is very likely that there is a link between the two Brennan/White Families listed below and most likely a connection with several other Brennan families on this page. Please contact me if you have Brennans in this area so that we can try to link these Brennan families together.

I have recently heard from a descendent of Sibina, a daughter of "Thomas Branan/Nellie Moore" who is interested in pursuing more details of her family's roots.

Brennan or Surname of Family in which a Cloonaghboy Brennan is mentioned Spouse Townland Event/ Type of Record Date Child/ Misc. Info.
Brennan, Martin, occupier of a parcel   Cloonaghboy, Kilconduff Civil Parish, County Mayo Griffith's Valuation 1856 Martin held parcel 10a, Land and House 10 acres, 3 roods, 32 perches; Wm Graham LL; total Valuation 5 Pounds
Brennan, Martin, occupier of a parcel   Cloonaghboy, Kilconduff Civil Parish, County Mayo Griffith's Valuation 1856 Martin also held parcel 15, Land (Bog) 37 acres, 10 perches shared with 15 others; total valuation 10 Shillings, Wm Graham LL
Ryan, Bridget 80 yr old widowed farmer's wife born in Mayo   Cloonaghboy, Swinford DED, County Mayo House 6 1901 Ireland Census online 1901 Nieland, Bridget, 36 Daughter born in Mayo, Married
    " " " Nieland, John, 42 son in law farmer's son born in Mayo, Married
    " " " Nieland, Mary, 13 Grand Child, Scholar born in Mayo
    " " " Nieland, John, 2 Grand Child born in Mayo
    " " " Brennan, Maggie, 80 unmarried Relative, Housekeeper born in Mayo
Brenan, Rosa Brady, Patritius   Swinford RCP Marriage record Film 1279233 December 18, 1863 Sponsors: Brigida Brenan and Jacobus Gallagher
Brenan, Mara? (looks like Rosa in 1279233) Brady, Patritius Brady Cloonaghboy; looks like Cloonaghboo in 926020 Swinford RCP Bapt Record 926020 April 11, 1865 (looks like April 1 in 1279233) Maria; Sponsors: Martinus Conway and Suzanna Brady;
Brenan, Maria (looks like Rosa in 926020) Brady, Patritius Cloonaghter? Swinford RCP Bapt Record Film 1279233 March 2, 1867 Susannah; Sponsors Joannes Brenan and Catherina Gannon?
Brenan, Rosa (same info in 1279233) Brady?, ? Cullane Swinford RCP Bapt Record Film 926020 August 17, 1869 Brigida; Brigida Sweeny Sponsor
Branan, Rosa Brady, Patritius Cloonaghboy (looks like Cloonaghbee in 926020) Swinford RCP Bapt Record Film 1279233 December 1, 1873 Joannes; Sponsors Patritius O'Hora and Brigida O'Hora
Brennan, Martinus Brenan, Elionora Cloonaghboy? Swinford RCP Bapt Record 926020 June 23, 1857 (same info in 1279233) Martinus; Sponsors Joannes Brenan and Anna? Doyle
Brennan, Patrick (Possibly the same family as the one below) Brennan, Mary Kinaff (another Townland in Kilconduff CP) Swinford RCP Bapt Record 926020 December 22, 1848 Mary; Sponsors: Pat Mulloy and Margaret Lavin
Brennan, Pat Brennan, Mary Cloonaghboy? Swinford RCp Bapt Record 1279233 December 24, 1849 Biddy; Sponsors: Tom Lenny and Mary Whyte
Brenan, Franciscus Devany, Catharina   Swinford Marriage Record 1279233 February ?, 1861? (The record before is the 12th of February) Witnesses: Hugo Gallagher and julienne Devany
Branan, Franciscus (looks like Brenan in 926020) Devany, Catherina Cloonaghboy? Swinford Bapt Record 1279233 March 23, 1872 Franciscus; Sponsors: Joannus Davany and Maria White
Finley, Jas Doyle, Anne Cloonagh--? (likely Cloonaghboy in Kilconduff CP or Cloonagaloon in Meelick CP but Brennan and White Sponsors Swinford Marriage Record 926020 May 30, 1837 Sponsors: Ned White and Martin Brennan
O'Hora, Patritius Lynsky, Brigida Cloonaghbee? Swinford Bapt Record January 4, 1862 Maria; Sponsors: Joannus O'Hora and Ellenora Brenan
Branan, Sarah Moore, Thomas   Swinford Marriage Record 1279233 February 4, 1871 Witnesses: Michael Devany and Catherina Dunn
Branan, Sarah Moore, Thomas? Cloonaghboy Swinford Bapt Record 1279233 October 15, 1873 (looks like Oct 18 in 926020) Thomas; ? O'Hora and Maria White Sponsors
Moore, Thomas ? Swinford RCP Swinford Marriage Note with Bapt record 1279233 March 24?, 1921; (looks like March 24, 1920 in 926020)  
Brennan, James White, Elinor Clunaghbee? Swinford Marriage Record 926020 April 11, 1842 Witnesses: Jas Lynsky and Peggy Hora
Brennan, Jas White, Elin (Elen in 1279233) Clunagh; (Cloonagh in 1279233) Swinford Bapt Record 926020 December 15, 1844 Pegy; Sponsors Patt Brennan (Pat in 1279233) and Bridt Brennan
Brennan, Jacobus White, Ellenora Mill Street Swinford Bapt Record 926020 March 4, 1855 (looks like Feb in 1279233) Patritius; sponsors: Lucas White and Maria White
Brenan, Ellen White, Lucas   Swinford Marriage Record 1279233 February 1857 (looks like Feb not March- next page is still Feb) Witnesses: Patritius Gallagher and Ellenor White
Brennan, Eleanor White, Lucas Cloonaghboy Swinford Bapt Record 1279233 December 1857; (2 recs after is Dec 26) (Looks like December 24 in 926020) Maria; Sponsors: Michael White and Maria White
Brennan, Eleonora (Eleonor in 1279233) White, Lucas Cloonaghter? (Cloonaghb--? in 1279233) Swinford Bapt Record 926020 August 20, 1861 Martinus or Henricus?; Sponsors: possibly Henricus Brenan or Durkan and Brigida ?
Brenan, Eleonora White, Lucas Cloonaghter? Swinford Bapt Record 926020 February 23?, 1867 (looks like the 22nd in 1279233) Edwardus; Sponsors: Michael White and Sarah Brenan
Brenan, Edwardus ?   Swinford Marriage Record with his Bapt record 1279233 1912  
Brenan, Eleonora White, Lucas Cloonaghter (almost looks like Cloonfinan in 1279233- also a town in Kilconduff CP) Swinford Bapt Record 926020 August 17, 1869 (August in 1279233) Lucas; Joanus Horan and Maria Brenan Sponsors
Brennan, Eleonora White?, Lucas Cloona--her?; looks like Cloonagher? in 926020 Swinford Bapt Record 1279233 November, 1871 (Nov 4 is 4 records before) Looks like Nov 4 in 926020 Anna; Jacobus Philbin and Catherina Brenan Sponsors
Brennan, Ellen White, Luke Mayo, Ireland Ireland Births and Baptisms 1620-1881; Microfilm 255846 Birth November 2, 1871 Mayo, Ireland Anne; (this is from an LDS transcription- I have not seen the image myself)
Brenan, Eleonora White, Lucas Cloonaghbee Swinford Bapt Record 926020 Baptism September 8?, 1874 Eleonora; Anna Feeney sponsor