Brennan Families in Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland with Spouse's Surnames G-I

Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne was the Priest after this.

Re: Surname Goheghan: There is a baptismal record for a Math's son Math's --heghan (that may be Goheghan) and Anna Brennan on May 15, 1805 that is listed under the unknown surname section because I was unsure of the surname.

Regarding Surname Greahan or Greaham: There is a Baptismal record from June 7, 1836 for a Winefridam, daughter of Antonii and Cecelia Brennan (in the Spouse's surname A-C section) that may be Cecelia Greaham that is listed below if Brennan isn't her surname as well.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
June 1, 1855 B Brennan, Pat Galaher, Bridget   Mary
? 9?, 1813 or 1814? M Brennan, Brigida Ganly, Patritius    
September 19, 1858 B Brennan, Anne Gannon, Jno   Mic'l
May 1, 1818 M Brennan, Mariam Gardiner, Gulielmum    
December 11, 1857 B Brennan, Mary Gerherty, James   Phillip
January 23, 1852 B Brennan, Patricii Gibbins, Maria   Brigittam
March 2, 1817 B Brennan, Maria Goldwin, Patritius   Brigida
May?11?, 1831 B Brenan, Maria Gormally, Patricium   ?
March 2, 1829 M Brennan, Mariam Gormly, John    
April? 2, 1831 B Brennan, Maria Gormly, John's   Patricium
April? 12, 1834 B Brennan, Mary Gormly, Joannis   Patritius
August 26, 1836 B Brenan, Maria Gormely?, Johannis   Brigittam?
March 21, 1843 B Brenan, Maria Gormly, Johannis   Elizabetha
October 26, 1845 B Brenan, Maria Gormly, Johannis   Cecilam
February 14, 1837 B Brenan, Gulielmi Grehan?, Brigida   Michaelem
November 25, 1838 B Brennan, Gulielmi Greaghan, Brigida   Margarita
October 25, 1840 B Brennan, Gulielmi Greahan, Brigida   Catherina
June 26, 1842 B Brenan, Gulielmi Grehan, Brigitta   Allicia
September 7, 1848 B Brenan, Gulielmi Grehan, Brigida   Eugenius
April 24, 1851 B Brennan, Gulielmi Grehan, Brigida   Bernardum
May 11, 1852 B Brennan, Gulielmi Grehan, Brigitta   Mariam
November 10, 1855 B Brennan, William Grehan, Bridget   Anne
April 10, 1834 B Brenan, Michaelis Grehan, Brigida   Michaelem
August 12, 1818 M Brennan, Mich'um Greahan, Cathar'um    
June 5, 1819 B Brenan, Michl Grehan, Cath'a   Joh's
October 13, 1821 B Brennan, Michl Grehan, Cath'a   Patritius
March 1, 1824 B Brennan, Michl Grehan, Cath'a   Maria
March 23, 1826 B Brennan, Mich's Grehan, Cath'a   Marg'a
August 27, 1828 B Brennan, Michl Grehan, Cath'a   Hon'a
March 29, 1831 B Brennan, Mich's Grehan, Cath's   Thad'm?
November 15, 1838 B Brennan, Michaelis Grehan, Catherina   Thomas
November? 2, 1827 B Brennan, Antoni's Grehan, Cath'a   Maria
February 8, 1844 B Brenan, Antonii Grehan, Cath   Brigida
May 10, 1825 M Brennan, Antonium Greahan, Ceceliam?    
August 22, 1829 B Brennan, Antonius Greham, Cecily   Patritius
October 21, 1838 B Brennan, Antonii Grehan, Cecelio   Malachias
April 11, 1841 B Brennan, Antonii Grehan, Cecelia Ballyhane? Maria
