Brennan Families in Carracastle Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames M-N

Regarding the Surname Marinac: The Townland listed in the Baptism of Cath Brennan on February 5, 1859 appears to be either Belgariff or Bulgariff. I couldn't find any documented Townlands with a similar name but there is a Kilgariff in Kilbeagh Civil Parish that is a possibility.

Regarding the Surname Mullanny: The Townland listed in the baptism of Jameson January 14, 1855 looks like Taney. The only thing close that I could find in all of Kilbeagh Civil Parish was Botinny, and Tawnyinah Lower, Middle or Upper. The Townland looks like Tansey in John's Baptism in 1856. This Townland name gets more confusing all the time. Patt and Mary Mullany appear to have had twins Thos and Winifred in June of 1858, and the Townland appears to read Laney. There is also a Lavy Beg and a Lavy More in Kilbeagh Civil Parish to add more possibilities to the mix. The Baptism of John Mullaney that took place in 1864 appears to have occurred sometime after April 11 based on the other records on the page.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
2/5/1859 B Brennan, Ned? Marinac?, Bridget Belgariff? Cath
1/14/1855 B Brennan, Mary Mullanny, Pat ?Taney? James
5?/14/1856 B Brennan, Mary Mullainy, Pat Tansey? John
6?/?/1858? B Brennan, Mary Mullany, Patt Laney? Thos
6?/?/1858? B Brennan, Mary Mullany, Patt Laney? Winifred
2/10/1860 B Brennan, Mary Mullanay, Patt Laney? John
4/?/1864 B Brennan, Mary Mullaney, Patt Laney? John
2/4?/1876 M Brennan, Elise Mulligan, Patritius