Brennans Identified in the Boyle Roman Catholic Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland Microfilm Death Records

Boyle Roman Catholic Parish includes Boyle Civil Parish and is located in the northern portion of County Roscommon Ireland. Logistically speaking, Boyle Catholic Parish lies roughly east of Gurteen Catholic Parish in County Sligo and Charlestown Parish in County Mayo. The LDS Church microfilm covering Boyle Catholic Parish in Elphin Diocese are #989743 (that I am presently viewing, that has earlier records) and #989744 that has later Baptisms (1864-1879) and Marriages (1864-1881).

Microfilm 989743 is going to be a challenging film as it was done in Negative, is all in Latin, the records from the late 18th century are pale and run together and the images are too big to fit on my viewer screen! UGH! Hopefully these earlier records aren't representative of the quality of the entire film! I will do my best to transcribe them, but would highly recommend obtaining this film for personal review if you feel your family may be in there, as it is one of those frustrating films where you feel like you are going to miss something!

Boyle has some of the earliest records that I have seen in two years of microfilm viewing of both Mayo and Roscommon Parishes. Father Jacobus Tyrell was the Parish Priest until 1794. He died July 27 and Roger Byrne became the Priest at this point. The National Library of Ireland in Dublin appears to have a film NLI Pos 4692 from 1848 on the Male Catholic Inhabitants of the Parish of Boyle according to John Hamrock's great publication "Tracing your Roscommon Ancestors" that would definitely be worth a look if you happen to visit Dublin!

I have done my best to correctly transcribe these records, but after five or so hours behind a microfilm reader, the likelihood of mistakes in both interpretation and transcription most certainly increases. Unfortunately no item numbers are given for this particular film and like most Irish films there is no index. In an attempt to minimize download times I have limited the information presented on each family. The records in this section will document Baptisms (B) and Marriages (M). I also have documented all of the baptisms and marriages sponsored/witnessed by Corcorans; although these are not included online, they can yield valuable clues such as "circles of friends" and possible townlands that might provide a missing link. There are additional details in these records such as date of birth, sponsors, priests, and at times notes in the margin detailing marriages and deaths. If you feel that your family is in this compilation, please feel free to contact me and I will share with you the additional details. My objective to be able to trace the families that left during and after the famine for England and the U.S. I would love to hear from Descendents of these Corcoran Families!

The following compilation covers Brennan's death records that I identified in this film, The parish priest lists each record with the name of the deceased, followed by A.E., a number and location. For example Andreas Corcoran A.E. 60, Chapel Lane. I believe this may be age at which they expired. Death records are fairly uncommon in the Mayo/Roscommon microfilm that I have viewed thus far. I am going to present them in order by date.

Date Brennan Age Location or Residence at Time of Death
August 14, 1838 Brennan, Bridgida 22 Grangemore
November 26, 1838 Brennan, Mary 60 Knockinroe
December 23, 1838 Brennan, Winefrida 47 Ballyhane
February 28, 1839 Brennan, Michael 50 Wood
April 2, 1840 Brennan, Dermetius 70 Evekeens
August 5, 1840 Brennan, John 30 Ten-th Leam???
August 10, 1840 Brennan, Domk 30 Ballyhane
January?, ?, 1841 Brennan, Petrus ? A----?
July 1841 Brennan, Widow ? Lea--?
July 1841 Brennan, Anna 60 Ballyhane
January 1842 Brennan, Joannis (wife)   Grangemore (Grange More was a Townland in Boyle CP)
February 1842 Brennan, Petrus   Sleeveroe
February 13, 1843 Brennan, Maria 80 Carrickmore
January 8, 1845 Brennan, Petro 75 Evekeens
June 18, 1845 Brennan, Bridgida 42 Wood
June 25, 1846 Brennan, Gaffeny 50 Brick Lane
May 9, 1847 Brennan, Joanni (Uxor)wife of ? 60 Elphin St.
July 13, 1848 Brennan, Michael 38 Shegora? (There was a Townland of Sheegorey in Boyle CP?)
January 1852 Brennan, Michl 50 Elphin Street
January 1852 Brennan, John   Quarry Lane
January 1852 Brennan, Roger   Evekeens (Evikeens is a Townland in Boyle CP)
January 1853 Brennan, Mrs Pat ? Leam (this is a Townland in Boyle CP)
August 7, 1853 Brennan, John 21 Kevilstown?
December 28, 1854 Brennan, Pat 64 Lower Green
February 18, 1855 Brennan, Betty 46 Ardcoran (this is a Townland in Boyle CP)
June 1, 1855 Brennan, Anthony 64 Ballymore (there is a Ballymore East a.k.a. Corbally and a Ballymore West in Boyle CP)
June 15?, 1858 Brennan, Margaret 48 Grange More (this is a Townland in Boyle CP)
July 9, 1858 Brennan, Anne 16 Quarry Lane
August 24, 1860 Brennan, Margt 50 Wood
October 18, 1860 Brennan, George 67 Quarry
June 27, 1861 Brennan, Mrs 50? Quarry
September 20, 1861 Brennan, Francis 65 Boyle (pauper?)
January 12, 1862 Brennan, Betty Mrs 82 Back Lane
February 22, 1863 Brennan, Peter 22 Quarry Lane
December 2, 1863 Brennan, Mrs 35 Ballytrasna (this is a Townland in Boyle CP)
April 20, 1864 Brennan, Eugenius 70 Bridge Street
5/22/1864 Brennan, Brigida 50 Back Lane