Brennan Families in Carracastle Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames G-I

Regarding Surname Gallagher: This record from February 12, 1856 was really difficult to decipher. It appears to be a Branan so I have included it here.

Regarding Surname Henry: Jas Branan was a witness for the marriage of Thos and Mary Brannan on January 9, 1857. In a repeat of this record, the husband appears to be Thos Brenane.

Regarding Surname Hunt: Margaret Brennan was a sponsor for the baptism of Whm Hunt on October 21, 1896 in Gowlaun. There is a note in the margin of Michael Hunt's baptism on September 9, 1899 that states that he married Mary McGrath? at Balla--y? August 22, 1941? Michael was born on September 1, 1899. James Brennan and Mary A Brennan sponsored the baptism of Kate Hunt on April 19, 1906. She was born on 4/19/1906.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
2/12/1856 M Branan?, W? Gallagher, Cath    
2/24/1897 M Brennan, Patrick Gallagher, Margaret    
7/?/1873 B Brennan, Brigida Henaghan, George Curine? John
1/9/1858 M Brannan, Thos Henry, Mary?    
7/17/1895 B Brennan, Maggie Hunt, Thomas Gowlaun Owen? Martin
10/21/1896 B Brennan, Margaret Hunt, Thos Gowlaun Whm?
4/17/1898 B Brennan, Margaret Hunt, Thos Gowlaun Jas
9/10/1899 B Brennan, Maggie Hunt, Thos Gowlane? Michael
6/29/1902 B Brennan, Brgt Hunt, Thos Gowlaun Anne Maria
4/22/1906 B Brennan, Mgt Hunt, Thos Gowlane? Kate