Brennan Families in Balla and Manulla Roman Catholic Parish Records with Spouse's Surnames D-F

Regarding the Surname Dahy: I think that Mary's mother's maiden name may be Fahy and not Dahy although that is not how it appears. I am going to include this record (out of alphabetical order) under the Fahy Surname (see below)

Regarding the Surname Daly: Jas Daly's Baptismal record identified Skiddanagh as his parents Townland. There is a Skiddernagh in Manulla Civil Parish that I believe is the Townland they are referring to. The same goes for the baptism of John, son of Honor and John Daly and likely for Margaret, daughter of John and ? Brennan. Ann Brennan was a sponsor for Margaret's Baptism. John Brennan sponsored the baptism of Winny Brennan on March 14, 1873. A note in the margin appears to read that Winny married Ml O'Grady? Balla, February 21?, 1912.

Regarding Suranme Devanny: Honor Brennan witnessed the marriage of Pat Devanny and Nelly Brennan on February 22, 1867. Pat Brennan sponsored the baptism of Mary Devanny February 16, 1868. James and Honor Brennan sponsored the baptism of Ellen Devany on August 27, 1871.

Regarding Surname Donlan or Donelan: Dan Brennan was a sponsor for the baptism of Ned Brennan on June 26, 1881. Brdgt Brennan sponsored the baptism of Bridget on May 27, 1886. There was a record for the baptism of Christopher Brennan son of Jas Brennan and Ellen Tonnellan that I have included under the "S-T" section of this parish. There is a possibility that that surname could be Donelan.

Regarding Surname Durcan, Durkan: Bridget Brennan witnessed the marriage of James Durkan and Margaret Brennan on January 27, 1875. James Brennan witnessed the marriage of Thos Browne? and Anne Durcan February 6, 1852? I am unsure if this is a Brennan or a Browne. The baptismal record for Jas lists Kellem? as a Townland. I couldn't find anything resembling this, only Killeen in Drum Civil Parish. The baptismal record for Mary in 1849 was really hard to decipher, both her mother's surname and their Townland. Lizzy, Honor and Pat all appear to be from Killeen as well. Bridt Brennan sponsored the baptism of Bridget Durkan October 14, 1877. Wm Brennan sponsored the baptism of Mary Anne Durkan on April 25, 1879. I am unsure of her father's given name. Jas and Margaret Brennan sponsored the baptism of Martin Durcan on June 4, 1882. Pat and Margaret Brennan sponsored the baptism of Ml Durcan June 1890. Ml Brennan sponsored the baptism of Ellen Durken in May 1893.

Regarding the Surname Fadden: The Townland listed in Wm Brennan's Baptismal record (Danomona) is most likely Doonamona, a Townland in Drum Civil Parish. It appears that the William born in 1841 might have died if they named their next son William. I can't read the townland associated with William's baptismal record in 1842, it appears to end in guan. There is a Cloonlynchaghaun in Drum, but Doonamona where the first Wm was born is in the southern part of Drum Civil Parish and Cloonlynchaghaun is in the northern part of Drum. There are numerous other townlands in Drum Civil Parish ending in similar letters like Corrabaun, Currycallaun, Drumcorrabaun, Drumdrishaghaun and Carrownahaun in Balla Civil Parish that might be possibilities. In the baptismal record for Bridget Fadden in 1849, the Townland of her parents appears to be "Wood." I couldn't find any Townlands resembling this in Balla, Manulla or Drum Civil Parish or in County Mayo for that matter. The 1853 baptismal record for Mary Brennan identified F. Hill or Mill to be the Townland. I couldn't find any Townlands in Drum, Manulla or Balla Civil Parish resembling this Townland. There was a Rush Hill in Manulla Civil Parish, a Lugaphuill in Drum and a Elm Hall that are possibilities. There are Fairhills, Foghill, Fountainhills, Friarhills etc., scattered throughout County Mayo. Bridget Brennan witnessed the wedding of Judy Brennan and Jas Fadden February 12, 1844.

Regarding the Surname Fahy: Jas Brennan's parents were listed as being from Lisnalan. I couldn't find a town by this name, but there is a Lisnolan in Manulla Civil Parish. I think that Mary Dahy may be the daughter of Mary Fahy and James Brennan.

Regarding Surname Feeny or Feenaghty: Anne Brennan witnessed the marriage of Brigt Brennan and Owen Feenaghty on March 4, 1877.

Regarding the Surname Feerick or Feerick: Mary Brennan sponsored the baptism of James Brennan on Nov 9, 1885.

