Brennan Families in Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland with Spouse's Surnames S-T

Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne was the Priest after this.

Phonetically similar surname noted: There was a child born to Patricio Banum and Margarita Toolan on March 2, 1794 that I have not included in this compilation.

Regarding Surname Spelman: There are other records for this family that appear to be Bruen and not Brenan such as Anna baptized September 24, 1804.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
August 1, 1836 M Brennan, Annam Scally, Petrum    
August 4, 1817 B Brennan, Edm's Shanly?, Marg'a   Marg'a
July 19, 1818 B Brenan, Edm's Shanly, Marg'a   Joh's
August 12, 1821 B Brennan, Edmund's Shandly, Marg'ta   Edmundus
February 26, 1816 M Brennan, Annam Shannon, Martinum    
November? 12, 1831 B Brenan?, Maria Shannon, Thoma   Mathium
November 18, 1860 M Brennan, Anne Sharcott, John    
November 15, 1861 B Brennan, Anna Sharket, Joannis   Patricii
January 15, 1864 B Brennan, Anna Sharkett, Joannis   Maria Anna
February 18, 1855 M Brennan, Peter Sharcott, Margt    
May 23, 1856 B Brennan, Peter Sharket, Margret   Jno
September 18, 1847 B Brenan??, Barth'mei (this could be Bruen) Sharkett, Cath'na   Bartholemem
October 17, 1838 B Brennan, Dominici Sharkett, Catherina   Maria
March 8, 1841 B Brennan, Dominic Sharkett, Catherina   Joanna? (could be Joannas too- hard to read)
April 16, 1838 M Brennan, Dominicus Sharkett, Catherina    
April 6, 1793 B Brennan, Joanna Sharkett, Jacobo   Maria; Born April 3;
February 22, 1830 M Brennan, Marg'ta Sharket??, Joanne (very hard to read this surname)    
July 14, 1794 M Brennan, Mariam Sharkett?, Malachias    
April 18, 1796 B Brenan, Maria Sharkett, Malachia   Margarita
September 17, 1818 B Brenan, Eug's Sharkett, M'a   Honor'a
January 17, 1822 B Brennan, Eugen's Sharkett, Maria   Thomas
October 3, 1857 B Brennan, Peter Sharkett, Margaret   Thos
May 28, 1859 B Brennan, Peter Sharkett, Margarita   Petrum
April 20, 1861 B Brennan, Petri Sharket, Margarita   Jacobi
March 24, 1863 B Brennan, Petri Sharket, Margarita   Patritius
February 2, 1831 B Brennan, Martinam Sharkett, Margarita    
April 8, 1833 B Brenan, Martini Sharket, Marg'a   Mariam
February 9, 1836 B Brenan, Martini Sharkett, Margarita   Catherinam
January 16, 1804 B Brennan, Mar'a Sheehy, Eug's   Jacobus
June 4, 1825 M Brennan, Honor'm Sheeran, Patric'm    
October 19, 1830 B Brennan, Honoria Sheeran, Patricii   Mariam
November 21, 1838 B Brennan, Honoria Sheeran, Patritii   Michael
November 30, 1841 B Brennan, Honoria Sheeran, Patritii   Margarita
September 7, 1844 B Brenan, Honoria Sheran, Patricii   Mariam
December 14, 1847 B Brenan, Honora Sheran, Patricii   Patricium
April 17, 1830 B Brennan, Thomas Siffin?, Bridget   Maria
February 12, 1795 B Brennan, Carolo Sparks?, Brigida   ?
September 19, 1834 M Brenn-?, Catharina Sparks?, Joannem   (unsure of this transcription very hard to read)
February 23, 1857 M Brennan, Mary Sparks, Michl    
December 6, 1857 B Brennan, Mary Sparks?, Mich   Jacob