March 5, 1793 B Brennan, Patricio Grehan, Cecelia   Michael; Born the 4th
May 18, 1844 B Brenan, Gulielmi Grehan, Maria   Gulielimus
November 24, 1819 B Brenan, Cath'a Grehan, Pat's   Brigida
March 1, 1824 B Brennan, Cath Grehan, Patric'us   Winif'a
1826 (likely late September or early October- date cut off in film) B Brennan, Cath'a Greham, Patri'us   Patri'us
May 26, 1811 M Brennan, Winif'm Greahan, Patrit'm?    
December 29, 1819 B Brenan, Winif'a Grehan, Pat's   Johanes
August 23, 1825 B Brennan, Winif'a Grehan, Patric'us   Honoria
November 14, 1826 B Brennan, Winif'a Grehan, Patric'us   Johan'es
June 10, 1833 B Brenan, Cath'a Grehan, Pat'i   Larranc-?
July 17, 1794 B Brennan, Patricio Grehan, Sarah   Patricio?; born 16th;
January 13, 1825 M Brennan, Johannem Greahan, Winif'm    
February 23, 1826 B Brennan, Johanis Grehan, Winif'a   Maria
December 21, 1827 B Brennan, Johan's Grehan, Winif'a   Brig'a
August 14, 1829 B Brennan?, Joannes Grehan, Winifrida   Hugosum?
October 15, 1831 B Brenan, Joh'is Grehan?, Wynif'a   Honorium?
December 6, 1833 B Brennan, Joannes Grehan?, Winifrida   Patritium
November 14, 1835 B Brenan, Johannis Grehan, Winifrida   Henryam?
August 18, 1838 B Brennan, Johannis Grehan, Winefrida   Winefrida
May 12, 1846 B Brenan, Johannis Grehan, Winifrida   Elizabetham
May 13, 1793 B Brennan, Petro? Grehan?, Winifreda   Malesius?; born 10th;
September 28, 1862 M Brennan, Andreas Grey?, Alicia    
February 16, 1863 M Brennan, Mary Grey, Michael    
August 2, 1839 B Brennan, Gulielmi Grey, Winefrida   Joanna
January 15, 1830 B Brennan, Winfrida Grifan?, Patritius   Bridgeta
July 29, 1855 B Brennan, Hugh Hanberry?, Mary   Thos
June 2, 1861 B Brennan, Hugonis Handberry, Mary   Joannis
March 2, 1851 B Brenan, Anna Hannan, Johanis   Margarettam
September 6, 1853 B Brennan, Nancy Hannon, John   Mary
January 27, 1856 B Brennan, Anne Hannon, John   Bartly
April 19, 1862 B Brennan, Anna Hannon, Joannis   Joannes
February 15, 1838 M Brennan, Honoria Harrington, Bernardus    
April 13, 1830 M Brennan, Maria Henly?, Petrum    
February 6, 1826 M Brennan, Mariam Higgins, Guili'm    
December 26?, 1818 M Brennan, Lucam Hopkins, Brigidam    
June 8, 1820 B Brennan, Lucas Hopkins, Cath'a   Winifrida
February 10, 1823 B Brenan, Lucas Hopkins, Brig'a   Joan
December 22, 1827 B Brennan, Lucas Hopkins, Brig'a   Mich'us
March 2, 1860 B Brennan, Rodericii Horan, Julia   Catherina
September 19, 1863 B Brennan, Roger Horan, Julia   Winifrida
February 15?, 1817 M Brennan, Timotheus Hunt, Brigida    
December 22, 1822 B Brennan, Timoth's Hunt, Brigida   Brigida
June 24, 1825 B Brennan, Timo'us Hunt, Brig'a   Maria
June 20, 1828 B Brennan, Timoth's Hunt, Brig'a   Elen'a
August 28, 1831 B Brennan, Thadei? Hunt, Brid'a   Thomam
February 27, 1843 m Brennan, Brigida Hunt, Johannes    
February 14, 1830 M Brennan, Eleonoram Hunt, Joannum    
March 25, 1841 B Brennan, Eleonora Hunt, Johannis   Joanna