Brennan Families in Ballina Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland with Spouses Surname S-T

Brennans were occupiers of parcels in the Town of Ballina and Townlands of Culleens, Laghtadawannagh and Mullauns when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Kilmoremoy Civil Parish (Ballina Catholic Parish). The early records of this film clearly indicate that they were still present in the Town of Ballina and the Townland of Culleens. Event refers to Baptism, Marriage or Death records. Date of Birth, if provided will be noted in the Misc. Info section.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info.
November 23, 1827 B Brenan?, Wm? Sweeny?, Elinor? S culigan? Patt; this record is very hard to decipher and should be double checked! Her surname may not be Sweeny (only the y and child's name is clear)
May? 3, 1832 B Brenan, William Sweeny, Ann Bridget Street Anne; born May? 1, 1832
July 30, 1832 B Brenan, John Timlin, Bridget -achogan? Ann; Born July 29, 1832
October 15, 1835 B Brennan, John Timlin, Bridget Qnalega (likely Quignalegan in Kilmoremoy CP) Brig?; born February 10, 1835
February 15, 1835 B Brennan, John Timlin?, Bridget Qnalegan Kitty??; born February 10, 1835
July 21, 1826 B Brenan, James Timlin, Cath Cockle? St? (Is this a Street in Ballina?) Brid?; Born July 15, 1826
March? 11, 1832 B Brenan, Michael Timblin, Winifred Hill Street Biddy; born February ? 29, 1832