Regarding Surname Fox: I couldn't find any Knockbur in Balla, Manulla or Drum Civil Parish but there is a Knockbaun and a Knockboy in Drum Civil Parish. The Baptismal record for Mary clearly says Knockbee. I couldn't find this Town either, it may be Knockbaun or Knockboy as mentioned above. Mary's sponsor was John Brennan. Pat and Cath Brennan sponsored the baptism of Biddy Brennan on September 16, 1858. Michael Brennan sponsored the baptism of John Brennan May 26, 1861 in Kellien? (Likely Killeen, Drum Civil Parish). Pat Brennan was a witness at the wedding of Michl Brennan and Bridget Fox on February 11, 1844.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
8/25/1842 B Brennan, James Dahy?, Mary Lisnolan Mary
1/19/1857 M Brennan, James Daly, Eliza    
10/1/1838 B Brennan, Jane Daly, Jno   Jno
12/15/1840 B Brennan, Jane Daly, John Skiddanagh Jas
7/?/1842 B Brennan, Honor Daly, John Sheedernagh? John
7/19/1845 B Brennan, ? Daily, John Skedugnaugh Margaret
1/19/1849 B Brennan, Jane Daly, John Kidderrnagh? Michl
12/27/1858 M Brennan, Thomas Daly, Winny    
12/22/1859 B Brennan, Thos Daly, Winny Lakelan?? Mary
9/22/1861 B Brennan, Ths Daly, H?   Bridget
4/19/1863 B Brennan, Thos Daley, Winny   John
8/13/1865 B Brennan, Thos Daly, Winny   Michl
8/14/1870 B Brennan?, Thos Daily, Winefred   Ellen
3/14/1873 B Brennan, Thos Daly, Winny   Winny
7/24?/1874 B Brennan, Thos Daly, Winny   Thos
2/22/1867 M Brennan, Nelly Devanny, Pat    
2/16/1868 B Brennan, Ellen Devanny, Pat   Mary
11/14/1869 B Brennan, Ellen Devany, Pat   Martin
8/27/1871 B Brennan, Ellen Devany, Pat   Bridget
1/16?/1873 B Brennan, Nelly Devanny, Pat   Margt
4/20/1877? B Brennan, Ellen Devanny, ?   Cath?
6/16/1881 B Brennan, Ellen Devenny?, Pat   Mary Ellen
6/26/1881 B Brennan, James Donlan?, Ellen   Ned?
7/27/1882 B Brennan, James Donelan, Ellen   William
1/1/1884 B Brennan, Jas Donelan, Ellen   Patt
5/27/1886 B Brennan, James Donelan?, Ellen   Bridget
1/27/1875 M Brennan, Margaret Durkan, James    
10/14/1877 B Brennan, Margt Durkan, James   Bridget
12/14/1879 B Brennan, Margt Durkan, James   Mary
4/25/1879 B Brennan, Margt Durkan, ?   Mary Anne
6/4/1882 B Brennan, Margaret Durcan, Jas   Martin
5/20/1885 B Brennan, Margaret Durkan, James   Honor
12/4/1887 B Brennan, Margaret Durkin, James   Thos
6/?/1890 B Brennan, Margaret Durcan, Jas   Ml
5/?/1893 B Brennan, Mgt Durken, Jas   Ellen
7/12/1847 B Brennan, Thos Durcan, Mary Kellem? Jas?
2/11/1849 B Brennan, Thos Durllan?, Mary Kallicom? Mary
6/7/1851 B Brennan, Thos Durkan, Mary Kellun? Lizzy?
10/23/1853 B Brennan, Thos Durkan, Mary Kellum Honor
2/20/1861 B Brennan, Thos Durkan, Mary Kellien Bridget
2/6/1852? M Browne?, Thos Durcan, Anne    
4/6/1856 B Brennan, Thos Durkan, Anne Killen Pat
6/15/1898 B Brennan, Luiza? Durkan, Michl   Peter
10/1/1899 B Brennan, Luiza Durkan, Michael   Anne Mary
6/23/1901 B Brennan, Luisa Durkan, Michl   John
12/10/1881 B Brennan, Margaret Durcan, Pat   Catherine
4/11/1841 B Brennan, Mary Fadden?, Michl Danomona? Wm
6/19/1842 B Brennan, Mary Fadden, Michl --guan? William
4/6/1845 B Brennan, Mary Faden, Michl Doonamona James
2/12/1844 M Brennan, Judy Fadden, Jas    
4/29/1846 B Brennan, Judith Faddin, James   William
3/18/1849 B Brennan, Judy Fadden, James Wood? Bridget
9/25/1853 B Brennan, Michl Faddin, Mary F. Hill or Mill? Mary
1/30/1840 M Brennan, Mary Fassan?, Michl    
10/16/1837 B Brennan, Thomas Fahy, Mary   Wm
2/11/1840 B Brennan, James Fahy, Mary Lisnalan? Jas
3/4/1877? M Brennan, Brigt Feenaghty, Owen    
?/1/1878 B Brennan, Brgt Feeny?, Owen   Martin
7/11/1879 B Brennan, Brigt Feeny, Owen   Owen
4/3/1882 B Brennan, Bridget Finaghly?, Owen   Jno Myles
9/23?/1883 B Brennan, Bridget Feenaghtly?, Owen   Thomas
5?/?/1885 B Brennan, Bridget Henaghty??, Owen   ?
8/3/1887 B Brennan, Bridget Finaghty, Owen   Kate
?/?/1890 B Brennan, Bridget Finnerty?, Owen   --h?
6/12/1893 B Brennan, Brt Finnerty?, Owen   Joseph
10/6/1878 B Brennan, Michl Feerick, Brigt   Mary
9/10/1881 B Brennan, Ml Ferrick, Bridget   Bridget
7/26/1883 B Brennan, Michl Feerack?, Bridget   Jno
11/9?/1885 B Brennan, Mch Feerick, Bridget   James
12?/1853 or 1854 B Brennan, Pat Fosell?, Biddy   Mary
2/11/1844 M Brennan, Michl Fox, Bridget    
11/24/1844 B Brennan, Michl Fox, Bridget Knockbur Myles
12/4/1840 B Brennan, Michl For?, Bridget Knockbee Mary
3/9/1856 B Brennan, Michl Fox, Biddy Knockbee Cath
9/16/1858 B Brennan, Jas Fox, Biddy Knockbee Biddy
5/26/1861 B Brennan, Mick Fox, Bridget Kellien? John
2/8/1893 M Brennan, Mary Fox, John