Brennan Families in Charlestown Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surname J-L

The V's look very much like K's in this film and are really hard to distinguish. If your families surname begins with K, check the U-Z section to make sure I haven't made a mistake in transcription.

I have highlighted the given name of individuals who have a marriage note attached to their baptismal record. The basic info of the marriage record, out of sequence alphabetically, follows on the next line.

There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details. I tried to include these details in this compilation but the pages became too long so I have removed them.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
4/22/1856 B Brennan, Michl Vanof? or Kanof?, Anna   Jean
9/6/1863 B Brennan, Michael Kigard or Vizard, Brigida   Martinus
3/28/1896 B Brennan, Owen Keane, Honoria Charlestown Elizabeth
6/23/1897 B Brennan, Owen Keane, Owen Charlestown John
12/26/1858 M Brennan, Michl Kelly?, Francisca    
10/16/1858 M Brennan, Patritius Kelly?, Maria    
5/11/1889 M Brennan, John Kelly, Mary    
8/15/1890 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary   Catherine
7/?/1893 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary B- Cogh (likely Barnacahoge) Mary
9/29/1895 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Brigid
7/17/1897 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Anne
10/26/1900 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Honoria
3/6?/1904 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Patrick
1/6/1907 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Thomas
2/11/1912 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge Ellen
4/13/1947 M Brennan, Ellen Frain, Michael Church of St John, Long Island, NY  
10/26?/1913 B Brennan, John Kelly, Mary Barnacahoge John
2/23/1865? M Brennan, Luke Kennedy, Abby    
1/24/1850 M Brennan, Dominick Kennedy, Catharine    
1/19/1854? M Brennan, Pat Kennedy, Eleanor    
3/19/1848 M Brennan, Bridget Kennedy, John    
3/3/1848 M Brennan, Bridget Kennedy, John    
3/6/1864 M Brennan, Maria Kenedy, Pat    
1/21/1860 M Brennan, Maria Kiledin?, Michaelus    
2/27/? M Brennan, Peter Kilgallen, Anne Bushfield?  
3/4/1851? M Brennan, Pat Kilroy, Mary    
4/5/1883 B Brennan, Maria Kuffe, Joannes Tipperary(is this the county?) Maria
7/20/1913 B Brennan, Patrick Lavin, Catherine Barnacahoga Ellen
1?/1?/1865? M Brennan, Patritius Leonard, Brigida    
12/21/1863 M Brennan, Mary Leonard, Martin    
1/2/1858 B Brennin, Winifrida Leonard, Michl   Brigida
3/2/1850? M Brennan, Anne Leonard, Pat    
2/24/1862 M Brennan, Elleonora Leonard?, Patritius    
1/27/1857 M Brennan, Maria Leonard, Thomas    
?1889 B Brennan, Catherine Loughlin, Thomas M Lurga Anna
2/7/1861 M Brennan?, Michael Lynch, Allerita