Brennan Families in Balla and Manulla Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames U-Z

Regarding Surname Valey: Lisnolan is a Townland in Manulla Civil Parish.

Regarding Surname Walsh: The townland appears to say Kilm? There is a Kilnageer, Killeen and a Kilbrenan in Drum Civil Parish, but I could not find anything resembling Kilm. Patk Brennan's Baptismal record appears to clearly say Kilnagevr, making Kilnageer the most likely possibility. Bridget Brennan sponsored the baptism of John Brennan, Honor and Martin Son in 1844. The baptism of James Brennan in 1845 appears to have Lazahl as the Townland of his parents; I couldn't find anything resembling Lazahl, possibly Lagaphuill in Drum Civil Parish. In the 1845 baptismal record for Honor Brennan, her parents are from Kilnagan (likely Kilnageer, Drum Civil Parish). The 1846 baptism of Bridget Walsh lists Lagateen as her parent's Townland. I couldn't find any Towns by that name, but there is a Legaturrin in Balla Civil Parish and a Lagakilleen and a Lugaphuill in Drum Civil Parish that are possibilities. Nelly Brennan was a sponsor for the baptism of Pat, son of Redmond and Biddy on August 25, 1860 in Logatul.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
8/31/1845 B Brennan, Pat Valey, Mary Lisnolan Michl
6/4/1879? M Brennan, Margaret Walker, Mat.    
3/2/1881 B Brennan, Mag? Walker, Mat   Mary Ellen
2?/?/1874 B Brennan, James Walsh, Ellen   Thomas
12?/8/1838 B Brennan, Martin Walsh, Mary Kilm? Elenore
3/22/1841 B Brennan, Martin Walsh, Honor Kilnagevr Patk
1/11/1844 B Brennan, Martin Walsh, Honor   John
3/1/1846 B Brennan, Martin Walsh, Honor Kilnagan Honor
1/22/1844 M Brennan, Bridget Walsh, Redmond    
2/15/1845 B Brennan, Bridget Walsh, Redm'd Cloonfenikahan? Patrick
7/14/1845 B Brennan, Margaret Walsh, Red? Lazahl? James
12/22/1846 B Brennan, Bridget Walsh, Redmond Lagateen? Bridget
4/10/1850 B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Redden Lagatut? Honor
8/25/1851 B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Red'm Logatul? Biddy
2/18/1854 B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Redmond Logatiel? John
3/1/1857? B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Redmond Logatol? Redm'd
8/25/1860 B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Redm Logatal? Pat
7/22/1863 B Brennan, Biddy Walsh, Redmond   James