Brennan (Brannan) Families Identified in the 1841 Bradford Civil Parish, Bradford West End Sub Registration District, Yorkshire, England and Research into their Irish Origins

Liverpool was the port of entry for the vast majority of the Irish that departed the Connaght Counties of Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo and Galway. Many Irish immigrants unable to find work in Liverpool were drawn to places like Manchester, Bradford and Leeds and their thriving textile and other industrial development in the mid 19th century.

Bradford had 10 Districts when the Census was conducted in 1841: Bowling, Bradford West End, Bradford East End, Haworth, Horton, Idle, Manningham, North Bierley, Thornton and Wilsden. Bradford West End Sub Registristration Districts had 21 districts and an Infirmary. Early indications after looking at two districts indicate that there was a significant concentration of Irish on both Nailon's yard and Mill Bank. Of those noted, the vast majority were employed in the textile industry in postions such as wool comber, all manners of work with worsted, and as laborers.

Keep in mind that the connections I draw are what appear to me to be the same family and need to be further analyzed to make sure the conclusion is correct (hopefully with supporting evidence such as GRO marriage records and baptismal records). Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. The vast majority of earlier census records fail to give a place name of origin in Ireland.

Observations of interest: There was a Jonathan Bruman? 15 Wool Sorter's App who was living in district 15. There was a Mathew Breman 30 laborer, Cathrine 30, Michael 6 and Cathrine 3 mos in District 16.

The Following Brennans were Identified in other Bradford Records in the 1840's:

  1. John Brennan (26 Laborer) of Bradford, son of John (Laborer) married Catherine coody (23 Weaver) of Bradford, daughter of Patrick Coody at the Parish Church (St Peter) Bradford Cathedral on December 23, 1848. (West Yorkshire Marriages and Banns 1813-1935 database.
  2. Catherine Brennan (daughter of Charles a Wheeler) of Bradford married Edward Dugdale (Coach Painter) of Bradford, the son of William (Brewer) on June 22, 1843 in St James Church of Bradford by W Sherwood Minister. (same compilation).
District Address Name Age Born Occupation Marital Status and Misc Info
2 Nailon's Yard Breman?, Patrick 35 Ireland Laborer (this looks like a Breman but have added in the event there was an error as they are listed as being from Ireland)
2 Nailon's Yard Breman, Bridget 30 Ireland    
2 Nailon's Yard Breman, John 5 Ireland    
2 Nailon's Yard Breman, Patrick 2 Ireland    
2 Mill Bank Brennan?, Bridget 35 Ireland Hawker (she was indexed as Buman but looks like Brennan to me)
2 Mill Bank Brennan, Winifred 30 Ireland Hawker  
6 Victoria Street Brennen, Thomas 30 Ireland Laborer  
6 Victoria Street Brennen, Catherine 25 Ireland    
6 Victoria Street Brennen, Thomas 2 Ireland