Brennan Families in Ballaghaderreen Catholic Parish, County Mayo and County Roscommon Ireland with Spouse's Surname D-F

Many of the baptismal records for the early years of this film do not provide the maiden name of the mother. These records will be listed in the "unknown surname" section of the Ballaghaderreen families. Hopefully this will not be a trend for the rest of the film! At times the Priest will use d.o. (ditto) after the spouse's given name. This would seem to indicate that they share the same name as the Husband's Surname. Rather than make this assumption, I will put insert the d.o to let you draw your own conclusions. If nothing is listed in place of the surname I will place a question mark.

Regarding Surnames Doherty: There was a marriage note attached to the baptismal record (9/3/1886) for Edward Doherty, son of Michael Doherty and Catherine Mannion that appeared to read that Edward married Delia Bren--? Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. The dates were difficult to decipher as was Delia's surname that ran off the page. It may or may not be a Brennan.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child and Misc. Info
9/24/1859 B Brennan, Jas Daughan, Bt   Mary (same info 926005)
5/8/1895 M Brennan, Winifred Devaney, Edwardis (both listed as being from Vagus)  
5/1/1834 M Brenan, Catharina Dogherty, Thomas    
4/2/1840 M Brennan, Margarita Doherty, Edwardus    
1/28/1855 M Brenan, Brigida Donahoe, Patritius    
11/20/1857 B Brennan, Bridgt Donaghue, Pat (Donaghoe in 926005)   John
2/3/1860 B Brennan, Bridgt Donahoe, Pat (Donoghoe in 926005) Clogher Cath
9/24/1865 B Brennan, Bridgt (Bridget in 926005) Donohoe, Pat (Patrtick in 926005) Clogher Jas?(item1) James in modern transcript of 926005)
9/24/1865 B Brennan, Bridget Donohue, Patrick Clogher (likely in Kilcolman CP in County Sligo) James(item2) same as in 926005; 2nd record in 926005 has Jas
1/6/1868 B Brennan, Bridget Donohue, Pat Drumacoo Pat (item1)
1/6/1868 B Brennan, Bridgt Donohoe, Pat Dromachoo Pat (926005)
1/6/1868 B Brennan, Bridget Donohue, Patrick Drimacoo Mary (item2) same in 926005
8??26/1868 B Brennan, Biddy Donohoe, Pat Clogher Michael (item1)
12/26/1869 B Brennan, Bridget Donohue, Patrick Clogher Michael (item2)
12/26/1869 B Brennan, Bridget Donohue, Patrick Clogher Michael (modern transcript of 926005)
10/26/1869 B Brennan, Biddy Donahoe, Pat Clogher Michael (926005)
7/6/1873 B Brennan Bridget Donohue, Pat Clogher James (item3)
3/2/1840 M Brennan, Jacobus Doolin, Brigida    
2/9/1870 M Brennan, Pat Downs, Mary    
2/9/1871 M Brennan, Pat Downs, Mary   section 5 of 926005 confirms this year
9/3/1858 B Brennan?, Bridget Downs, Pat   Catherine
5/25/1866 B Brennan, Bridget Downs, Pat Fauleens Darby
9/14/1854 M Brennan, Cath'a Drury, Joannes    
9/24/1858 B Brennan, Catherine Drury, John   Pat
12/16/1859 B Brennan, Cath Drury, John   Sarah
1/6/1865 B Brenan?, Brigida Duffy, Johannes Ballagh? Pat (repeated in 926005)
8/24/1866 B Brennan?, Bridget Duffy, John B. Derreen James?
8/24/1866 B Brennan?, Bridget (it could be a Bruen) Duffy, John Ballaghaderreen James
11/3/1872 B Brenan?, or Bruen? Mary Duffy, Pat B-Derreen Mary (same in 926005)
1/18/1856 M Brenan, Patricius Finigan, Maria    
4/27/1939 M Brennan, Michael of Cloonagh Curry Finn, Brigid Anne of Tawnabeg C'a (is this Cloontoa of Kilcolman CP Co Mayo?)   Michael's Father is Patrick Joseph Brennan of Cloonagh Curry; Michael appears to have been baptized in Curry
6/2/1912 M Brennan, Bridget of Clooncunny Finn, Martin of Buckill Fairymount   Bridget's baptism Aug 27, 1878 in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen
2/10/1859 M Brenan, Brigida O'Flaherty, Bernardus    
11/2/1860 B Brennan, Brigida Flaherty, Bernardus Ballaghaderreen Bernardus
11/2/1860 B Brenan, Brigdia O'Flaherty, Bernardus Ballaghaderreen Bernardus (926005)
6/8/1866 B Brennan, Bt Flaherty, Bernard Ballagh Mary (same in 926005)
7/26/1868 B Brennan, Bridgt Flagherty, Bernard B-Derrin? Bridgt Winifred (item1)
7/26/1868 B Brennan, Bridget Flaherty, Bernard Ballaghaderreen Bridget Winifred (item2) (same in 926005)
7/26/1868 B Brennan, Bridgt Flagherty, Bernard B-Derrin Bridget Winifrid (second record in 926005 film) Bridget Winifred Flaherty July 26 confirmed in modern transcript of 926005
7/25/1868 B Brennan,? Flaherty, Bern'd Ballagh Bridget (item3)(repeated in 926005)
9/24/1904 M Brennan, Martin Flaherty, Bridget Martin of Moygara? and Bridget of Townacunella  
? M Brennan, Herrieta Flaherty, Pat St. Augustine Church? Shatto? Heath? Lancashire, England (with 1877 Bapt record for Pat)
2/13/1838 M Brennan, Jacobus Flannery, Brigida    
4/27/1943 M Brennan, Mary Flannery, John Cathedral confirmed by rec in film 1279232; see section a_c for Mary's bapt rec and townlands upon marriage
1/5/1851 M Brennan, Jacobus Flannary, Maria    
2/5/1858 B Brennan, James Flannery, Mary   Domk
5/18/1860 B Brennan, Jas Flannery, Mary Drimacoe (likely Drumacoo in Kilcolman CP, Costello Barony) Drimacoo in 926005 Patt (looks like Patk in 926005)
9/5/1923 M Brennan, Dominick of Townabrack? Flannery, Mary Monasteridan Church (County Sligo ?)  
9/5/1923 M Brennan, Dominick of Townabrack Flannery, Mary of Ballinagreagh   Dominick's Father was James of Drumacoo; microfilm 1279232
11/19/1838 M Brennan, Brigida Flanery?, Michael    
3/25/1877 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Leem---? or Lum---? (looks like Lumcloon in 926005) John
10/16/1879 (looks like 10/14/1879 in 926005) B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael "The islands"? Michael
6/29/1882 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lumeloon? (could this be Cloonlumney?) Bridget
7/10?/1884 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lumcloon? James
8/16?/1915? M Flannery, James B---?, Catherine St Patrick's Church, Liverpool, England  
6/6/1886 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lumecloon? Catherine
11/4/1888 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lumeloon? Thomas
8/30/1891 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael The Islands Mary
12/26/1897 B Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lumcloon? Lucy
10/26/1866 B Brennan?, Peter Flynn, Ellen ? ?
2/16/1835 B Brennan, Thadeus Frein, Brigida    
1/6/1903 M Brennan, Maggie Frainey?, Michael Maggie of Ballaghaderreen; Michael of Killasser  
6/23/1907 B Brennan, Maggie Freyne, Michael Ballaghaderreen Margaret M
2/2/1955 M Freyne, Margaret M Greham, Anthony Cathedral Ballina County Mayo