December 30, 1861 B Brennan, Mariae Sparkes, Michaelis   Thomas
June 21, 1863 B Brennan, Maria Sparks, Michaelis   Brigida
July 18, 1803 B Brennan, Mar'a Spelman, Joh's   Bernardus
February 9, 1806 B Bran'n, Maria Spelman, Johannes   Maria
December 21, 1838 B Brennan, Patriti Spollon, Brigida   Catherina
July 4, 1808? M Brennan, Dominicus Spollin, Margarita (her surname is pretty clear here)    
February 8, 1819 B Brenan, Dom's? Spelman, Margt   Marg'a
May 20, 1821 B Brennan, Domin's Spelman, Marg'a   Patricius
October 9, 1809 M Brennan, Thos Spollin, Maria (Surname is clear)    
December 17, 1820 B Brennan, Thomas Spelman, Maria   Winifrida
November 30, 1818 B Brenan, Thos Spollin?, M'a   Thom's
1826 (likely late September or early October- date cut off the page) B Brennan, Thos Spelman, Maria   Maria
May 1, 1845 B Brenan, Eliza Stranbridge, Gillberti   Mariam
March 2, 1829 M Brenan, Thomam Suffalk?, Brigitam    
May 6, 1837 B Brenan, Thoma Suffolk, Brigida   Catherinam
January 21, 1812 M Brennan, Suzannam Sweeny, Barnabam    
May 3, 1818 B Brenan, Cath'a Sweeny, Martinus   Martinus
November 15, 1832 B Brenan, Pat'ii Syphon?, Brid'a   Joh'm
March 10, 1848 B Brennan, Honora Taaffe, Johannis   Elizabetha
March 17, 1830 B Brenan, Mary Taafe?, Joseph   Christophum
February 11, 1833 M Brenan?, Jacobum Taaffe?, Margarita   (unsure of this record very hard to read!)
October 9, 1846 B Brenan, Brigitta Tansy?, Bryani?   Johannum
February 4, 1860 B Brennan, Catherina Tansey??, Jacobi (very hard to read unsure of surname)   Catharina
February 18, 1839 B Brennan, Bridgida Tanzey, Bernardi   Maria
April 23, 1844 B Brenan, Brigida Tansy, Bernardi   Catherinam
May 15, 1847 B Brenan, Brig'da Tansy, Bernardi   Bernardum (Pauper is listed after record)
February 22, 1841 M Brennan, Elisabeth Tansey, Patritius    
April 10, 1842 B Brenan, Elizabetha Tansey, Patricii   Thaddy
July 22, 1844 B Brenan, Eliza Tansy, Patricii   Annam
November 14, 1846 B Brenan, Eliza Tansy, Patricii   Margarettam
February 22, 1794 B Brennan, Patricio Tavanagh?, Brigida (this doesn't look like Kavanagh)   Cecelia;
December 25, 1804 B Brennan, Brig'a Thearns?, Michl   Brigida
February 15, 1841 M Brennan, Winefrida Tierny?, Joannes    
February 21, 1811 M Brennan, Patritium Tivneen?, Brigidam    
February 16, 1863 M Brennan, Petrus Tivnan, Catherina    
June 6, 1863 B Brennan, Thoma Tivnan, Catherina   Brigida
December 2, 1835 B Brenan, Antonii Tivnan, Honoria   Brigittam
December 11?, 1862 M Brennan, Patritius Tivnan, Maria    
September 26, 1863 B Brennan, Patricii Tivnan, Maria   Michael
February 20, 1845 B Brenan, Celia Tivnan, Patricius   Mariam
February 20, 1845 M Brennan, Cecelia Tivneen, Patritius    
February 12, 1855 M Brennan, Catherine Toman, James    
July 27, 1856 B Brennan, Catherine Tomon?, Jas?   Pat
November 22, 1857 B Brennan, Catherine Toman, Jas   Mary
April 27, 1862 B Brennan, Catherina Toman, Jacobi   Elizabeth
February 6, 1864 B Brennan, Catherinae Toman, Jacobi   Jacobus
May 12, 1821 B Brennan, Pat's Travers, Maria   Thomas