Brennan Families in Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland with Spouse's Surnames O-R

Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne was the Priest after this.

Regarding Surname Robinson: There is a Mariam and Brig'm Robinson who were baptized March 18, 1832 that had four Brenan sponsors. Their parents names were not given and the mother may or may not be a Brenan.

Regarding the Johanis Rorke and Brigitta Brenan family listed below: There is a Johannis Kirks? /Brigitta Brenan family in the J-L section of this compilation that could be this family. The surname needs to be clarified as it is difficult to decipher in the records.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
April 9, 1820 M Brennan, Jacobum Oates, Mariam    
January 7, 1805 B Brennan, Marg'a Oates, Michl   Johannes
May 25?, 1818 M Brenan, Catharina Oats, Michaelum    
July 20, 1819 B Brenan, Cath'a Oats, Michl   Jacobus
June 29, 1821 B Brennan, Cath'a Oats, Michl   Maria
January 5, 1823 B Brennan, Cath'a Oates, Michl   Patritius
February 25, 1825 B Brennan, Cath'a Oats, Michl   Joan'es
March 25, 1827 B Brennan, Cath'a Oats, Michl   Patri'us
July 17, 1829 B Brennan, Cath'a Oats, Michael   Mariam
December 31, 1832 B Brenan, Cath'a Oats, Mich'es   Brid'a
February 19, 1834 B Brennan, Catharina Oates, Michaelis   Patritium
February 18, 1839 B Brennan, Catherina Oats, Michaelis   Edwardus
January 7, 1861 M Brennan, Thomas O'Brien, Anne    
December 27, 1861 B Brennan, Thomae O'Brien, Anne   Joannes
December 25, 1863 B Brennan, Thoma O'Brien, Anna   Maria
August 16, 1819 B Brenan, Brig'a O'Brien, Joh's   Maria
May ?, 1831 B Brenan, Thad O'Conor, Suzann   Thad.
February 8, 1857 B Brennan, Thos O'Rine?, Mary   Patt
May 20, 1857 M Brennan, Pat Padian? Mary    
April 22, 1859 B Brennan, Pat Pattin?, Mary   Thos
September 9, 1863 B Brennan, Patricii Padian?, Maria   Patritius
November ?, 1829 B Brennan, Patritius Paine, Maria?   Joanna
October 20, 1845 B Brenan, Gulielum Perkins, Maria   Elizam
June 29, 1828 B Brennan, Thos Phillips, Maria   Maria
November 1, 1816 B Brennan, Patritius Pole, Maria   Gulielmus
November 4, 1819 B Brenan, Pat's Powell, Maria   Maria
July 6, 1822 B Brennan, Patricius Powell, Maria   Petrus
April 7, 1827 B Brennan, Patri'us Powel?, Maria   Sara
September 7, 1833 B Brenan, Pat'ii Powell, Maria   Annam
October 19, 1840 B Brennan, Patritius Powell, Maria   Martinus
August 24, 1844 B Brenan, Anna Quin, Johannis   Patricium
May 17, 1846 M Brennan, Joannes Quin, Margarita    
February 17, 1859 M Brennan, Catherine Quinan?, Pat?    
August 21, 1834 B Brennan, Margarita Rafferty?, Michaelis   Patritium
November 15, 1818 B Brenan, Michl? Reddicon, Marg'a   Mart's
November 22, 1857 B Brennan, Bartly Redican?, Anne   Thos
February 16, 1794 M Brennan, Elizabetham Regan, Carolam    
October 27, 1794 B Brennan, Elizabetha Regan, Carolo   Catharina; born 22nd;
July 22, 1794 B Brennan, Eliza Regan, Jacobus   Anna; born 20th;
February 8, 1844 B Brenan, Ellena Reily, Martini   Patricius
April? 23, 1836 B Brenan, Maria Reily?, Patricii   Dionoran?
January 7, 1837 M Brennan, Joannum Reynolds, Eleanoram    
December 10, 1837 B Brennan, Johannis Rennolds, Elenora   Maria
January 24, 1839 M Brennan, Hugo Reynolds, Elizabeth    
March 14, 1841 B Brennan, Hugonis Reynolds, Elizabeth   Maria
August 9, 1843 B Brenan, Hugonis Reynolds, Eliza Elphin St not Bd? after the record Honoria
January 27, 1833 B Brennan, Jacobi Reynolds, Honora   Thomam
June 10, 1836 B Brenan, Jacobi Reynolds, Honora   Thadium
October 21, 1838 B Brennan, Jacobi Reynolds, Honoria   Maria
January 8, 1841 B Brennan, Jacobi Reynolds, Honoria   Patritius
April 7, 1844 B Brenan, Jacobi Reynolds, Honoria   Jacobum
October 12, 1845 B Brenan, Hubert Reynolds, Eliza   Michaelem
February 16, 1834 B Brenan, Bridgita Reynolds, Joannis   Bridgita
July 20, 1836 B Brenan, Brigitta Reynolds, Joannes   Mariam
April 25, 1839 B Brennan, Brigida Reynolds, Joannis   Maria
August 19, 1843 B Brenan, Brigitta Reynolds, Johannis   Jacobus
November 2-?, 1829 B Brennan, Mary Roach, Jacobus   Mary
March 2, 1829 M Brennan ,Margaritam Robinson, Georgium    
February 17, 1830 B Brenan, Margarita Robinson, Gerogius?   Patritius
March 8, 1834 B Brennan, Margarita Robinson, Georgii   Johannem
August 31, 1837 B Brennan, Margarita Robinson, Georgii   Michael
June 18, 1853 B Brennan, Thos Roch, Rose   Winny? (almost looks like Mary; hard to read)
March 9, 1796 B Brenan, Winifreda Roche?, Bartholomes   Dyonysis
January 10, 1795 B Brennan, Brigida Roche, Jacobo   Brigida;
August 27, 1825 M Brennan, Patritium Roche, Mariam    
May 20, 1821 B Brennan, Marg'ta Rock, Lucas   Johanis
February 23, 1841 M Brennan, Winifrida Rock, Patritius    
August 19, 1853 B Brennan, Hana Rockford, Thos   Julia
December 24, 1854 B Brennan, Hanna Rochford, Thos   Mary Anne
May 30, 1856 B Brennan, Hanna Rochford, Thos   Jane
May 14, 1858 B Brennan, Hana Rochford, Thoma   Johanem Henry
August 26, 1860 B Brennan, Hanna Rochford, Thomas   Mary Elizabetha
December 7, 1862 B Brenan?, Hana Rochford, Thoma   Thomas
February 11, 1861 M Brennan, Maria Rolland?, Petrus    
June 18, 1833 M Brenan?, Joannem (hard to read surname could be Bensan?) Roony, Catharina    
January 31, 1825 M Brennan, Johannem Rorke, Elizabetha    
June 22, 1827 B Brennan, Johan's Rorke, Eliz'h   Eugen'us
June 24, 1795 M Brennan, Edmundum Rorke, Franciscum    
July 3, 1836 B Brenan, Brigitta Rorke or Roche?, Johanis   Jacobum`
April 24, 1842 M Brennan, Maria Ryan, Gulielmus